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Older than Dirt

Dice System


I am thinking about getting back into dice based roleplaying. But no books and can't really afford to go buy them. Gave away all my stuff last year after it had gathered dust for 20 years.

Last dice based rpg I played was back in 2000. But I probably have more experience than most people on the server. It's just been so long that I may as well be a total newb. I mean, the last AD&D version I played was 2nd Ed. (We never called it 2e. In fact, noone called anything 2e, 3e or Any-e. Most everything was 1st or 2nd ed.)

After AD&D it was Space Opera, then Champions. Then Gamma World, then Hero System, C&S. Now let's see, I know I left out some systems. Yes ... TORG, Living Steel, Morrow Project, ... Then I played a little Timelords EABA, Rolemaster, GURPS 2e, White Wolf... Anyways ... all that was between 1980 and 1999. After that I switched to online stuff.

I am looking for something simple, more emphasis on the roleplaying than the idiot dice. I am a fan of anachronisms.

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