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Multiple Settings Of these, which would you want to see a RP of?

Which RP would you want to see?

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So I want to start a RP but I don't know what other people want. So out of these very rough ideas, which would you want?


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Yeah, I don't find a lot of takers for that notion. Most people want to BE dragons, or be friends with them. I want to kill them. lol


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Question: By "Lion RP", what are you going for? Lion King, Pride of Baghdad, or Carnal: Pride of Lions


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not necessarily any like fandom (if that's what you would call that) but just maybe something like;

Lion pride gets attacked by two brother lions, they kill the resident male and are planning on killing all of the cubs, too. One of the females decides to take action and tries to sneak away with her cubs. One of her cubs lets slip that they are 'going on an adventure, a very important adventure' . I don't know what would happen from there, again, it's just a very rough representation of what could happen.


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It really would depend on the plot/direction as well as the vague base idea, I think. Maybe people aren't voting because it's too vague to really know for sure.

For example, would the focus be on the characters exploring a world? On the interactions between the characters? On fighting/battling and survival? Would the characters be working together, or be pitted against each other?

Basically, the focus is just as important as the setting. Some people can't stand RPs focused on warfare, but some love writing about weaponry and facing an enemy. Some want there to be real risk and danger for the characters, whereas others would rather have their characters' main struggle be with relationships and rivalries. Some love building a world in detail as the RP goes along, whereas others would prefer to just be told the setting and leave it at whatever detail level they're given. Some like a big RP where lots of people join and play multiple characters, whereas others would prefer it be a smaller group.
And there are lots of other factors I haven't even considered.
But all of these could fall under the description of "a cat RP" despite being different and interesting different kinds of people.

All of this would be way too much to add to a poll, so this post is really more of... a kind-of answer to "why not more votes?" as well as sort-of advice to bear in mind. Mainly I'd say go for what YOU would like to do, see how many others are on board, then tweak your idea if you think it's necessary.

That said, it looks like you've got enough votes to start something up, or at least gauge interest in a specific idea :v


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yeah, I guess I didnt think about all of that. thanks for the pointers! I'll make a more refined version of maybe one or two of the most popular ones.


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I tried starting one or two roleplays and they never went anywhere, so I was just wondering if people just weren't interested in them. Thats mainly why I started this in the first place

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