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Fantasy Of princes and servants

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Adventure, Historical, Romance


Never try. Never fail.
The sun was barely up in the sky, its soft rays colored the stone floors of the castle in an orange hue through open windows. The sound of knights on their morning training at the courtyard reaches Edward’s ears as he rushes through the halls of the castle, desperate to reach the prince’s chamber before sunrise. He was hired by the king to be the prince’s new Manservant after the previous one quit his job for unknown reasons. Some say it’s because of the prince himself, while some implied that an unfortunate accident happened, and the King covered it all up. Whatever it may be, Edward chose not to listen to gossip. He'd rather trust his own gut than the rumor mill filled with old housewives.

Though, the job offer did come out of nowhere. Edward was at the tavern helping the owner – Jeffrey – clean up the tables and pass mugs filled with beer to drunkards and merchants trying to relax after a day of work when a squire barged inside asking for him. When asked what his business was with him, the squire delivered a message from the castle’s steward with a proposal to work with the royal family, specifically to be a manservant for the prince. Edward couldn’t believe his ears and even pinched himself when faced with the news. Though it did raise one question in his mind. How did they find out about him and why are they willing to trust him immediately? After a minute of thinking, he can only come up with one possible answer. It’s probably – no – it’s definitely Thomas. With that out of the way and his mind still high with euphoria, he immediately accepted the offer without giving it a second thought. No one would be stupid enough to work for the royal family after all.

Edward looked outside once again to see the sun now up from its slumber. Damn, he thought. First day on the job and I’m already late. I knew I shouldn’t have stayed up all night fetching herbs for Thomas. Aside from being the new manservant of the prince and doing odd jobs in town to get some extra gold coins, Edwards also frequent in the physician’s facilities to help Thomas gather herbs as a part of his apprenticeship. Paying it no further mind, he just fastened his pace. Occasionally saying a quick apology and a good morning behind him after bumping into the other servants and maids. He climbed up the stairs leading to the Prince’s chambers and with a little bit more running, he is now face to face with the door the separates him from the prince.

He took a moment to compose himself, first impressions last after all. Taking deep breaths to ease his panting and wiping the sweat off his brows. He also straightened his plain white tunic and his mess of a hair before giving the door three solid knocks. “H-hello sire, this is Edward speaking and I will be y-your newly appointed manservant from now on.” He stuttered at first before continuing. “Pardon for arriving later than what is expected of me, I didn’t account for how big the castle is.” Edward closed his eyes, hoping the prince will understand and take pity on him.

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