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Fandom Oc x canon Interest extravaganza{Always Open!}

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Hiya, the names Delilah! I'm currently looking for oc x canon roleplays. I'm 100% open to doubling, and I'm not too picky on what characters I can play for you. I just tend to tone down harsher characters like Byakuya since I feel bad if they become too harsh.

Here's some of my rules:

• Please be 18+, I am 18 and in now way uncomfortable roleplaying with someone under 18

•Please be patient with me if I take a long time to respond. I'm a college freshmen with ADHD and slow processing so I taking longer to fully come up with a decent response or I have class work

• 3 sentences minimum. It's a little easier for me to process with my own writing

•OOC chats are great! I love getting to know my partners, especially for plotting, talking about ocs, any of that

•I'm not picky with plots but I'm terrible at writing pyschicar fight scenes and horror. It's not op but I just can't figure out how to write decent and equal responses.

Here's the fandoms and canons I'm interested in having my ocs interact with!
❤=Interested but not craving

💖Avatar the last airbender - Zuko

❤Boku no hero academia/My hero academia - Hawks, Tamaki

💖Danganronpa(THH to v3) - Kazuichi, Hajime, Rantaro, Korekiyo

💖Free!! Iwatobi swim club - Rin

💖Haikyuu - Kuroo, Suga

❤Jojo's bizarre adventure(2-5) - Caesar, Jotaro(part 4), Abbacchio

❤Obey me - Beelzebub, Mammon

❤Ouran highschool host club - Tamaki

❤Osomatsu-san - Choromatsu

PM me if you're interested in any of these!
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ooh, as my pfp may tell you i'm totally keen for a ocxzuko rp!! do you usually play canon? i'm not very good with male characters (i am a loser, I know haha)
I'm loving the Azula pfp lol. I can play canon, I usually only do for doubling up.(It's totally okay lol depending on who it is I'm not the best either)

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