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    amden University is known for being one of the most pristegious schools along the East Coast. Its students are the best and brightest the world has to offer, but along with that comes an intense competition to rise to the top, and in a dog-eat-dog world, thereโ€™s safety in numbers.

    The Greek Life scene at Camden is notorious for going all-outโ€”from rush week to the last hoorah marking the end of the school year, thereโ€™s always something going on. At the front of the pack is a fraternity called Alpha Mu, but not far behind is their sister sorority Pi Beta Nu. The two groups do everything together, including their long-held tradition of rigorous hazing. The absurd challenges hosted by the two houses make them nearly impossible to get in, but those that do are deemed school royalty.

    Towards the end of Haze Week, Alpha Mu and Pi Beta Nu hold a challenge disguised as nothing more than a night of drunken fun at a Halloween party. Hosted in Camdenโ€™s old dorm building, rumored to be haunted after a series of suicides in the late 1980โ€™s, the party was to end with the new recruits locked in overnightโ€”make it till morning, and you pass the test; if not, youโ€™re kicked from the running and just not good enough to play with the big kidsโ€”but no one was supposed to get hurt. When the heads of the houses came back the next morning to let out those that had stayed behind, they were met with a gruesome surprise. Two of their recruits were left dead in the basement along with a message smeared on the wall in what they could only hope was red paint: Oh, how the mighty will fall.. Whoโ€™s next?

    With a serial killer on the loose, two dead bodies, and their reputations at stake, Alpha Mu and Pi Beta Nu suddenly have everything to lose. Oh, how the mighty will fall, indeed.




oh, how

the mighty have


horror, mystery




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This looks fun, I am interested!
Does my European self even know how sororities/fraternities work? Not really, but this seems accurate.


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hey, everyone! for those still interested, iโ€™ve finally got the cs thread up here! this isnโ€™t going to be first come, first served, so even if someone already expressed interest in a role before you, feel free to apply anyway c: character sheets will be due sep. 19th!!

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Hello there! I saw this and was wondering if you were still accepting applications for roles. I saw the 19th of this month is the last day, just making sure that hasn't changed. ^^


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Hello there! I saw this and was wondering if you were still accepting applications for roles. I saw the 19th of this month is the last day, just making sure that hasn't changed. ^^
i am!! the due date hasnโ€™t changed, so go ahead and post an app if youโ€™re interested c:


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Very much interested in the honor student if they are still available
yep! as of right now, all the roles are still open, minus the queen bee since iโ€™m playing that character. this isnโ€™t first come, first served, so feel free to apply for whichever character youโ€™d like!

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