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Multiple Settings Off the cuff 1x1 ideas! (Heavy lit/Fast/Fun)

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Soot the Remnant

Oath to Disorder
These are just a few starters I threw together recklessly and on the fly. I write multiple paragraphs, I never shy away from adult themes and circumstances, and I always go for the long term!

Who wants to live forever?: Our characters, along with a background cast of others, under one circumstance or another, are given different forms of immortality. Now, no matter the circumstances, any time our characters would be rendered "destroyed" we merely wake up the next day as if nothing happened at all. Yeah, a hundred years or two is nice, but, really, who wants to live forever?

Papa was a rolling stone.: Neither of our parents were really good at their job, and that was a problem because they were both pedestrian mages. Now, following a normally commonplace road paving job, they all ended up turning themselves into household objects. (A bowling ball, a lamp, a record player, and a plunger.) We'd already moved out of our respective houses by this point, but they were our parents after all. Just because they weren't very good at that job either doesn't matter, family is family, right? Maybe we can make this work, while we try to undo what they've done to themselves...

The Deeper In: Becoming an astronaut, at one point, was an extreme achievement! At one point... Fast forward a few hundred years, and space travel has become rather mundane (dull), what with advances in robotics and AI. What once required degrees in multiple forms of advanced math, and a degree of physical fitness that would make a triathlon runner cry, now only requires a few button presses. So, when someone says they're an "astronaut", its now more akin to someone piloting those little miniature trains at state fairs. Well, usually, recently, a company named Nu-Tyr put out a job listing for astronauts, only here is the thing, the place they plan to go has never been to before and goes well beyond the normal range of current robotics and AI. Buckle up for adventure in depths of the cosmic sea.

Sometimes it snows in April: Anamolos nature hijinks. Snowing in summer, cloudy with a chance of meatballs hijinks, adventure amidst complete chaos.

God Only Knows: God x Humoid, or God X God, we'll craft the details together!

Where is my mind?: Our characters wake up next to each other in bed surrounded in spent champagne bottles, condom packages, and a leather-bound copy of the Necronomicon with a lot of the pages ripped out. The thing is, neither of us knows how we got there, who we are, or how long we've been there. Hopefully, something in this room will help us find out, or else we might just be screwed! Let's draft out the details together.

If none of these work, but you still like my style, just say something and I'll throw together a new starter. I'm very open, and willing to try most things.

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