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Fandom Octopath Traveler Group RP

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Octopath Traveler was my favourite game from last year, and I've been left wanting more ever since I finished the 80 hour long story mode. So, I think it'd be neat if we were able to band together 8 people to roleplay each of the different characters. I call dibs on Cyrus, he's just my favourite (I'm a sucker for Magic Sherlock). Reply below if you're interested, and which character you'd like to play. I only ask that you have a decent grasp on your character's personality, and portray them well.

As for plot, the 8 of them will have already met, and we'll follow some non-canon adventures. I'll see what I can come up with while waiting for replies, or if anyone else had an idea for a plot, feel free to message me!


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If there is 1 more player interested we should just start as a party of 4, and leave the other characters open. Bump.

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