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Fandom Oh man, not another search!

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Hello! My name is Cyan. I'm 24 (so no under 18s!!!!), I live in the UK, and I like to pretend I'm a good writer. I've been writing for 10 years, if that counts for something? So let's bullet point!
  • I don't care about post length. Or how long you take between replies. I'll happily do one-liners. Please don't hassle me into replying
  • I love OOC chatter! If we can't be friends, I can't RP
  • I can play any gender. I expect the same back
  • I'm okay with OC/canon but I don't want you to play me a canon in return for my OCs (unless you class Byleth as an OC)
  • M//, F//, M/F - does not matter to me. Doesn't even have to be shippy!
  • I'd love to do OCs set in these canons too, like doing our own plot
Right, I think that's everything! So let's move onto canons I'd wanna play. Feel free to suggest unlisted ships! Again, the ships don't have to be romantic

(Sorry this'll be rambly)

Tales of Series (Berseria, Zestiria, Symphonia, Vesperia, Innocence, Xillia 1+2, Graces)
- I'll do almost any ship
- Only exceptions are RokuEleanor, RoseAli, Zelloyd, Fluri, whatever Luke/Guy is
- You'd have to talk me into Asbel/Cheria though
- My fave ships by series:
- B: Eizen/Eleanor
- Z: Dezel/Rose, Rose/Sorey, Edna/Mikleo, Zaveid/Lailah
- S: Colette/Lloyd, Mithos/Genis
- V: Anything with Estelle lol
I: Ange/Ricardo
X: Jude/Milla but really anything with Milla

Fire Emblem: Three Houses
- this is the only one I've played so it's the only one I'm interested in
- I've only played black eagles so far
- I am really really into M!By/Lin, Ferdie/Bernie, and Hubert/Dorothea. But I'm good for almost anything
- only exceptions are Ferdie/Hubert and Caspar/Lin
- I'd be down for modern AU too. Legit just almost anything with black eagles and I'm here

Yu-Gi-Oh (DM to Zexal only)
- Only thing I won't do is Johan/Judai
- DM: Kaiba/Jonouchi, though I can be talked into Kaiba/Yugi
- GX: I love Judai/Shou and Fubuki/Ryo
- 5D's: Jack/Carly lol
- Zexal: V/Kaito ahhh
- I love crossovers so feel free to ask (like Judai/Yuusei lol)

Kingdom Hearts
- I'm mostly here for SoRiKai, but I'll do Sora/anyone really

- throw stuff at me (not Allurance/Sheith)

- Again throw stuff at me (not historical stuff - AUs only)

South Park
- I am very very very picky
- No Style, Creek or Bunny. Please no
- I prefer Token/Clyde above all else, but throw stuff at me​
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Bro, I just got back into yugioh (my 2000's childhood is showing) it'd be awesome if you would wanna do 5d's and I would be your best bud.


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Hey I'm Reaaaaaaally wanting to do a Fire Emblem Three Houses rp!
I have a question about one of your rules though:

" I'm okay with OC/canon but I don't want you to play me a canon in return for my OCs (unless you class Byleth as an OC) "

Does this mean you don't want to double? I just ask because I am wanting to do an OC x M!Byleth! Lemme know!


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Hey sooooo, do you ship Sorey/Mikleo? Because I would KILL to play a Mikleo. Like. Honest to god. XD no, j/k. But seriously, I'd love to do a Zestiria rp with you. I'll even double as someone else for you, if it helps! I love doubling. We could do a tainted AU, or even just canon and do the ships, or epilogue! Oh man, it'd be so much fun. <3

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