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Le Fuzzy Maraca

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You play as a man from Roman times.

You're sitting inside your home, thinking about life. Suddenly, you hear a knock on the door. You go to answer it. You slowly open up the door, and a man in military armour stands before you.

"Hello, sir. Are you.."
What will be your name?

A. Mytus Regulan

B. Notius Archela
C. Marco Trayelus
D. Zafinian Lokitus
E. Opelus Jackerlas

Le Fuzzy Maraca

Professional cake
"Are you Marco Trayelus?" the man in armour says. You reply with "Yes."
"You are required to join the Roman army. " the man goes on. He then turns around and climbs onto a white horse. "Get on the back, Trayelus."

How do you respond?

A. Obey his orders and quickly but quietly get on the back of the horse.
B. Nervously walk over to the horse and slowly get on the back.
C. Run back into your house and lock the door. You don't want to join the army.
D. Ask him, "Why can't we just walk? I'm a man of simple things."
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Le Fuzzy Maraca

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You obey the armoured man's orders and quickly yet quietly climb onto the back of the white horse. After an hour long ride you are presented with a huge camp sort of place. "Roman army base." the man says. "Trayelus, you'd better go see Commander Myxenthar, he's in charge of training the new recruits." The man in armour takes off his helmet to reveal a mop of curly blond hair. You're only interested by the appearance of his hair for about three seconds, then you're off to Commander Myxenthar. You find him sitting in a tent, sharpening a dagger.

What do you say to him?

A. "Hello. Are you Commander Myxenthar?"

B. "I was told you are Commander Myxenthar, and you're in charge of training the new soldiers. I'm a new recruit. So teach me."
C. "Ha. Dirty little man. Commander Myxenthar, aren't you?"
D. "Hi? I think you're Commander Myxenthar. Can you teach me to be a soldier?"

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Le Fuzzy Maraca

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You say to him "Are you Commander Myxenthar?" and he stands up, banging his head on the ceiling of the tent. He walks out of his tent and leaves the half-sharpened dagger on the floor. "I am Commander Myxenthar! I teach new recruits. You look like a new recruit. Are you a new recruit?" You think to yourself "This man is crazy." and nod your head. "Great. Follow me, so you can choose a banana- I mean weapon." Myxenthar says, and walks over to a wooden table, with weapons laid across it. "Well. What do you choose? I recommend the banana- I mean dagger!" Myxenthar says.

What weapon do you choose?
A. Spear
B. Dagger
C. Short sword
D. Longsword
E. Bow and Arrow

@ViciousVip3R @TheFlyingWriter


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By the looks of things, this isn't the first time he has banged his head on something.

I agree with @TheFlyingWriter that a bow and arrow would be the best weapon choice, but there must be some reason that he strongly recommends a dagger. It looks like the dagger is his weapon of choice, and if he is the one teaching us, then we should probably learn a weapon that he is an expert at. We can learn how to draw a bow later.


Le Fuzzy Maraca

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You choose the dagger. "Excellent. You chose the mustard- I mean dagger. Before we start eating burgers- training, I mean, put on this armour." Myxenthar says. He hands you some armour and a helmet. "But, remember to put the china plate on before you put on your tomato." You assume he means "Put the chestplate on before you put on your helmet." So you quickly put on the armour. "Right! Time to train. Show me what you can do already!"

What do you do?
A. Admit you can't use a dagger yet.

B. Stab the air.
C. Do an amazing series of backflips and swinging the dagger around.
D. Just swing the dagger twice and say "Done."



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By the wording of the choices, this seems to be one that determines the level of skill we already possess, so why not choose the choice that puts us at a high level? Lets amaze Myxenthar with our backflips, and

Le Fuzzy Maraca

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(I'm just gonna do C.)

You perform a series of backflips and swinging the dagger. Myxenthar is amazed. "Wow..." he says. "Uhm, what are we supposed to do next? Were we going to eat fried chicken? Ah I remember. FIGHT ME!" He grabs his dagger and charges. You carefully block his attacks and forward roll through his legs, and knock his back with your dagger. He is confused and surprised. "Wha-?" He turns around says "FOR ROME" and knocks you on the floor. "Oof." you say.

What do you?
A. Get up, jump over his head, then strike him down.

B. Admit to Myxenthar that he's better.
C. Wait for him to charge and forward roll through his legs once again.
D. Play dead and wait for him to run off to the leader of the army, and when he's gone, steal some of his stuff.


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D seems a little risky (since weve only just arrived), B is ADMITTING DEFEAT which Rome would NEVER DO, and A "strike him down" seems like it could end badly lol.

So my vote goes to C! :)


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This is turning into a silly quest log...I love it!

Let's confound him by rolling between his legs. Although I was tempted to steal his stuff.

Le Fuzzy Maraca

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You wait for Myxenthar to charge. It takes him four minutes to realise you're on the floor, and he charges. You roll through his legs and get up. "Good job..." Myxenthar says, panting. "Right.. ten.. minute break. Go talk.. with some other recruits..." you walk over to a place where lots of soldiers are huddled together. "Hi. What are you doing..?" you say to the group of soldiers. The tallest soldier turns around. "Oh look. It's a new recruit, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha." he knocks you over with his longsword. You decide that you don't want to talk to him, so set off to find something else to do.

What do you do?
A. Talk to a lonely soldier sitting in a corner.

B. Just wait for the break to be over.
C. Steal one of Myxenthar's ketchup and.. squid? sandwiches.
D. Practice with your dagger

Le Fuzzy Maraca

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You decide to go walk over to the lonely soldier sitting in the corner. "Hello." you say. The soldier looks up, surprised. "Huh? Oh.. hello. I'm not used to people wanting to talk to me." he says. You sit down next to him. "Laughed at by those guys too?" you point to the group of soldiers. "Oh yeah. They act like high-school jocks more than disciplined men of the Roman army." "Yeah, I agree." you nod your head as you say that.

What do you say next?
A. Ask the soldier what his name is.
B. Ask if he wants to duel, just for a little practice.
C. Say bye and walk away.
D. Suggest playing a trick on the group of soldiers.

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