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Multiple Settings OC aficionado looking for writing partners

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Darth Seneca

New Member
Hello there!

The player highlights:
  • I am hoping to find short and or long term roleplaying partners.
  • I am new to this site and have been roleplaying for 10+ years.
  • I am 21+ and would be more comfortable if you were. Strictly 18+.
  • I will not be super active every day and I do not expect you to be either.
  • I always rp a female and enjoy rping with all spectrums of gender.
  • I will be playing OC’s about 99% of the time but OCxCanon is cool beans.
  • I will play NPCs as needed and so can you.
  • I enjoy psychological, philosophical, horror, thriller, noir and action themes.
  • I expect our word counts to fluctuate just like inspiration does.
  • I like character driven stories.
  • I also like lists.

Now on to my proposals. Please note that these are not written in stone. Simply written. All settings and ideas are negotiable to accommodate your own story and world building if necessary.

FANDOM SETTINGS ( some with OCs )

Star Wars TOR
OC#1: A Sith Diplomat known for extravagant parties in some parts of the galaxy and the perversion of nature through sorcerous means in others.
OC#2: A Sith Assassin known for her cybernetic research and development and a nasty left hook.
OC#3: An Imperial Agent who may or may not currently be undercover.
OC#4: Open

Blade Runner
OC#1: A Replicant with a chaotic and explosive agenda.
OC#2: A rookie Blade Runner with something to prove.
OC#3: A human who gets caught up in something bigger than her.
OC#4: Open

OC#1: A young and promising medic starting her worldly adventures.
OC#2: Open

OC: Open ( never roleplayed in this setting but would love to try! )
Canon: Nebula


Battle Of The Beyond ( Magic, Medieval/Steampunk ) premise:

The world was nearly destroyed by magic thousands of years ago in what is
known as the Battle of the Beyond. In their anger and grief, the many races
banded together and purged their world of Mages, the ones who wielded the
power. Throughout the years, Mages have been hunted down and eradicated
wherever they showed up and revealed their hand. But now, an old and powerful
Mage stirs from her slumber, looking into a world much different than the one she
was born into. Will she run into friends or foes? And who is to say it was only her
that awoke...


Heroes of Andromeda ( Advanced Tech, Space ) premise:

After surviving its growing space, the Earth’s civilization achieved faster-than-light
space travel through the use of artificial wormholes. They have established
colonies throughout the Milky Way galaxy where a host of different alien races
were met. Some friendly and some not so much. With new developments in their
wormhole technologies that have extended their reach, humankind now sets their
sights on the Andromeda galaxy, sending some of their finest on a mission of
Exploration, research… and defense if need be.

MODERN ( Fantastical/Fiction ) SETTING

In Plain Sight ( Mafia, Aliens ) premise:

A turf war between three criminal organizations has begun in the city of Atlanta,
giving the authorities plenty of bodies to put away in their morgues. One of these
organizations, known only as the Hudson Hounds, has taken the lead in this
great expansion of territory. Not just due to their dedicated soldiers, but also
because of one of their lieutenants who has an impeccable record when it comes
to getting the job done and disposing of the evidence. A professional with no
records of her existence, no paper trail and no attachments to this world other
than her love for coffee, drugs and heavy metal music. A lost soul who has found
herself on a planet that is unaware of the existence of other beings, taking
human form and doing exactly what she had been put in the prison planet
Caledus for many, many years ago.

If interested, please don't hesitate to send me a message.
Saw an OC you would like to bring to one of your worlds?
Don't hesitate to ask about that too!

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