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Cesimir [NPC] - Ludenwick Estate

"If losing your job isn't an emergency, I don't know what is. We're off-schedule and lateee! If we, as a collective, don't want Luthandriel to fire us, we need to get started on these tasks now. Anyway, it turns out we begin each day at eight in the morning, which is stupid. Seriously, isn't the whole point of being an adventurer that you do it at your own pace? Eh, whatever, read their assignment, Luthandrone."

The Luthandrone beeped to life, stepping forward and reading from its scroll with an innocuous smile.

"Quest one for today. Rewards: fifty gold pieces spread evenly among the participants. Issue: There is an angry troll who calls himself Grog to the northeast of Glamis, which demands fees of silver for passage on north-west-north road to Orthrus. I believe it's stupid enough to talk down from harming people and may be convinced to find a job and become a functioning member of society. If this becomes impossible, eliminate it."

"Excellent, so we have... Mizu, Viktor, Fox, and Shelby. That'll be team one, for quest one!" Cesimir chirped. He summoned a bag and several papers into his hand, then threw it all at Fox, aware he was the most likely to catch it. "The papers are a map and a copy of the quest assignment. The bag contains a compass, five sets of lunch, two healing potions, a length of rope you'll need to get to the troll's cave, and some spare torches, tinder included."



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Location: Adventurer's League Hall Courtyard >>> Cessy's Mansion
Goal: Training >>> Getting Revenge on the strange man.
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Aegis can only read a few words: "Bread" and "No Entry". Although she doesn't really know what the letters mean... she sees the words and experience taught her what they mean. The long note her newfound mentor left her meant gibberish to the young street urchin. With the help of the kindly priest, she understood what her mentor wanted her to do.

"...Stance..." She whispered as she hoisted the bag of oranges above her as she stabilized her legs. She felt her knees buckle from the weight. She apparently needed to do this 49 more times. Why am I doing this?

She dropped the bag of oranges and breathed out a tired breath. She felt silly training alone like this... the priest went to talk to the receptionist to find a place to sleep in for the night, leaving her alone for her training. She looked at the pair of black-iron gauntlets on her hands... they seemed way to big for her small fingers. Too bad I can't sell them... Too valuable... I wonder what they do...

She opened the sack of oranges and took one from the top. Her mouth drooled as she anticipated the sweet juicy sensation she was about to re-experience.


A noise made Aegis turn around. A wiry, lanky figure was watching her train from atop an oak tree. A man with a huge beak nose, two discs for eyes, and a mop of wiry tangled black hair was looking down at her from the tree.

"Hey... is that a fucking orange?" He licked his lips.

Aegis noticed that the man's teeth were as sharp as needles. He wore a black and purple robe that hid his wiry, skeletal frame. She couldn't find the courage to reply.

"Are you fucking deaf? I'm talking to you... you're the only one here!" He noticed that she was hiding her gauntlets behind her flat-chested young torso. "H-hey don't get the wrong idea... I don't want your stupid gloves... I'll give you something neat for some of your oranges though..." The mans face contorted to a weird grin... there was something off about him.

Aegis' knees were shaking... she wondered if she should run away.

The man clumsily hung down from the tree and stood in front of Aegis. He was not as tall as the priest... but he was a lot taller than her masked mentor. Although he did lack muscles that they both had. "I'm not gonna hurt you... I'm a famous adventurer you know?" He looked down at her with crazed eyes. "My name is Ichabod... nice to meetcha!" He held out a hand that tried to reach for an orange. She moved the fruit away, causing him to curse loudly.

"Fucking bitch..." he muttered under his breath. He smiled at her as if he knew she didn't hear. "Listen, I'll trade ya! I have this fancy teleporter here..." He pulled out a note from his pocket. "Oops... err... here" He pulled the note away from the device and flashed it at her. "Teleporters like these are a staple tool for every adventurer, you probably need one right? Of course! Gimme a fucken orange and I'll give it to you! Come on! What do you say?" The man's head was shaking uncontrollable and the sides of his mouth were twitching.

Aegis looked at the orange and gave it to the man's long, stick-like fingers. Are all adventurers this creepy?

"HAHAHA YES! I mean... thank you... stupid bitch..." He said the last part under his breath as he began to desperately peel the fruit.
Aegis held out her hand which caught the strange Ichabod's attention.

"Oh... yes... err... here..." He gave the teleporting device to Aegis.

Aegis stared at it.

Ichabod chewed violently... closing his eyes and letting the fruit juices drip from his hairless chin. He opened his eyes and looked at her. "Jusht... presh it..." He said with a mouthful of fruit.

Aegis pressed the button... She vanished.

"Ha! Sucker!" Ichabod laughed as he took the rest of her oranges.


Aegis found herself in an ornately decorated room next to a different masked man.
Her heart skipped a beat. "H-how... I..." She uttered. The turned to the company in front of her. She saw her mentor with a few other scary-looking adventurers. "Fox!" She called out.
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Location: Cesimir's Estate
Mention/Interaction: @Birdsie @IamNotLoki @Kylesar1 @June Verles

Fox caught the items thrown at him and took a look. It was everything the team needed for the mission, and spread everything evenly amongst them. He gave 1 potion to Mizu and the other to Shelby, seeing as they would be the ones to need it most should the situation of battle come about.

Fox was about to leave when he saw someone else pop in with teleportation, it was Aegis. Fox just stared at her, utterly dumbfounded as to how she found her way here. He walked towards her and pulled her away from Cesimir, so that he doesn't do something to her like the psycho that he is.

Fox lowered himself on one knee and looked at Aegis, tilting his head. He wanted to know why she was here, and how she got here as well. It's not like he can just return to Glamis while he has a mission. She might have to come along, much to his own dismay.

June Verles

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Mizu Nagoyaka

Mizu couldn't help but internally groan, or maybe that was the growl of his stomach, when he heard what they had to do. Wasn't it the duty of the guards to deal with people who are breaking the law on this minor level? Is this what he missed his first capital breakfast for? He thought to himself as his expression broke to reveal his inner emotions.

Putting his sword back into his sheath he looks over to see who his leader is, the mysterious guy. While having a leader who doesn't communicate is bound to end up in problems he knows that he can handle himself in a fight.

Walking towards him he is greeted by a potion being shoved into his hands, a bit surprised he almost drops the red potion before managing to catch it. He eyes it for a moment, his first seeing the potion after all he could just heal his own wounds, but fox didn't know that.

But he couldn't help but grow a bit of a smile, after all he was only one of two people who got a potion! That must make him special right? The sudden gratification from being special brought his mood back up, ignoring the actual reason why he got the potion.

However even with that there was still a problem, they didn't know where they going. With that in mind Mizu approaches his leader only to find him squatting down next to a child.

Bending his knees down to be on their level Mizu reaches into his kimono to pull out what looked like a cookie covered in paper, which he prepared to give to the borrower as a apology but she wasn't here. He offers it to the girl with a friendly smile before turning his attention to Fox;

"I don't want to be rude, but do you know how to read a map?" he says as the papers.

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Cesimir [NPC]

Cesimir made note of the little dark elf girl suddenly teleporting into his foyer, and the fact that Fox made a similar note, followed by approaching her and non-verbally asking what the hell she was doing here. Cesimir ignored this, or at least he didn't look bothered by it.

Some ideas of who she could've been raced through his mind. A new member? Fox's apprentice? His adoptive daughter? Who cares. Clearly, if she had teleported here, then she was supposed to be here...

For some reason.

"If she's coming along too, I'll give you an extra potion," Cesimir said, then reached into his Bag of Holding and fished out a pair of small flasks - one red, one yellow. He walked up to them and handed the potions to whoever took it first, not discriminating between Aegis and Fox. "The yellow is a Greater Potion of Shielding. Drink it, and it'll shield your body. It lasts three hours or for three, really, really mean attacks - where 'really, really mean attack' is defined as an attack sufficient to amputate a limb. Though, with her diminutive form, it'll probably last for at least twice that. And the red is healing, duh."

For some reason, people hated dying and getting hurt. Maybe if he helped them avoid it, that'd make him a better leader? He felt no sympathy for people who were to die - it just meant they became passengers on a cosmic journey to somewhere else. What was scary about that? Oblivion, sure. He saw why the cessation of existence could make one antsy, but still.

Why did people have to be so weak, so boring? So static and centered on patterns and concepts that existed before them? He hated that, but he shook off the negative train of thoughts and turned to the team.

"You're free to go. Would you like me to teleport you near to your quarry, or do you want me to spare you something to get there? In the former scenario, you'd have to find a way to get back on your own, though that's not difficult. This is only several kilometers from here - one or two hours on foot at worst, maybe."



One Thousand Club
Location: Cessy's Mansion
Goal: Survive and finish Cesimir's task
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Aegis noticed a lithe, blonde haired young man wearing an ornate looking outfit. She couldn't help but blush at how handsome he looked. She flinched when he knelt down to give her a hardened pastry. "Ah... t-thanks mister!" Aegis meekly took the cookie with a gauntleted right hand. After that strange man took her oranges, she felt even hungrier than before. She bit into the cookie... the taste wasn't as sweet as she had expected. I want my oranges back...

Another masked man approached her and offered between two potions. The yellow fluid caught her eye... somehow it looked a little like orange juice. She picked that one and looked at the fluid with eyes of wonder. What's with these strange men giving me weird gifts?

"thank you" She said meekly as she stood there... feeling quite out of place. "M-Mister... what exactly are we doing here?" She looked up at Fox with a nervous expression.


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Location: Thomas & Shri's home
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Shriandriath the Debased Maiden
That morning, Shri had been up for hours already. First, she'd picked up around the home, sorting laundry, cleaning dishes and sundry other tasks she hadn't been in the mood to deal with after getting home from that caravan-wreck of an introduction. Thomas woke with the dawn for his morning prayers and Shri left him to it, after planting a kiss on the top of his head. While he concentrated on his devotionals, she concentrated on preparing breakfast for him as well as gathering up the papers he'd need for his meetings and sermons throughout the day. By the time she shuffled her husband out the door, it was time to prepare an ample breakfast for her growing youngest son. Who she promptly woke with a "Azhi, your breakfast is ready!"

And as her son well knew, he had about five minutes to emerge from his bedroom before she would invade his personal space, which virtually always led to awkward observations and questions.

Once breakfast was served, the Succubus looked out the window and said, "I wonder when we'll hear from-"

At which point a capsule smashed out her kitchen window and took her right off her seat. Shri rolled across the room and finally stopped her momentum with one foot against the wall, just before she hit it. Naturally, this meant her dress and apron were knocked entirely askew and it took her a minute to right herself. At which point, the Demon looked down at the capsule that'd bounced off of her ample bosom, picked it up and retrieved the letter from inside.

After reading it, the Succubus crumbled the letter in her hand and sighed. Loudly. "I did agree to serve the King," she said, in a tone that suggested great regret. "Come on, then, if it's an actual emergency, we're needed. And if it's not, I'll know better next time."

Assuming Azhi was inclined to take her hand, Shri touched the teleporter and appeared a moment later at the mansion. Still wearing a nice yellow dress with a white apron embroidered with 'KISS THE COOK' on it, surrounded by decorative hearts and flowers. Her eyebrows immediately went up at the sight of other adventurers gathered together, before her gaze shifted to their erstwhile team lead. "Pray tell, sir, what's the emergency?" She brushed a lock of hair out of her face that'd strayed from her ponytail, promptly getting flour across her forehead.
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Devourer of men “Mai” Mlaiorve- Guild reception area
The woman continued scribbling down on her parchment for an obnoxiousky long time, seemingly just to annoy Nolan, before eventually bringing her head towards the man and giving him a look of sheer disdain with her pretty face.

“Sir, may I kindly request that you briefly return to the outside, and take another look at our “Guild of adventurers” sign. Then come back here and tell me where it says ‘inn for homeless people’, thank you.” She scowled into the air after her gaze had dropped from the man’s face back to her paper, not bothering to bless the man with the full sight of her eyes with work being much more important than a mere mortal’s resting place.

Her upper-body language and tone were laced with so much condescending nature that it was practically visible around the receptionist, and when she spoke her tentacles writhed slowly and smoothly along the ground in-tune with her voice, increasing the impact, and leaving the faint view of something moving to the other side of the counter. The most apt word being eerie to describe such an unnerving non-visible presence.​


One Thousand Club
Liam Gregory
"Nolan No-Shoes"
Location: Adventurer's League Hall, Glamis
Goal: Also to find a place to stay the night. Make sure Aegis is safe.
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The old priest flinched at the young lady's bluntness. "Ah... pardon me..." He said as he patted his bald head with a large hand. "I saw that most of the inns were booked tonight... and I assumed that the League of Heroes had made an agreement with the Church of Hann to harbor any traveling clergymen. But I guess I was mistaken, I will try to find shelter elsewhere..." The old man sighed and heaved his bag of supplies on his shoulder.

"Is this old fart bothering you, Mai?" The whispering of came from a man crouching on the receptionist desk. He face contorted into a smile as he flashed her his sharpened teeth. "You want me to deal with him? HUH?" He took an unpeeled orange and bit it... letting the juices spray all over. He chewed on the fruit, peel and all.

Nolan's eyes opened wide in terror. "Where did you get that fruit!?" He raised his voice louder than he thought.

"This? Oh... a girl gave it to me... what's it to ya grandpa?" The slender man stood up on the receptionist desk... just barely overshadowing even the giant priest Nolan.

"Did you do something to Aegis?" Gone was the tranquil, happy face of Nolan the priest. Flashing briefly is the unbridled rage of the "Iron Ogre".

"Oh, you know her? I sent her off to an adventure! Kekekekeke..." CRASH!!!!

The slender adventurer found himself slammed up against the wall with Nolan wringing his purple collar.

"Tsk... piss off grandpa! Get your mitts off me!" Ichabod protested.


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Sheub "Shelby" Mangoza
Cesimir's Manor

Ugh. It.........Just like every race of humanoids, Grog had a name. Grog is very much a he as far as she knew. Treating the troll like some stupid savage beast brought back not so pleasant school memories. A troll could a perpetual brute who was easily angered, or a troll could be a giant teddy bear who didn't know his own strength and only killed because he wanted a hug and hugged too hard by mistake, like Lenny from Of Mice and Men. Were they stupid? Well.......yes. Their mental development was typically extremely slow. Maybe he was a savage, but it was obvious that his life wasn't considered worth preserving, not like a human life was. Save if you can, but if not, oh well. Who cares, really? That was the vibe Shelby got from it, due to the portrayals of trolls as big bosses who just wanted to kill. In reality for the most part, they were so stunted in mental development that they were tricked into helping someone for potato chips of a reward basically, easily manipulated into serving someone. Maybe she read too much into it, but damn............She had to just bite the bullet and continue on through the degradation of that troll. She wouldn't hold it against Luther or..........Cesimir as much as she wanted to hate him. It was just a deep deep personal gripe of hers that she wouldn't take out on other people.

"Understood. Grog, Northeast of Glamis. Convince to stop or kill if needed." Shelby took the potion offered. So a troll already, eh...........should be easy enough. Hopefully. When Cesimir offered to teleport them there, Shelby's stomach churned. She didn't trust anything by him unless Luther's name was mentioned. She would much rather walk. It would give them time to explore the land anyways. Orcs were so used to walking that a few kilos were nothing. Unless they absolutely needed to get there in a timely manner lest lives be lost, teleportation was best avoided. Maybe it was due to the more nature-style shamanic magic they tended to use. However, Shelby wasn't the leader. Fox was, I guess, which was why he got the items instead of them

Hopefully this Grog could be convinced to step down. Orcs and Trolls weren't all that much different in terms of how they were treated. Trolls were regulars in Orc armies as giants of sorts. They were smaller than giants, but they were stronger than an Orc Berserker without having to be trained to be a berserker. Since they were also more numerous than giants were, a few of them could take down a giant with ease while smashing through anything in between them. Shelby could hopefully shine in this mission. She would feel fairly sad to have to put a bolt in the eye of a troll.

She approached her teammates. "I'm Sheub Mangoza. You can call me Shelby," she greeted them in her first formal introduction. This should've been done yesterday, but she was glad to be meeting who she was gonna work with. All she seemed to know was that Fox didn't talk. A vow of silence, maybe? Mute? Monk? Just not up for anyone's shit? "If you didn't see yesterday, I specialize in ranged combat with my old faithful here." Shelby had an air about her as she bragged about her dwarven-made crossbow. "Orcs and Trolls get along quite well, so hopefully I can talk to Grog and make him stand down."
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Location: Cesimir's Estate
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Fox looked at Mizu as he gave Aegis a cookie, and nodded at him in thanks (+5 Fox approval). Soon after Cesimir also gave him two potions, one of healing, and the other of shielding. Fox gave both of these to Aegis and patted her head. For now he was the leader of this group, or at least that's what everyone is looking at him for. He looked at Mizu and nodded to his question about reading maps, after all if he couldn't have read a map, he wouldn't be in this nation at all.

He looked at his team, each had skill to fight which is useful. Fox however would rather solve this peacefully, lest he repeat the sins of the past. He looked to Sheub and nodded, writing on some paper. He handed it over to her and it read as follows.

"Miss Sheub (That's how you spell your name correct?) I agree with your sentiment of doing this peacefully, therefore you will be the negotiator with Grog. If he doesn't comply then we shall hurt him, but not to kill. Maybe a beat down is required to throw sense into someone's head. Either way I wish for you to discuss with my apprentice, the little one about the importance of those potions she was given. You must also inform her that no matter what she is to watch, not engage in the battle should it come to it. Tell the others the current plan concerning the troll, and the backup. For now prepare those ropes for when we have to climb up to his cave."

Fox looked at everyone before signaling them all to move out. He took out the map and began leading everyone to where they would need to go.


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Location: Cessy's Mansion
Goal: Survive and finish Cesimir's task
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Aegis gasped as another person shifted into existence. A white haired woman with two curving horns in her head. Another strange member of the party... this one wore an apron that she promptly pulled off.

"Understood. Grog, Northeast of Glamis. Convince to stop or kill if needed." Aegis heard the large, muscular woman with two intimidating tusks. It was the first time Aegis has seen an orc... to a small child like herself, the woman looked quite fearsome. Did she say kill? Are we going to kill somebody?
The thought of fighting somebody filled the young girl with fear. She would rather run than hurt someone. She felt really out of play alongside these Adventurers who looked more like statues of Gods and Demons than companions.

"I'm Sheub Mangoza. You can call me Shelby," The orc girl introduced herself. After speaking in such a friendly manner, the woman reminded her of the old priest... maybe she's not so scary after all. Aegis took the other potion from fox and stared at the red fluid.

"M-My name is Aegis..." She said, trying her best to make eye contact with the fearsome orc woman. "B-but you guys can call me Egg... if you wish..." She smiled. Aegis earned the nickname "Egg" from the people she met on the streets. Some smallfolk couldn't seem to pronounce 'Aegis'. "I will try my best not to let you guys down! Just tell me what you need me to do and I will do it!" She tried to put on a brave face but her knees were shaking a little.

The giant wolf awakens as the sun rises and its light begins to gleam over the gardens of the estate - a place which Markus had decided to rest in. He hasn't been oriented with what exactly has transpired in this place, but he is certain of thing - he had taken on a new path, one which he most likely cannot stray away from. With that in mind, he begins to walk around and roam the premises in silence, like a lost child trying to figure out where to go.

Eventually, he ends up in a large chamber where several individuals have gathered once more. He heard of their names, and of a certain figure's decision to team them up - followed by a strange, small object that spoke of a mission that they are to accomplish.

"Hm.", he mutters under his breath. He is curious, but he has opted not to approach the figure of authority, or authorities, if there were many. He simply stood by from a distance, watching. Observing.


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Azhi Armitage - Ludenwick Estate

The cambion boy yawned, stretching his arms in his bed. His eyes felt heavy and groggy, as per usual for mornings. He called, "I'm coming!" as he ruffled his hair a little bit and got out of bed.

Moments later, he walked down, to find his mom staring at a peculiar letter. Additionally, the window had been broken and shards of glass were spread out across the kitchen. Azhi nodded and took his guardian's hand, giving her a reassuring smile.

Once they teleported in, they were approached by Cesimir who bombarded them with an explanation followed by quest selection. Azhi looked around, and saw some of the same people he 'met' yesterday, and also some new faces, including a young dark elf girl, who looked a bit below his age, but still within the same general territory of 'child.'

He only gave her a wave of acknowledgment. There didn't seem to be time for playing or befriending, and the adults were busy talking.


Cesimir [NPC] - Ludenwick Estate

The family of mother and youngest son arrived after the rest, and Cesimir prepared to go in their direction. As he did so, he gave Fox a pat on the shoulder, saying, "By the way, on your way out, tell that wolf watching us that he has five minutes before the property pacifies him." With that, he walked over to Shri and Azhi.

"Hello, we are running off-schedule. Turns out we have a schedule, and no one gets paid if we're off of it, apparently, and we're also risking getting fired," Cesimir gave a rapid-fire explanation, not letting them talk first. There was dryness in his voice - an acknowledgment of what happened yesterday, and the awareness they weren't on good terms, but a distinct lack of desire to fix that - and it was showing. On purpose.

He regained a composed posture, almost robotic, unmoving, cold, static. Like a broken clockwork machine making sense of the chaotic universe with numbers. His demeanor changed to one that was utterly and truly apathetic and stoic. "Luthandrone. Assignment," Cesimir ordered, hands behind his back. "Now."

The monodrone jumbled through its notes, then read, "Daily quest two. Rewards: One-hundred gold pieces. Issue: Slay a--"

"Different assignment," Cesimir ordered.

"Why?" Luthandrone asked, blinking its eye.

His apathy seemed to disappear again, as he became his usual 'asshole' self. "Because Luthandriel says I have to learn 'empathy,' so I'm doing that exercise Ozirmok told me about where you put yourself in other people's positions, and I'm just hazarding a guess that she doesn't want to lose her son to a nightgaunt. Give them something easy. Something... low-risk," he said, almost putting inflection in the word, but the tone was mostly derived from his timing.

Luthandrone flipped a page, then another, then another, and recited, "Daily quest five. Rewards: One gold piece. Issue: A trio of goblins snuck into a client's basement and are now living there against his will and refusing to pay tax. They don't seem aggressive, but they have to be moved out. This case was forwarded to the Adventurer's Guild by the City Guard, under the belief that it'd be a good publicity stunt for promoting inter-racial cooperation."

"Excellent." He looked at the Armitages. "Does that suit your tastes?"

That's when Cesimir gave Shri a one-over, only now seeming to notice she was wearing an apron that requested he kiss the cook.
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June Verles

Nothing to see here, carry on.

Mizu Nagoyaka

Mizu lets out a sigh as he stands up, it seems like Fox will make them walk there. Nonetheless he was in charge of them and it was good to work out a appetite before lunch. Though considering it will take them two hours to get there they'll probably have lunch either after dealing with the Troll or right after.

As Mizu turned around he couldn't help but notice what seemed to be a very large dog, however he just ignored it at first. After all it was probably part of Cesimir's hidden menagerie of un-probable animals. At that point you can imagine his surprise when Cesimir told them to move him out.

Rolling his eyes, already tired with the shenanigans of this adventuring group he just followed Fox, he was the leader after all.

"We'll be counting on you then Miss Aegis." he says to the young drow in a attempt to focus on the more sensible aspects of this mission.

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Sheub "Shelby" Mangoza
Cesimir's Manor

Shelby read the note from Fox. "You spelled it right, Fox," she responded and then turned to Aegis. "Hello, Aegis. I'm glad to have you here," she said, her heart kind of elating a bit looking at her. Shelby decided to NOT treat Aegis as a little kid. "Fox requests that you stay safe during the mission when we meet the troll. The yellow potion is to protect yourself. The red one is to heal yourself if you're hurt. Only use the yellow one if we end up fight..........." Shelby met Aegis's eyes with a genuine smile, feeling almost motherly but definitely very protective. "..........but I'm gonna try my best to convince the troll to leave without fighting. If you need, you can stay with me. If the troll tries to hurt you, I will always protect you."
God I want ooonnnneeee!!! Shelby had the gruff, buff, intimidating exterior, but internally she wanted to squeal and bear hug Aegis, but kept her composure. Cute as heck. Cuter than heck. For obvious reasons, that probably wouldn't go over well. She was just resolute when looking at the little girl, determined to protect her. To Shelby, Aegis was immediately far too pure for this world.

She had to focus though. It was about time to set out. She could discuss the plan as they went. The rope she could put on a crossbow bolt and snipe it deep into the ground to anchor it, but hoped for a place to tie it. Shelby was probably the heaviest one in the group, so she didn't really have to worry about anyone but herself..............and Aegis, when it came to securing the rope. If she could make it, they definitely could make it. "Let's go ahead and set out. If anyone is from around this area, they could take the lead." Shelby was a complete foreigner, thus getting there may take forever under her navigational lead.

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Location: Cesimir's Estate ----> Traveling to Grog's Cave
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Fox nodded towards Cesimir, the large wolf like beast stood there with a sort of human-like intelligence as it watched. He walked over to it and motioned it to follow and was writing a note again. If it was intelligent than whether or not it could talk, he could at least understand. Fox gave Shelby the more he had just finished.

"Miss Sheub, the large wolf creature is to be escorted off the premises of the Estate, else it will be destroyed by Cesimir's Security. What happens to it is none of our concern, still I believe it to be intelligent so try speaking to it. I want to see if it can speak back, and if so I'm curious as to what it plans to do. If it wishes to aid our quest then very well, if not then we part ways from it. Our current goal is to make the Troll a productive citizen, so if it wishes to join us then by all means explain this to the wolf."

With that out of the way Fox pulled out the map, and began leading everyone to where Grog's Cave would be.


Behind Your Chair
Location: Cesimir's estate (again)
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Shriandriath the Debased Maiden
The arrival of the archmage did little to inspire warmth or the unnatural charm the Debased Maiden was capable of. The antipathy seemed entirely mutual, though she faked a reasonably good smile for the sake of politeness. Besides Azhi needed a good example.

Her commitment to keeping a good example was immediately tested as Cesimir revealed how seemingly pointless their hurry had been. She listened to his instructions and, at his invocation of practicing empathy, the Succubus tilted her head an inch, acknowledging the effort. "A good start," Shri said after being asked her opinion. "I'd like something small to ease my son into the life. Just give us the address and we'll be on our way. Assuming the schedule has time for me to go home and dress in something a little more appropriate?"

The Archmage's gaze at her apron, and thus her ample charms, passed without comment or even notice. It's simply something men did.


The God-Emperor of Mankind

Cesimir [NPC] - Ludenwick Estate

Cesimir stretched his hand to the right, and a paper manifested in it, a marked map attached to it. He handed it to her - the paper was a copy of the quest assignment and the map was a map of the capital, with a single marked spot in the south-western wing. "Luthandriel offered these attachments. Since this mission assumes there will be no conflict, and there will be no other special circumstances that requisition extra aid, I'm not offering any items like potions."

Cesimir prepared to walk away, but she stopped him by asking about the apron. "As for your clothes, do as you please, but this task has to be finished by tomorrow morning. Every daily quest we fail to fulfill is a yellow mark on this team's record."

Azhi Armitage // Cesimir [NPC] - Ludenwick Estate

"Hey, why do you feel anxiety at the idea of getting bad grades?" Azhi asked Cesimir, drawing the archmage's attention. "You got all messy when you said 'fail.' Like you're anxious about the idea of it. Some kind of fear of failure?"

There was a dangerous silence, and Cesimir seemingly emanated a bit of killing intent with a sharpened glare, that caused Azhi some distress when he looked at the boy.

Instead, he went off-tangent in a seemingly non-threatening direction: "Not exactly of failure, no, but something else and something far more intrinsic." Cesimir paused, giving him time to think. "Reading people's emotions can be seen as rude, I think. I'm not sure. I don't really care if you read my emotions - but if you see my aura start freaking out suddenly, stop using the ability or you'll be risking death or worse. It's a one in a trillion chance, but the risk exists. You risked that same thing yesterday when trying to overanalyze me. Do you understand what I just said?"

Azhi nodded sheepishly, sneaking a glance to see his mother's reaction.

"Good." Cesimir looked forward again and walked off. In a perfunctory voice, he said, "I'm looking forward to your mission's accomplishment. Well, not really, but you know how it is."

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Bethany Evelyn - "The Arcanist Absolute" Armitage

Evelyn sat quietly in her room having gotten up quite early. It wasn't usual for the half succubus, taking the time and effort to clean herself up and to ensure she looked her best. She wasn't one to settle for anything yes the visually stunning when it came to others gazing upon her. It was enough to likely make one suspect she had a thing for seducing others. It was perhaps a bit humorous to realize despite attempting to look attractive she sought it much more for admiration rather then lustful gazes. It was perhaps almost a sense of strange naivety for her to not think it wouldn't draw such a gaze to her. Even with her focus on pampering herself up in the morning to ensure she looked her best, another element to her early waking was for the sake of study, an old elvish tome resting in her hands with a thin pair of glasses resting lightly upon her nose. The thin spectacles themselves weren't use to simply read the text, but rather to expand upon the contents of the book to read more then what a normal viewing of the book would allow someone to see. A clever way to avoid prying eyes from reading knowledge about magic who weren't meant to see such things.

Evelyn heard a rather loud thwack sound as the 'pigeon' smacked into a barrier she had used to not only block the view into her room but also to prevent someone from trying to slip in. She wanted to limit the chances of the showoff archmage from causing some other dumb trouble to try and make himself off as being some great wizard. She moved to the window glancing down to see the capsule that was left behind. She waved her hand causing the window to open as she levitated it up to take it in her hand. She opened it looking in to see the note and the ring that must of been used to teleport them to the manner. He is probably attempting to try and throw an insult at me as if I can't muster something as basic as teleportation. She looked at the ring with suspicion before shaking her head. Being such a stuck up egotistical clown he is though it likely leads to a particular area though in the manner so I suppose its best to simply use it rather then teleport in... I could of at least appeared in a far more fashionable manner.

Evelyn blinked suddenly remember something else as she looked at the window seeing Faust's skull as she hovered it up. She had nearly forgot part of the reason for the barrier was also to try and mute is annoying belittling prattle. Dumb skull acting like a know it all as if he was some talented lich or something. No way someone who was foolish enough to find himself as just a skull was remotely knowledgeable about magic, he likely prattled off about stuff he read in some book at some point to make it sound like he knew what he was talking about. Given his need to insult her instead of praising her in her mind meant he was just some faker not being able to spot her absolute brilliance as a arcanist.

"I suppose you would want to come to be annoying once again and pretend you know what you are talking about. You are lucky someone so talented like myself allows you to travel with me, maybe you can pick up a few things along the way for when you might one day stumble upon a body." She spoke with a rather high degree of arrogance about her mostly as a way of getting at him. "Hopefully this dumb ring works for both of us, it's probably a half-cocked teleportation ring that wasn't even thought all the way through. I'd just teleport us there myself but that children's birthday party magician probably has it teleporting somewhere specific that will be a hassle to get to." She spoke as she hovered the wing up in the air not fair from Faust's skull in the other before the two were teleported off in front of the manner.

"I should of just teleported here, I could of made a far more thematic en...." She spoke mostly to herself and perhaps to some part the floating Faust next to her as her eyes came upon her mother wearing the most ridiculous wardrobe complete with 'kiss the cook' only making an already lame outfit that much lamer. It wasn't hard to see the cheeks of the nineteen year old turned red as complete humiliation filled her. It felt as if her mother was out to spite her and embarrass her. No matter how much she tried she was there finding new and better ways to make it look that much more lame. Her little brother was enough to have tagging along but to take such a wardrobe there. She looked away awkwardly as if attempting the strategy 'don't make eye contact and its like she isn't there'. Sure she could use a simple invisibility spell to hide but such embarrassment would only make the spell fizzle and fail unable to hide such an aura of sheer humiliation. Her eyes shifted seeing a few others from the other day, along with some she couldn't recall from the other day though she mostly kept quiet not wanting to speak up or stand out until her mother hopefully left without noticing her.

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Sheub "Shelby" Mangoza
Travelling to find Grog

Shelby read the note and looked over to the wolf. Oh geez. I gotta talk to a wolf now, Shelby rolled her eyes at the thought. If she could talk to a badger like it was her puppy (Honey was most definitely her little badger puppy), she could do this with a potentially wild animal known to prey on even humans if needed and hunt in packs, right? This wolf was packless right now, right? If not, that would certainly suck as they'd have to take on a pack of wolves. She'd rip apart that entire pack if they tried to hurt her little Aegis! She was making up scenarios and mentally responding to them............

She looked over to the wolf and shifted to move near it when Fox motioned for it to follow. "You must leave this place. Otherwise, you'll be attacked." Shelby sort of held out her hand to try and beckon the wolf. "Come with us." It felt awkward to ask an animal if it could speak. What would she say to him.......or her? Was it an animal or was it something like a shapeshifter? Who knew. Whatever, she just needed to come out and SAY IT. "Can you speak or understand me?" Shelby didn't really know whether to expect the wolf to speak or not.

@Archdemon @Birdsie @June Verles @IamNotLoki

The giant wolf, after being approached by both the masked man and the orc lady, finally realized that this place was not where he must stay. Especially after hearing that he would get attacked should he remain here. Perhaps his presence was not welcome here, thought he never expected it to be. So, Markus got back up on his feet, and nodded at the words of the orc lady.

"If that is what is best.", he said with a slight nod. "Then I shall follow you and your companions."

And with that, he began to walk, headed towards the group. He'd follow behind them, unless urged to do otherwise.

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Location: Cessy's Mansion >>> Towards Grog's Domain
Goal: Survive and finish Cesimir's task
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"...If you need, you can stay with me. If the troll tries to hurt you, I will always protect you." Aegis heard the orc woman say. The young dark elf blushed and looked down at her feet. A slight feeling of shame crept up the girl's mind. Everyone here look so strong... If I am going to be an adventurer, then I need to be strong too...

She looked up at Shelby and nodded strongly, throwing awry her silver hair as she did so. "I will... try not to get in the way. I'm sorry, I know I'm not supposed to be here... it's just... this man..." She tried to explain.

Aegis gasped as a huge wolf appeared from the corner of her eye... it was there all along! She took two steps back to give the beast some space. The orc woman bravely got between the wolf and Aegis. Aegis looked at the woman's back with admiration. "An adventurer... I need to be an adventurer like her," She whispered to herself. I need to be brave.

The young elf gasped when she heard the giant wolf talk. It's voice was gruff but serene... "You're.... kind of... cute..." She said as she looked at the beast with eyes of wonder.

Hearing the words of the dark elf, the wolf's gaze slightly turned towards her. It would seem that this young elven child isn't even prepared for whatever task lies ahead of them. While it has been a while since Markus has been in contact with other sapient lifeforms, he still deed feel the urge to socialize, like what a beast would in a pack. But, he opted not to do such.

Instead, he simply replied to the girl's comment. "Cute is a not a word to describe a beast, such as me.", he huffed. "It is for little things. Admirable things. Ones like you, child."

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Faust Windfallow
Just Like, Permanently Floating Next To Evelyn | @Hanarei (And everyone else, but it looks like Evelyn kinda just wants all the attention, so I'll refrain from tagging anyone else to make her feel better about herself.)

Faust wasn't very happy Evelyn, in her supreme ignorance, failed to see any sort of benefit to herself in his advice. What he was even less happy about, however, was the fact that she had literally left him right outside the window, before promptly shutting him off with some shabby, cheaply-made barrier. Seriously, give him half a page of some shitty tome, and a frying pan and Faust reckoned he could break the piece of crap into a thousand little smithereens. He groaned out in complete, defeated irritation as Evelyn finally lifted the barrier, and let the skull float inside. And no less than mere seconds after that, the annoying girl was already on to another flame war with Faust over her absolutely stunningly undeniable and incredible talent as a magic-caster.

Though, in Faust's head, he did admit to himself that besides the attitude, the girl would probably have a decent aptitude for magic. Well, at least as decent as standards go nowadays. Seriously, the average qualifications for a mage were so damn pathetic that it made Faust want to burn down the workings of mortals and rebuild it ground-up... Needless to say, he was more than appalled by what mortals considered 'powerful' nowadays. Which talented Arcanist back in his day couldn't at least disintegrate a city with a single spell? And this girl as the gall to tell him she was a master of the arcane art.

His mind drifted back to the matter at hand, as he began formulating an acceptable rebuttal to the cambion's infuriatingly condescending comments. "Well excuse me, but I do not need to learn jackshit from you, miss doggy bondage kinkypants. What the fuck are you even reading?! You may as well learn more from pornography than this shitty tome!" Even Faust himself admitted though, that resorting to such vulgar insults seemed rather low. However, he was the type of person who couldn't give two shits about honor and chivalry, and thus when presented with an opening, would exploit it relentlessly. And unfortunately, Faust had judged that despite being half-succubus, the young Evelyn was likely inexperienced with the... succubus side of things, and thus a flashing red weak spot to mercilessly attack.

"Truly, as expected of the daughter of a succubus," he chirped on. "You must spend aaaaaages on that getup, amirite or am I right? Seriously, why the fuck do you leave the top open?! It looks like you're a complete and utter clutz, and forgotten to do up your buttons or some shit. Or some fucking prostitute showing off their goods... You probably enjoy this, don't you? Walking outside in your skimpy clothing and squirming in glee at the lecherous gaze of creeps! Faust began to make disapproving, clicking noises as he continued his critique of Evelyn's choice of wardrobe. "And what's with those goddamned ribbons tied to your wrists? I don't even want to guess what weird reasoning you have behind them... And do I even need to begin on the impracticality of those?! There exists a thing called robes, and believe it or not, they have a practical use." Faust however, was not bothered to give the ignorant, Frederican arcanist a rundown on why cloaks or robes are a better option than whatever the fuck clothes she was wearing if one could even call them that.

"No, those rings are very well made. Better than what you could do." Faust's comments probably fell on deaf ears as Evelyn teleported both herself and the skull to the manor, before making some sort of comment about how she would have preferred to make a flashier entrance or something of the sort.

"What is the point of a flashy entrance? A complete waste of mana! Besides, a mage must be as inconspicuous as possible, as to not draw attention while casting. Flashy lightshows are a privilege of the powerful and believe me, you, stupid girl, are nowhere near the level where you can cast giant, flashy spells before getting utterly fucked by the enemy." It took Faust a while to notice that Evelyn was not listening, but it became blatant as he noticed her bright-red cheeks. Staring at something in the distance with eyes full of eldritch horror. Faust turned to the direction she was facing, and lo and behold, even his jaws dropped wide open. So wide in fact, that his lower jaw completely detached and fell to the ground.

It took Faust a few seconds to recover, after witnessing and attempting to comprehend the sight before him. He'd seen the succubus before, but it was her outfit that completely bamboozled the elder lich. "What the fuck?!" He screamed out in a mix of horror and disdain (god knows how he is doing it without his lower jaw). "Is this what men are into nowadays?! What in the nine hells is wrong with this generation?! That thing there is your mother, isn't it! It is, isn't it?! So your -whatever- mental illness does run in the family! Your mother is a total fuckwit, and you're a nutcase!"

As Faust slurred out a string of insults, his thoughts wandered elsewhere. Something seemed... off. What day was it today? It was a work-day, wasn't it?

It suddenly hit him.

Shit. His shop was meant to be open today.

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