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Fandom Of Light and Dark: Two Avatars Arise


The Last Avatar
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We all know of the stories of the past Avatars, they strove to bring balance to the world and were lynch pins in conflicts and wars. Two of the most famous Avatars were Avatar Aang and Avatar Korra. Avatar Aang disappeared for 100 years, allowing the Fire Nation to nearly conquer the world. However, he and his friends were able to stop the evil plans of Phoenix King Oozia. Thereafter, they worked to restore the balance of the world and built the United Republic. With Aang's passing gave rise to Korra. Most notable events from her were vanquishing the eternal dark spirit Vaatu, and restoring the Avatar Cycle among many other things besides. The story of Avatar Zera was notable in many ways, but fell quite short of either Aang or Korra in regards to impacting the world.

Our story begins with the new Avatar. Unknown to the world and to himself. The world is now in a modern setting, and Bending is slowly losing focus in regards to technology. However, unknown to anyone is that during Avatar Zera's time, a unique cosmic convergence occurred. Allowing spiritual energy to explosively expand. As such, the darkness minutely building within Raava got a turbo boost. Upon Zera's death, the Avatar Cycle changed in a way never before known capable. Two Avatar Spirits were released. Raava, and Vaatu. However, due to his unique regeneration and time within Raava, as well as his time bonded to Unaloq, he instead bound into another human host instead of simply being freed. However, due to his time within Raava, Vaatu carried over some of her properties to his new host, namely, the ability to control all 4 elements. And a Dark Avatar State.

As such, the world is about to enter a new age, one where 2 Avatars exist, one of light and order, the other of darkness and chaos. Neither know of their full powers, yet both will have a destiny beyond imagine. In this new age, there will be conflict, danger, growth, and ultimately a battle for the world. One thing is for sure, the world will never be the same again.

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