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Fandom OC and canon character sheets for Manhatten Hero high au



Fandom roleplayer
S.TORM S.TORM i have regret to inform you the rper for dick wants to rejoin the group as they havent been getting notified about the replies

Is there anyone else in mind you like to join as for student?

If u still want to be dick i know one other place i have that needs nightwing


Fandom roleplayer
kind of forgot what i was going to do but i have been feeling a hero mood lately
You may have any choice of student from canon to oc

The only taken ones are:
Dick grayson
Bruce wayne
Clint barton
Mr freeze
Oliver queen
Steve rogers
Scarlet witch


No lights please
Wait the update is affecting you too?
I thought it was just me.....
I cant do anything with the three dot options unless i zoom out

Maybe mention it on the bug thread there might be others with the same issue as us
I will certainly do so. I also thought it was an issue on my end.

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