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Fantasy OC High Fantasy Plots - Adventure Focused - Edited to be more coherent

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do not touch the ouch stick it will ouch you thank
If you are just looking for a partner to do some high fantasy stuff for your own idea, please just tell me you're interested, and I won't feel bad for not doing my plots.

About Me
I am an 18 year old male and I have been roleplaying for about 10 years. My experience comes from a variety of places, ranging from DnD, Group Roleplays, 1x1 Roleplays, genres from Fantasy to Scifi, and so on. I typically write 200-500 words per response, though my responses will usually reflect the length of yours, so if you type about 600 words, I will probably come pretty close to 600 words. Since small responses are boring for me, I prefer to find a partner who can type about that length, which is usually only two paragraphs.
I am active daily, and can reply at least once a day, but I take any opportunity to do multiple. I am looking for a partner that can also respond at least once daily, but this isn't a requirement. Every other day is also fine.
In conversation, I'm a lot more relaxed than how I am typing now. I'm not so stiff, I'm just trying to make a good first impression. I'm also pretty vulgar when we get to chatting. I enjoy talking OOC and will often ask how your day is going because I care.
The Setting
My plots are all based in the world of "Gyonmar," which I've been working on for about 5 years. Ironically, it's not very flushed out, so I can't give you any resources, but if you'd like to indulge in what the world is comprised of, I'll be able to deliver. Just keep in mind that it isn't necessary to know all about this world for us to be able to participate in it. It is a high-fantasy world, where magic is pervasive anywhere you go, and everything has a soul. There are many important figures that I have created in this world, and many of them have interactions with another person, leading to significant results. These characters are what I designed the plots around.
The Plots
Italicized is my character. This isn't flexible.
Feel free to bring an image or a physical description of your character. I will provide the description of the character upon dicussion.


Delilah Orbweaver used to be a regular garden spider, but was gifted by the Earth-Mother with the form of humanoids. One day, she was guided by the vague pulse of the Earth-Mother with a sense of urgency, and following the pulse she came across a Wanderer in the Forest. This Wanderer was once part of some kind of civilization, perhaps tribal, perhaps city, but now travels the world with their skill in combat, be it blade, arrow, or the arcane. It somehow becomes an uneasy alliance that the Earth-Mother deemed necessary, and they are sent on a mission that neither knows very clearly.
- - - - - -
The Earth-Mother is the deity for the Druids, who very rarely is capable of communicating beyond these mysterious pulses, and never with any known language.
If you have a fear of spiders, Delilah can instead be a Dryad - a wooden creature that still has a humanoid form.
Wizard Teacher/Apprentice (Apprentice Apprentice alternate)

If romance is desired, it must be with the Apprentice/Apprentice alternate.
The Apprentice is an excellent student, with an incredible intellect and one of the most insatiable curiosities that the Teacher has ever witnessed. However, because of their naivety and curiosity, they begin to be interested in dark magic, and constantly attempt to justify its use and benefits. The teacher disagrees with this sentiment extremely, and does their best to divert the student from that path.
+ + + Apprentice/Apprentice Alternate + + +
Apprentice1 (the one mentioned above) has been intrigued by dark magic for quite some time, however, finds that its difficult to find someone to even discuss it with, so they turn to their friend, Apprentice2. Apprentice2 could be enthusiastic about it, or they could try to prevent them from going too deep - or perhaps going in at all. Either way, Apprentice1 makes a misjudgement with the dark magic, and ends up with a mental impairment that Apprentice2 believes can be guided to salvation.
- - - - - -
If the roleplay here is played as given here, this will probably be relatively short/medium term, getting done within a couple months if we post daily. If we discuss and take some other liberties with the roleplay, maybe burning it slowly, or playing multiple characters, then perhaps we can make it last longer. I see the alternate definitely having that potential of being longer, and perhaps more interesting than the Teacher/Apprentice. However, given how I imagine it, I think it'd be preferable for at least one of us to play multiple characters, which I certainly don't mind doing.
Spy/Commoner (flexible pairing)

Guild Da'romz is fronted as a guild of Jewelers, Tailors, and Artists, however, it participates in deadly Machiavellian politics. The Spy was typically assigned covert missions to gather information, sabotage, and rarely to assassinate. They possess an affinity for magic, and have been nicknamed "The Spellknife" by those outside of the profession. They are never hired by anyone outside of Da'romz.
The Commoner (or perhaps other role) is a nosey person and manages to gather much information in the world of underground politics. As such, they've gained connections to this world without managing to drag themselves too deep, until, of course, they did.
The Spy confronts the Commoner in secret, and after some debate, the Commoner gets roped into the world of crime under the guide and responsibility of the Spy.
- - - - - -
This is a weaker plot, and is an attempt to make some of the lore I made for this world RP-Able.
The commoner role can be adjusted. It could be something like Noble, or perhaps the plot itself changes and becomes a Partner in Crime (or even Rival in Crime, ooo).

As stated above, I am open to your plots that you've been thinking about or have been craving. Just let me know about them and I'm happy to oblige.

The Romance?!
If you want romance, I'm perfectly happy to include that into these roleplays. They were never intended to be romances, they can just be easily converted into such.
I am open to LGBTQ characters and pairings, though I struggle with FxF, as it is completely foreign to me.

If you're interested, you can either post in the thread or DM here on RPNation (you don't have to ask or have my approval to do so.) My preferred method of communication and RP is Discord (available on my profile), but if you want to RP here, that's perfectly fine. I just ask that you message me whenever you send your response, as I will almost certainly forget to check the website.
Thank you for reading my post, and I hope to hear from you soon.
really, I don't normally type this stiff!
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Get Bumped, kid.
Edit: Also, if there's anything in my post that puts you off, please give me feedback about what I can improve or what you think about the post.I appreciate it, negative or positive.
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do not touch the ouch stick it will ouch you thank
Check it out. This is gonna be hilarious.
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Hey, I might be interested in a roleplay with you. I'd gladly play a wandering magus, much like a hedge wizard roaming the world to put his skills to good cause. Oh, and the guy has a very good reason to wander the world.
No romance, but deep friendship, if that's a theme you like.


do not touch the ouch stick it will ouch you thank
Now, with some pizazz this time.


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Hey I'm interested although i do have my own idea i'd like to throw your way. I'm a huge high fantasy nut

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