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travelling satelite
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I need to dump them somewhere and I lost my art dump thread >_>;;;

BNHA son Kageji Kotarou

BNHA daughter Hikiri Mano

My son Shigenori Tora

Insignia Memes Part 1
My snake daughter Ophelia

Troublemaker Keith
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Shige is gay for Kaede? Then again, you can't always trust Takeshi's resources and Meiko is probably just screwing with them...maybe. :3c


travelling satelite
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i love my snake daughter dont judge me
also a sneak peek of the meme I've spent 10 hrs+ working on I just want to die already


The Forgettor
oh what's this helloOO ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Congrats you have a new stalker follower now!
I'll be waiting for more to come ( ◞・౪・) in the bushes over there

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