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Fandom Oh the Misery ✧ +18 semi lit to lit rp search !

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New Member

✧ Oh, the misery ✧
✧ Everybody wants to be my enemy ✧

Hello there ^_^
I go by Kiwi, I haven't rped in years and I would love to get back into it again! I like to put a lot of effort and time into my roleplays, so before anything else I do just want to mention what I would prefer in an rp partner.
Someone who is +18 (I'm 24 so I prefer to roleplay with others in a similar age bracket), can write semi lit to lit or mirror, has a decent grasp on writing (errors happen but replying to something that's barely understandable can be very frustrating), and has a love of plotting and headcanoning ♡

I'm very rusty when it comes to all of this but I have a huge passion for writing and character development so someone who can match that would be wonderful, I hate being the only one adding input or coming up with ideas. I'm an absolute romantic at heart so romance is awesome, but I also love doing platonic side plots/characters for more development and plot building. I hold no bars when it comes to topics, I'm a big angst nut and dark themes can make for a really good story, so please let me know if you have any topics/triggers you don't want to write about or mention!

For characters and pairings, I prefer writing OCs and playing against OCs, I'm not a huge fan of playing or playing opposite canon characters. I'm cool with any type of pairing, but would prefer FxF.


Current Cravings

Right now I really am only looking for either an rp set in the Harry Potter world or the Arcane universe (the netflix show)

For Harry Potter, I'm down for any time period (WW2, Marauders, Book timeline, Current) and would prefer something set in Hogwarts, either students or staff.

For Arcane, I love Zaun/the Undercity and would love to write about a Topsider/Piltover resident and a Zaunite going through various problems and enemies together! (very Vi and Caitlyn inspired tbh)


Please let me know if you're interested, I'm open to all kinds of ideas and am very flexible, so feel free to throw your own ideas at me :)


Out of retirement
I would love to rp Arcane with you!

I haven't watched the full show yet but I've seen all of Act one and two. I mostly play League so I know a lot of the lore from there.
I honestly main Caitlyn..so I wouldn't mind trying to play someone very inspired by her..

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