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Multiple Settings on a stormy night in virginia... ღღღ

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you are gold baby. solid gold.

Hey there! So I know I already have a cravings thread, but I can't help it. I'm revamping an old thread because I am craving something that I can't quite put my finger on. As I'll state again I'm sure, I love dark themes, and usually lean towards them over lighter, softer themes. Now is no different. I do need for you to be literate to advanced. I consider myself so, and would like someone on the same level, I guess I can say. I mean, I'm no Shakespeare, but I put effort into my replies. I'll never, ever give you a one liner and I expect the same from you. Usually my posts are anywhere from 2 to 8 ish paragraphs per character. I personally have no limits or triggers, so tell me if you do. I love dark themes and romance alike, and yes, both will be included as well as other themes. Nothing forced, though. I'm a full time nurse, and the number one way to piss me off and make me ghost you is to bug me for replies. I do love OOC chatter and making friends, so feel free to just chat with me even if I can't respond to the rp. I'll RP here or on discord or even google docs, if you prefer. (Oh and pssst. I love doubling.)

So I have alot of plots, but by all means, I am open to hearing yours as well. I think right now I'd love to do some sort of ____ x [possibly gifted] human pairing (vampire, demon, werewolf, etc.), though I'm not limited to that. Check out my other threads below (in my signature) if you want, or just PM me to brainstorm! Can't wait to plot with you!

OH and one more thing! Bonus if you use any of these 3 guys as your fc.
((If we double, you can pick my faceclaim that you want as well!))
-Andy Black
-Stephen James
-Teddy Sears

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