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Fandom On the search! ~ Mainly MxF (possibly doubling/tripling)

Sub Genres
Anime, LGTBQ, Platonic, Romance, School, Slice of Life


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Hello everyone, thanks for taking a look at this thread! This thread lists any and all types of pairings- MxM, MxF, and FxF. MxF is usually my preference but I'll do anything. c: This thread also lists both canonxcanon and canonxoc pairings! For canonxoc pairings, I'd be willing to double, as long as I feel I can pull off the character you'd like me to play!

Just a few rules:
- I prefer to roleplay via PM only.
- I love detailed posts, but quality > quantity.
- I post around 2 paragraphs per character.
- Not too strict on grammar or mistakes, as long as it's still readable!
- I try to reply everyday, but life does tend to get in the way a lot. Please be patient!
- I'm ditch friendly! I understand things happen.
- No need to be perfect with character portrayals. Let's just do our best~
- I can play NPCs/side characters if and when needed.
- Most of all, let's just have fun together! ^^

Underlined = my preferred role
Striked out = no longer searching
Exclamation (!) = really craving!
Question mark (?) = Convince me?

Bleach (pre-timeskip):
Uryu x Nemu (!)
Ryuken x OC (!)

Resident Evil (RE2Make - RE7, Chronicles):
Leon x OC (!)
Leon x Ashley (!)
Leon x Manuela (!)
Chris x Sheva (!)
Sherry x Jake
Chris x Piers

Leon x Krauser
Leon x Manuela x Krauser
Ashley x Ada
Ada x Helena
Billy x Rebecca

Sengoku Basara / Gakuen Basara:
Oichi x Nagamasa
Oichi x Masamune (!)
Oichi x Tsuruhime
Kasuga x Sasuke
Kasuga x Kenshin
Masamune x Kojiro
Keiji x Magoichi
Masamune x Yukimura

Persona 4:
Yosuke x Yukiko
Shadow Yosuke x Shadow Yukiko
Yosuke x OC
Sho x OC
x Dojima
Adachi x Sho
Yu x Ai
Naoto x Kanji
Rise x Naoto
x Chie

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!:
Byakuran x OC (!)
Hibari x OC
TYL!Mukuro x OC (!)
Haru x Tsuna
Haru x Gokudera (!)
Haru x Hibari
Mukuro x Chrome
x Ken
Fran x Bel
TYL!Lambo x TYL!I-Pin

Durarara!! (anime only but not fully caught up):
Saki x Masaomi (!)
Masaomi x OC
Anri x Mikado
Celty x Shinra

Kasuka x Shizuo (strictly platonic)
Rokujo x Non (!)
Rokujo x OC

Corpse Party:
Morishige x Mayu
Satoshi x Naomi
Kizami x Kurosaki
x Kuon (strictly platonic)
Morishige x OC
Yoshiki x OC
Yoshiki x Ayumi (!)
Ayumi x Misuto
Mitsuki x Morishige

Danganronpa (game-verse only):
Naegi x Kirigiri
Chihiro x Mondo

Chihiro x Leon
Togami x OC (!)
Togami x Fukawa/Genocider
Aoi x Sakura
Aoi x Hagakure

Danganronpa V3 (game-verse only):
Rantaro x OC (!)
Kaito x Maki
Gonta x Tsumugi (!)
Kirumi x Rantaro (!)
Kirumi x Suggest
Shuuichi x Kaede
Shuuichi x Maki
Tenko x Himiko

Kiibo x Shuuichi

Rabbit Doubt:
Haruka x Eiji (!)
Eiji x Yu
x Hajime
Hajime x Eiji
Hajime x Haruka
x Haruka
Yu x Rei
Mitsuki x Yu
Rei x Mitsuki
Rei x Haruka
Haruka x Mitsuki
Eiji x Rei
Hajime x OC (!)
Eiji x OC

Voltron Legendary Defender:
Keith x OC x Griffin (willing to triple!)
Ask about any other pairings?

Other fandoms:
Fire Emblem Awakening/Fates (?)
Kuroko no Basuke (!)
Super Danganronpa 2
Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children
Kingdom Hearts
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side (?)
Sweet Fuse (!)
Ask about anything else?

If interested, please PM me and we can work something out! ^^
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I would be glad to double for the Black Clover Noelle x Asta if you could play Mimosa Vermillion for me.

Also, I am interested in what your otome games are.


Through all the heat, my heart still beats
Mmmmmmhm I'm really interested in that Ayumi x Yoshiki

I haven't played a canon in forever but I'm willing to make an effort again if you're interested?


Various otome games (feel free to ask about them!)
which ones have you played I have a list if you want to talk about it.

Kawaii Yandere Hime

Would you be interested in Dangan Ronpa 2 gameverse? Triple? I usually do a love triangle with Nagito and Hajime for my love OC's love interests but would be willing to switch it up a bit


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@All: Aaah, since this is a lot to reply to individually, feel free to send me a pm with what pairings/what you're interested in and we can possibly discuss more!

Also, the otome games I've played are:

Hakuoki (I've only played the first game though and it's honestly been forever since then so I'm not confident at all in my ability to rp it lol), Sweet Fuse, Code: Realize, Mystic Messenger (but I'm still in the middle of playing and I'm only on 707's route lol), Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 1-3, Norn9, Bad Apple Wars, Amnesia: Memories, and I think I might be forgetting a few more, but those are the main ones I remember

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