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  • here's my main thread if you'd like to read about myself as a writer and my expectations in a writing partner, but the gist of it is:

    third person

    detailed replies but quality > quantity always (i don't do "mirroring" post length). i personally err on the 400-800 word side of things with the occasional 1.2k+ word replies

    ic in public threads & ooc onsite in pms or discord

    i'm open to using realistic face claims in f// rps. ANY other gender pairing, we stick to moodboards with descriptions

    mature themes ? more than welcome. nsfw ? ftb

    work with me. if the rp isn't a collaborative effort and only one of us is leading the story all the time, literally what's the use of rp-ing in the first place ?
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hullo, hullo. if this thread is still open, i'm intrigued by this prompt and would love to collaborate with you to expand upon it for an rp. based upon your criteria i feel our expectations/preferred styles are compatible. i'm totally digging the idea of a supernatural wlw hannibal-esque story charting the gradual corruption of an individual exhausted by circumstance at the hands of an eccentric monstrosity. ^...^

you stated disliking timid & submissive personalities, which is perfect because i tend to write quite the opposite. some characteristics to write that may be well-suited for this plot include being forward/blunt if not outright defiant/rude; egotistically prioritizing one's self to the point of self-detriment or completely disregarding those around them--alternatively, feeling strongly towards somebody they feel conflicted about caring for, due to reasons such as rivalry etc; any emotional turmoil to arise through dark themes and complicated interpersonal relationships; relationships built around hatred so intense as to become intimate in a convoluted devotion... so-on, so-forth. psychologically compelling dark interactions are immensely enjoyable to write and explore.

on another note that carries no significance to the rest of this message, i adore the novel which the title of this thread is referencing.

have a nice day, & good luck with yer exams. :-)

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