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Fandom Octopath Traveler ◘Canon x OC◘


The Almighty Panda Eyes
Hi! So recently got back into playing, and I know the game is kinda niche so I'm not expecting this to go very far tbh but I had to try. I'm dying to work on something Octopath related, please, someone hear my prayers v-v


So, right off the bat, I'm into Canon x OC pairings and doubling. Happy to write whatever you want for your end, but this tends to be my preference for me.
On that note, I also prefer MxF for myself as well -- again, willing to write anything for you <3

I tend to be very wordy, but can't give any concrete numbers. Think multi-paragraph, sometimes reaching novella length if I'm feeling particularly awesome that day.
I ask for a decent grasp on the English language, but we're not writing essays for grades; we're here for fun :D

No real limits for myself, but tell me yours! I don't wanna make you uncomfortable.
I've got ADHD. My mind is all over the place, and sometimes I forget to check this site. Frankly, Discord may be better to keep in contact with me -- I'm happy to give this at request!


I've got a few running ideas to go with, but, overall, the biggest is following along (as loosely or tightly as we want) the main plot, but tie them in more together than they are in the story. My biggest gripe with the game is that the individual plotlines stay individual and the other main characters never really get involved or have any big talk with each other. We can either have the full party of eight, or pick our favorites to go with, but any sort of idea in the world of Octopath Traveler would be amazing to me!

Onto characters, I feel I should be able to write as just about anyone - Therion and Olberic may be my best, though I've never had the chance to do anyone, I feel I could pull them off well enough. For myself, I'd ask that you write for Cyrus for me - I love the doofus. Big Nerd Energy over there lol

Love to hear yours <3


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