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Fantasy Oh My Clematis ( Alien Stage : 1x1 : oc/oc : lit-adv lit)


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Hope bloomed from the abyss...

Hello, I'm Peter (she/he), I'm a 23-year-old who's really unsure if the prefix is fitting. Well, either way, it's lovely to meet you! Before I get onto the concept, let me just share some things.

- Please be 18+. Non-negotiable thing.
- This is gonna be a rollercoaster, so if you want pure fluff, this probably won't be for you!
- I'd love if I could do this with someone who likes OOC chat, but it's not a deal breaker. I will want to discuss our characters and world-building, though. + Plot.
- Dark themes will be present, but feel free to tell me your triggers and I can happily avoid them!
- LGBT+ friendly. I am, I ask the same of you.
- At least write 2 paragraphs, but preferably more.
- I don't think there's anything else here so?

Moving onto the fun bit! What is Alien Stage? It's a Vivinos youtube series that, as of now, only has 2 complete videos (1st round + Alien Stage Prologue). And I am completely in love, as you can tell from the fact I'm searching out for a plot like it.

The essential idea is that Earth has been completely taken over, possibly even destroyed by aliens, and humans are now essentially 'pets' to aliens. They're taken and seemingly sold as such, but there are still a decent few humans. In all of this, there seems to be a human idol production that's running, raising humans to sing and perform for intergalactic entertainment. They're raised in a simulated Earth, brought up with singing lessons, and eventually put on stage to compete with one another. None of them truly knows what happens on stage, at least not until they get there.

The loser dies. The person who was voted the most moves forward in the competition, and the loser dies.

Now, what happens here is something we can discuss. I'd love to explore character relationships, the effects of finding out whoever you win against dies, the idea that some people know and can't tell others, literally all of it. I want angst, fluff, and just about everything in between. I want this to be a long-term project with a decent few characters and complete pain when they die.

Well, I think that's about it! So feel free to comment or message me if you're interested!


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i about lost my mind when i read the title.

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