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Fantasy Of Scales and Flesh | Fantasy | Open


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My apologies, but I think I will have to drop from this, thank you for your time and good lucj

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I do love some Derg shenanigans, especially when seeped in history, are regular humans available to be played in this one?


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Name: Leverett Ida Mortuus
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Sexuality: Homosexual
Occupation: Scribe
Appearance: Leverett, better known as "Ida", is a skeletal woman with high, severe cheekbones and searing coal-black eyes. Her skin is extremely pale and she rarely goes outside, often preferring to remain indoors where the social gatherings are taking place. She has almond-shaped sunken eyes, delicate lips, and dark circles from a number of sleepless nights. Her nose bridge is narrow and dainty, descending into an elegant curve which melts into a pronounced cupid's bow. High, arched eyebrows adorn her almost perpetually-sulking face, often furrowed in focus or confusion.

When Ida sets her mind to something, she will work her hardest to accomplish it, no matter what the stakes are. Daring but ill-composed, she can be standoffish to those who she disagrees with, but will desperately latch onto anyone who is her friend. She is eager to maintain a "distant and cool" outlook which is a quite transparent facade for anyone with half a brain cell. Due to issues with her vision, she often gets incredibly frustrated with herself and tends to take it out on others as a result. Even if she's not the brightest, she knows exactly who she is and what she wants, and even when she begins to doubt herself she will never change her mind. Ida lives from moment to moment, and never lets a minute slip her by. She will also never back down from a bet, so she is a bit of a daredevil in that respect. She’s generally unafraid of those in authority figures and thus she can seem disrespectful even when she isn’t trying to be. She strongly values her pride and independence, and she doesn’t like to rely on others or she will start to feel weak. In a way, she is only trying to guard her sensitive heart, so she puts up a tough front to avoid being called a crybaby. She has a sarcastic and dark sense of humor and she tends to appear moody or angsty to others because of it.

Significant Other(s): N/A
Crush(es): N/A
Ex(es): N/A
Family: Most of them are also scribes, and the Mortuus family has a long history of involvement in such business.
Affiliations: Scribe and record-keeper for the Dragon Knights
Other: N/A

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