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Fandom 【Oh you give me the chills,】OC x CC

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Come on, don't be shy.


❝│Hello Ghouls! Theme aside- It’s a pleasure to meet you all. I’m NekoSarvente! For a little info on me, I’m a 23 year old female (She/Her). Avid Tiktok watcher -I live on that site-. I also live on Twitch, Genshin, and the books on my shelf, and learning Law stuff.

I hope to make some friends here !

Ⅰ. I do original characters x canon characters only! As well as double ups. It’s difficult for me to keep interest in a roleplay with only canon x canon, or, I feel uncomfortable if someone is playing only a canon for me. That said, if we share a Love Interest, I’m always willing to do a split roleplay, and play that same character for you! Or, a split roleplays, with a different anime fandom I know on your side! Ⅱ. Romance is a huge must for me. I’m alright with dark topics. However for my side -for the time being at least- I might just focus on the romantic fluffy stuff, due to life already being a pain. I don’t tend to have any triggers, but, please let me know yours! As an FIY, please be 18+ when reaching out to me. Ⅲ. I love pretty much everyone’s characters! I just ask that you have a thought out character -it fits the world- with no Mary-sues, or godmodding characters! Ⅳ. I write only in third person! It’s become a habit from writing classes and my experiences roleplaying. I do not roleplay via script form, or with only one-liners. Word limit can be flexible, but I really do enjoy reading some longer replies! I cannot think of anything else at the minute- so if you have any questions, just ask me! I won’t bite! Also, talk OOC with me, plot with me ! I don’t want to carry the whole thing on my back.

Fandoms are below!


♠. Genshin Impact.
OC WIP + Caught up in story line currently.

♠. Boku no Hīrō Akademia.
OC WIP + Caught up in manga| Anime.
Shigaraki Tomura.

Feel free to PM me, however I prefer to roleplay via email!​

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