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Of Myth and Men (Science Fiction/Fantasy Dystopia)


Set in an alternate 2018, the world is on its last legs and humanity as a whole is being threatened. The after effects of the cold war did not end without the accords of bloodshed. Beginning in 1989, nuclear warfare devastated portions of the worlds populace and turned our beautiful planet into a cross continental war zone, escalating into a third world war. When the wars finally ended in 1991 people decided it would be best to just get on with their lives, the war, like many others; would soon fade as an afterthought. The areas involved in the nuclear war were sealed off to prevent further contamination to the rest of the planet (Major Cities such as New York, France, Moscow, etc). After all it only lasted 2 years, how bad could it be?

As a result of the war the world saw a slight technological and scientific jump, and was making waves in the field of chemistry; physics; and biology just to name a few. Specifically scientists had centered their attentions to the effects the radiation left over from the war would have on the populace. They thought they had it all figured out. They were wrong.

Years later in late of 2016, a massive epidemic swept across eastern world, killing hundreds of millions over night. Over the course of several months, despite the rest of the world's best efforts the disease successfully spread to the rest of the world. While scientists did their best to figure out what exactly was happening, they lacked a complete set of knowledge due to their patron nations forbidding them from working with others beyond their borders(prideful spite carried over from WW3). Many nations closed their borders to outsiders and awaited their scientists conclusions. Meanwhile civil unrest began to build within these nations, some of which fell into anarchy only a short while after they closed their borders.

By the end of June 2017, nearly 65% of the population had fallen prey to epidemic. By this time entire governments had been toppled and were crumbling to the ground by the dozens. Desperate to find some way to save humanity, the remaining scientists rallied despite their government's word and began to go to work. It was only then that they realized the devastating effects they had brought into this world.. While they had been so focused on preserving themselves from the radiation the world brought through vaccines and gene therapy they neglected the other lifeforms and environment. While they had been well aware of the more adverse effects of the animal kingdoms new mutated monster like creatures, they had neglected the mutations of bacteria and viruses. Specially one rapidly evolving strain that had been enhanced by the radiation in the atmosphere. They discovered that it had been biding its time up until it emerged in the general public, growing stronger and multiplying by jumping from organisms, evolving along the way. They named this strain, "Pandora", corrupting force of all humanity.

They meticulously researched this strain as humanities numbers dwindled, even including some of the scientists themselves. After 3 months of research did they realize that there was still was hope for the future. Through gathered statistics and many human samples did they realize that one demographic in particular was being less effected. Particularly an age demographic. Those born during or after 1991 were being vastly less effected than those beyond, presumably to adaptation to the radiation combined with the interference of science; in comparison to their more vulnerable ancestors. They never truly figured out what exactly it was, but they had what they were looking for. Hope for the future.

With this information in hand they petitioned the remaining governments still in power to give them the ability to ensure their future, to which they accepted. From there on the last governmental powers in the world ran a program to gather their remaining young and placed them in a camp, until they would be sent to the sanctuary of central and southern Africa(the place that was least touched by the radiation) via any means necessary. Those that had descended into anarchy and couldn't be trusted directly were sent broadcast over multiple mediums as a chance to save all those they could.

However while the population worked to assemble their successors, the scientists worked on a personal project. Grabbing a handful of those young for genetic experiments. These individuals were hand picked by the remaining scientists by psychological profile, genetic integrity/background, and personality tests prior to being taken in for the genetic overhaul. These chosen few were created to be the leaders and protectors of the last of humanity, from external threats such as the mutated abominations of their creation and from the internal; preventing humanity from ever creating such a catastrophe from foolish actions ever again. Modeled after gods and heroes of legend, these chosen were separated in groups according to "pantheons" or cultures and would be placed with large groups of the general populace at different locations across the continent. This would be their last act.

By the tail end of 2017, what was left of humanity had migrated back to which their kind had crawled out of the dirt billions of years ago. They had been congregated in groups along with the man made "Myths" charged to help them across the vast continent.

Its been months and everyone is still adjusting to their new lives and attempting to establish order based on the model provided to them by the scientists, however much is up in the air. Will they survive the attacks from the creatures of the night? Can they pull together to bring humanity back from the brink?

Closing Thoughts
Thanks for the read everybody, I've put a bit of thought into this one as I have wanted to write a story like this for a while. Before I finish off here I just wanted to clear up a few things here before anyone asks:

  • For now, for simplicity sake, we are going to be focusing on 3 or 4 core groups of survivors each congregated into small city state like sects. What these cities will be called and how they will be run will be effected by A. the characters involved B. the pantheon that protects it. Such as if the "chosen" group was modeled after the Greek Gods and Heroes of Myth the city state would be "Olympus" or "New Olympus" or something similar. In this example it could also run like a democratic republic(like the Greeks) or perhaps a monarchy depending, since "Zeus" was a "king"(even though he sought the counsel of other gods, he ultimately usually had the final say unless he felt otherwise). These societies have just been erected so expect a lot of conflict. It will not be perfectly run(they also don't HAVE TO BE RUN by the "pantheon" residing in the city either). The population of each of the city states are roughly the same a couple hundred to a couple thousand. While the younger generation was not almost entirely wiped out like the ones pre-1991 were, a lot of them still were so population atm is only in the 10-20 million as a whole. Each city state will be largely self contained until order is established(which can be done among the characters controlled by the users). Then the may be able to seek out others. How things will work will be up to more the users and characters involved, with my approval of course.

  • Speaking of the "pantheons" themselves, one thing I want to clear up is that they ARE NOT GODS. While they were modeled after them(as well as heroes) during the modification process they are no all powerful, simply enhanced humans. They can still be killed, may age slower than the average person however are not immortal. That being said generally the higher up you go the more powerful that superhuman tends to be (such as Zeus would be the most powerful among his group), they are generally enhanced(typical strength, agility, yadadada); however due to what god or hero they were modelled after they tend to have specific specializations(such as Athena being wise, and generally more intelligent) . Even then they are not all powerful, and have limits. When creating characters be warned, only a specific amount of characters are allowed to be in the Pantheon of each city(MAX 10 characters as a whole and only 1 character per user ) while the rest will be regular humans, first come first serve. Their powers and equipment(if they have it) will be based scientifically and on advanced technology, NO MAGIC. They must abide by scientific rules (matter cannot be created nor destroyed, etc). I'll let you guys decide on which 3-4 pantheons who should be put into focus, down below~

  • Also wondering if you guys would like to be able to choose the territory you guys would like before the rp begins. The most northern part inhabitable is the tropic of cancer. These places would be very small on the map, but you would be able to choose your position so it could effect how its run, economy and all that jazz. Those within a certain pantheon/city would then vote on a certain amount of choices presented by one of their own.

I am also very new to the whole nation building rp so I am pretty open to suggestions on many subjects, and maybe co-running this if need be if it stalls.

This is a story of humanity of humanities struggles with themselves and the world around them, told by those most vulnerable. Have fun with that as I can and will randomly throw situations at you for the fun of it. Expect if your character journey's beyond your city states borders to get attacked by hideous monsters, or wandering bandits. Even if you are within those borders there is no guarantee of safety.

Thats all from me folks! Thanks for reading and have a lovley day~
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