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Fear is a garden, fertile as Eden before the Fall.
heyo, i'm dulcet. i'm looking for a few writing partners.

i am pretty bad at making threads and lists and pretty posts and all of that, so i'm going
to leave this thread very simple, pretty plain, not too exciting, but it will get the point
across, i assure you~

my main points i want to get across are as follows:

-i'm super ditch friendly
-i'm really chill, i won't freak out on you
-i would like something long term
-i love angst, drama, grit, dark themes, controversial topics, emotion
-i don't rp over threads
-i am active, but not every single day

▷ guidelines

» if you are a stickler about word counts, i may not be the one for you. depending on my
mood and how inspired i am, i can write a little bit or a ton. i am not a one-liner hater! one-liners
are usually looked at negatively, and while i don't want them used too much throughout the
role-play, i really wouldn't mind a few here and there, as long as they are moving the plot along.
same with time-skips, i don't mind them. just not too much of either of these things and we should be great.

» characters and pairings. i love the use of multiple characters in a role-play. i will play
male or female. i will double, because i love doing it. i will have side characters, probably. if you prefer
we stick with two main characters, let me know. i'll role-play m/f relationships, f/f relationships,
but, of course, we don't have to involve romance at all if you don't wish it.

» everyone makes mistakes. which is why i won't flip my shit if you make a grammatical error, spelling
error, or otherwise. we aren't perfect. so i don't expect perfect writing. you're good.

» limits can kind of be tricky sometimes. personally, i don't have any. i like writing out action, gore,
romance, etc. controlling my character is something i don't overly enjoy, but if you need to do it to make
the scene work out, that's okay, as long as you let me know beforehand so i'm not confused. let's
just not over do it. your limits, however, i will totally respect and follow if you have anything in particular you
don't like, you just have to make sure you tell me because otherwise i'll obviously have no idea lol.

▷ interests ( in no particular order)

» country x city
» game of thrones (convince me)
» harry potter (OCs or canon) ( blood purist x muggle born )
» adopted siblings/step siblings
» mythical creature x human
» royal x rebel / captor x captive
» stockholm syndrome
» vampires
» possessed x savior
» ghosts/imaginary friends
» twisted
fairy tales
» arranged marriages
» addictions
» road trips
» criminals/runaways
» age gaps (legal ones)
» fantasy ( modern / medieval )
» good x bad / enemy x enemy
» student x teacher (must be convinced)
» slice of life
» post apocalyptic ( disease / nuclear / zombies )

i am open to your plots and ideas! definitely!
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Hello! I was wondering if you would be interested in any of these topics: zombies, vampires, high school, rich/poor (not medieval per say, but not modern), arranged marriage (same as rich/poor), and more possibilities.


Depressed Individual with a heart of gold
» roommates / apartments / families / neighborhoods
» schools
» single parents / pregnancies / married x single
These have peeked(Peeked? Peaked? Oh well.) my interest, would love to get some writing done with you, feel free to PM me!


Light Me Up, Watch Me Burn
Hello, I'd be interested in RPing with you/brainstorming ideas! Here are some of my prompts if you're interested or we can do one of yours that you're interested in. Can't wait to hear from you. :D

Because my account is fairly new I can't PM you so I request for right now that you PM me first, thanks!


*makes screaming llama noises*
I'd be interested :D especially in an arranged marriages idea.
I have a couple of world settings and stuff that can happen within them that I'd love to show you as well (:

Willow Tree

Gotta kill this love, before it kills you too!
» country x city
» mythical creature x human
» royal x rebel / captor x captive
» stockholm syndrome
» twisted fairytales
» arranged marriages
» addictions
» summer camps
» criminals/runaways
» fantasy ( modern / medieval )
» good x bad / enemy x enemy
» therapist x patient
» struggling bands making it big / young band touring for the first time
» roommates / apartments / families / neighborhoods
» schools
» post apocalyptic ( disease / nuclear / zombies )
I'm fine with doing anything with these!

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