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Multiple Settings on the look for partners! [open]


New Member
(disclaimer! i use proper punctuation and capitalization during rps)

hello and welcome to whatever this is, i'm jack!

about me
  • firstly, i'm 17. turning 18 in a few weeks, but at the time of posting this i am still a minor. just want to get that out of the way to give anyone that wants to a chance to click off.
  • my pronouns are he/him! i'm a trans dude, so very lgbtq+ friendly
  • i'll match post length but quality over quantity. semi-lit to advanced (i do have writing samples! feel free to ask)
  • Canadian guy (yes, there will be unnecessary U's in my writing) so MST and i'm usually free all day for OOC chatter!
  • i'm an artist that likes drawing cool people so if you're okay with it, chances are i'll draw your character

well, these are less rules and more guidelines unless otherwise stated
  • 16+ preferably
  • i'll play oc/oc, oc/cc or cc/cc, i don't mind playing a cc against your oc without doubling, it really just depends on the character
  • i play male characters, playing female is a hard limit for me
  • m// or m/nb is preferred for romance
  • discord is my go-to but PMs first to see if we mesh
  • OOC chatter is a must. i'm gonna feel hella awkward if we just immediately get into it and i have no idea what you're like as a person. i mean, if we're going to be long-term RP partners i'd hope we can become friends.
  • ghost friendly! life is life, i get it. i might bump you once or twice but it is what it is. that being said, if you lose interest or want to stop at any point, i really would appreciate it if you told me before vanishing. just a quick "i'm done" will do
  • no racism, homophobia/transphobia, sexism, that type of thing. don't be a dick !! pretty self-explanatory

my writing style tends to be a tad bit everywhere. i'm most comfortable writing humour/fluff but i am very capable of angst when the time calls for it.
  • third-person pov
  • unfortunately, i mix tenses pretty often and if i knew how to stop it, i would. if this is a pet peeve of yours i can go back in to edit and fix things but please be aware that there might be mistakes and more often than not i don't even pick up on myself doing it.
  • in OOC chat i might use the tone indicator '/j' on occasion, you 100% don't have to do the same
i'm pretty chill with any genre but i am a sucker for fantasy, period-specific stuff and other stereotypical nerd things.

fandoms !
i'm in a lot of them, and if there's something that isn't on this list, please feel free to ask, these are just the bigger ones
  • lord of the rings/ the hobbit
  • DC universe
  • our flag means death (pirates!!!!!!)
  • pacific rim
  • a multitude of animated tv shows and movies
i don't play a lot of plot-driven video games and not the most into anime, i'll watch it if it's good, but not enough to rp. aside from that, my interests are fairly widespread so if there's a niche fandom rp that you've been dying to get your hands on, shoot me a pm!!

original plots?
i'm up for most things so once again, if you have a plot that you're really hyped for, ask away my friend.

anyways, if you stuck with me through all that, it's much appreciated
hopefully something here caught your eye! in which case, comment or shoot me a pm and we'll see if we can work something out !!

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