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Fandom Oakwood Hero Academy - Interest Check

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Action, Anime, School, Super Powers


Supernatural Rights Activist
After a hiatus from rpn, I'm back and hopefully better at rp. Feels good to be back!
This RP will take place in a MHA AU where the events of the manga/anime don't happen, in around the same time-frame/generation. The events will follow the students, teachers and enemies of Oakwood Hero Academy: a school comparable to UA situated in the UK (or the US/Japan, depending on player vote). The students of this academy will be of highschool age (14-18) and training to become licensed, government-sanctioned, superheroes.

- No 18+ content. Non-sexual relationships and 'fade to black' for adult characters are permitted, though practice caution.
- No discrimination or slurs of any kind ooc. Just don't do it. This extends to just a simple rule: respect your fellow players.
- No godmodding, metagaming or anything of the sort (autohitting etc.)
- One may have as many characters as desired, again subject to change.
- Other rules may be added at my discretion.

Please vote in the poll at the top of OOC, mes copains!
Open for business until I say otherwise!
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Supernatural Rights Activist
Thanks for all the interest, though making this right before I went to sleep probably wasn't smart. I'll get started on a CS thread, mes amis.


Fern Queen
Sounds fun! Though I am curious why there is a character limit?
I don't mind actually, it just seems random to me so I was curious if you had reasoning for it.


Supernatural Rights Activist
CeriseFern CeriseFern I just wanted to make sure everyone got a chance to RP in one of the more limited roles, like Students are probably Max 20-30 focusing on 1 or 2 classes and villains shouldn't be too common. I'm considering switching away from that, though, and just allowing as many characters as one can be active with.

On that note, yes everyone is free to join, OOC and CS threads are up and open.


Supernatural Rights Activist
I'm interested! I made a hero cs. If I hv time tomorrow I'll see if I can make a good villain cs I'll just have to start from scratch and that will take I while.

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