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Multiple Settings On the Lookout (Edited)


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Hey, as you can probably tell, this is just another thread looking for a partner. Nothing all that special.

I'm a female, but I can play either gender as long as I don't get, like, 9/10 roleplays being male or something like that. I'm also up for doubling if you want, or if the plot calls for it. I don't particularly like really short replies. Actually, I'll amend; I don't like replies that aren't at least a medium length paragraph because they don't give me anything to work off of. I usually mimic response lengths, and I get that some responses can be shorter than others, but I hate consistently being that short.

I'm usually up for a variety of themes, settings, and plots. If I'm not okay with something, I will tell you. I won't just hide from it or something. That being said, I do have some ideas I'd like to do, especially one fantasy in a modern age type one. Feel free to shoot me a message either with ideas or asking for some. Make sure to list any specific preferences you have. I hope this all works out.

Plot Ideas:

This one isn't exactly written out, but I have a female character that I would really like to use for this, simply because I haven't really had a chance to use her yet. I'd like an original rp set in the Harry Potter universe. The cannon events have happened, but they don't exactly matter in this part of the roleplay. Basically, I'm looking for someone who can play a revolution starter. Someone like Voldemort who causes a similar uproar, but they don't have to be so evil and/or malicious. They can have their own reasons, drive, etc. Just keep in mind, unless you would like to help me control the propaganda put out by the Ministry, they will portray your character as evil because they're rising up against them. We can work stuff out, but I was thinking that your character would try to turn mine over to help kick start everything because she's gotten into trouble with the Ministry for experimenting with newer kinds of magic (not necessarily bad, but definitely new and dangerous to test around a lot of people).

Five years ago, an endless war broke out between two neighbouring kingdoms. Countless soldiers died, many women were brutalised as the front lines moved back and forth between border towns, and children were afraid to fall asleep at night. After years of brutality from both countries, the two kings were finally able to make an agreement, a treaty that would save so many people from their petty anger. Both rulers would abdicate their thrones and the next generation of royals would be wed. The people were tired of the kings that seemingly didn't care about them or about anything but money, and there had already been assassination attempts on both sides. The next king and queen of the newly merged countries now have to find a way to earn back their favour in the eyes of the people.

(Preferred role: German woman)
A dark, cloudless night in south-eastern Germany, only a few hours after an air raid between US and German planes, a dog sleeping in front of the lit fireplace as a woman sat on a small, cheap sofa reading a book. She was on a tiny farm, which was really her father's excuse to get her out of the cities. The brown-haired woman never had a whole lot to do- really just take care of the house as men were hired to take care of the small fields. The young woman hated the second World War; she hated war in general. Warring was stupid; it only left broken families, hurting women, and terrified children. Men did whatever they wanted to women when their husbands and fathers were gone, and cities became the most dangerous places.

What she hadn't expected was for her dog to jump at an unknown sound, which she hadn't even heard. Before she knew what was happening, her dog sprinted to the door, and once she opened it, he pinned a man to the ground, growling deeply. The soldier's plane had been shot down in the air raid, and the last few hours had been spent wandering the landscape looking for shelter. She could tell from his uniform that he was her enemy, and yet, she couldn't give her dog the command to kill him. He was hurt- a bullet wound in his thigh and deep cuts covering his arm-, clearly exhausted, and looked as if this was what he wanted, but she couldn't bring herself to give the fatal command. What happened next was completely up to the two of them.

(Preferred role: Female Vampire)
It was lonely in the woods by herself, but it kept others safe. She hated her life; she hated who she was; she hated her needs. Her cabin in the forest was lonely, but it was completely safe. There was the pack of werewolves somewhat nearby, but as long as she stayed in her own place, they didn't mind her too much. Until that night. She hadn't been expecting it. She was just wandering about her section of the woods, sitting in a tree, only to be caught by a wolf on her territory. He didn't care, though, because he just wanted to bond with his new-found mate.

(Preferred role: Her)
In a semi-modern age, magic trumps technology, though it isn't nearly as popular. Most usable magic is wonderful and useful, but the casters are rare, and it is a hard art to master. Genetically, the ability to cast is determined by multiple recessive genes on many of the 23 pairs of chromosomes. The more recessive traits a given person has, the easier it is to cast, and the more kinds they are physically able to use. In an attempt to find as many children with the ability as possible, each set of parents is required to take a genetics test to show the probability of a potential user. Then, the child must take one as soon as possible. As soon as a child's test came back positive, there would be a percentage of genes that correspond to those known to relate to magic.
Each region was different; some required those with talent to receive training from childhood, others before they reached adulthood. Over each part of the world, each child with magical aptitude had to start training anywhere from eight to sixteen.

She wasn't quite what most people expected to see. Her family had been one of the first known line of magic users, and yet wasn't projected to have any large amount of talent. Regardless, she was born with an abnormal amount of corresponding genes. At the age of nine, she was required to seek training, so she was sent to her aunt, the most qualified magic instructor. When she was fifteen, another boy who was just as talented was sent to their small cabin in the woods, his previous mentor being unable to continue teaching due to age. After four years of practising known magic, her aunt disappeared without a trace, and they're out of magic to study.

Pairings (Bold-preferred role)
Magic casters
Werewolf x Witch ***
Human x Witch ***
Bully x nerd
Superhero x villain **
Apprentice x Teacher (magical)
Two apprentices
Alpha x Beta
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Darker Shores

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Ooh. I am digging the 'Her' plotline, maybe we can discuss a more fantasy-centered setting (clearly, the prompt calls for isolation but worldbuilding can be gradual) and go from there!


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I have an idea for a roleplay. It's rather different and unique, but maybe you'd be interested in giving it a shot?

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