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Action, Adventure, Dystopian, Horror, Magical, Mystery, Supernatural


Tropically Grown Trash
! W E L C O M E !

Wanna rp with me? I have many universes! If you think you like one, message me and we can plot something out!

♥ I have 13 years of role-play experience!
♥ I prefer to roleplay with experienced rpers :)
♥ I tend to rp using paragraphs
♥ I haven't fourm rp'd in awhile, so I'm sorry if I'm rusty!
♥ All art you see of my characters has been commissioned by me or drawn by me. Do not claim the art or characters as your own. Thanks!
♥ None of my original characters are open for a romantic relationship, if you're interested in a romantic rp I can create a new character!

--------------------------- ORIGINAL ROLEPLAYS -------------------------
I don't usually roleplay canon characters, because I'm super anxious that I will mess up a character's personality or something. So if you do wanna rp a certain fandom, I would much prefer rping as a original character. I usually tend to roleplay original plots though. I would prefer to plot out the roleplay before we jump in, so that I know what to expect in the rp. I can roleplay MxM, FxF, or MxF! I can roleplay any gender, and prefer to RP in Thread but I will happily rp in PMs if you are more comfortable doing that! When I get an rp idea for a plot, I'll write it here. If you're interested, just send me a message!

Vampire or Werewolf x Vampire or Werewolf or Human
Animal Shifter x Human
Furry Roleplays

Detailed Plot Ideas

You roleplay a human scientist, who has been working at an underground facility. Your facility tend to test on creatures that the world doesn't know about, and kept hidden. Some of these tests seem inhumane, and you tend to avoid those since they make you feel sick. However, you've been taking interest in a certain monster recently. This monster is held in a large tank, and swims around. You two interact through the glass, and typically you sit against the glass and talk to it during your lunch period since you don't hang out with your coworkers much. One day, the sirens blast and the announcement gets out that said creature has escaped. You decide whether to help the creature escape, or try to kill/capture it before it does.

-------------------------- MY ORIGINAL WORLDS -----------------------

Setting: Medieval
Genre: Mythical Magic, D&D/Skyrim Inspired
Theme Song:

Located in this world, there lays a huge kingdom.. This kingdom is named ‘Draygea’, and in Draygea is a land of humans granted shape shifting abilities. When a human is born in this world, what they shapeshift into is determined by their parents. If their parents are completely different species such as a cat and a dog, their offspring will be 50/50 cat and dog. If two cat shifters have children, the children's shift will be a cat with the genetics of their parents like a normal feral cat pairing. The Mythical Creature shifts are very rare and are only seen in the Draygea family line. Due to this, there is no shortage to their power and sway over society. Their influence over society went unchecked when it was used to mock and belittle those below them. Those who couldn't afford rent were forced out of their homes and robbed of any social status they had. With no means of securing land nor property, the poor were forced into slavery, where they could only beg for work and pray they’d be paid at all for their services. These people were nicknamed 'The Shunned', for if you didn't wear nice clothes or have the nicest haircut you were shunned from society. Despite all of this, 'The Shunned' seemed to try to keep up their hopes with stories. In the dark of the night, hiding in alleys and hovering around fires, they told stories filled with hope and equality. However, a common story was told time and time again. This legend held the smallest scrap of memory of a time before hate plagued their kingdom, and even held a possible explanation to how they got to where they were. A time when all shared equal rights and equal opportunities.

Once upon a time, Draygea was led by a fair king and queen who bore the shape of a human, but were capable of so much more. They were Mythical Shifters; a rare blood-line of humans who could shift into Mythical Creatures to protect their kingdom, but the stories are never consistent on what shapes the royal family were capable of. The one thing that never changes from story to story, is the king and queen who were overwhelmingly compassionate for their subjects. The King and Queen saw to everyone’s issues and ensured that peace and prosperity were available to everyone no matter what was in their pockets. Their compassion never knew an equal for their two beautiful daughters; Asseneth and Naraka. These fair maidens were born but a few years apart, yet their personalities couldn’t be any more different. The oldest daughter, Asseneth, was a cold poised young woman who was cursed with the responsibility to fill their mother and father’s shoes in their absence. Meanwhile, the younger daughter, Naraka, was as much a child as any other. She was unaffected by their status nor her title of princess. The two were destined for a pleasant life along with the rest of the kingdom. That is, until fate saw to weave a new tapestry for this world. During a regularly planned parade celebrating the anniversary of another year of peace, fate’s barbed arrow pierced the breast of the queen. No one saw the assailant, no one was charged with the crime and no one came forth. Almost as easily as interrupting a spinning top, the kingdom was plunged into chaos. Stricken with grief at the loss of his beloved, the king had retreated deep within the castle and began neglecting many of his previous duties. This forced the oldest sister to take control of the kingdom long before her appointed time, and just as pressure warps the shape of many objects the Princess Asseneth was no exception. The weight of the kingdom on her shoulders, she was burdened with the tales of woe and tribulation from the populace. The King watched in horror as the stress of ruling the kingdom began turning his once beloved daughter into the tyrant she is today, but was powerless to stop it due to his declining health. Before the year was over he joined his wife in the world beyond, taken by sickness. Upon her father’s death, Asseneth gave herself the title ‘Empress’ and took full control of the kingdom. One of her first royal decrees was to start being more strict about rent, and begun to kick those who couldn't afford to pay the castle out of their homes and onto the streets. The homeless tried to find jobs, however no one wanted to hire just anybody, especially not those who couldn't afford to shower properly. The Empress had suceeded in creating a rift in the kingdom between those who could afford to live in Draygea, and those who couldn't. Not long after, Empress Asseneth began to uncover a conspiracy. She began to call out the poor, giving them the nickname 'The Shunned'. For she had found evidence that many people in the streets had begun to gather and plot to betray the kingdom by killing her so they could take over the crown. This plotted a seed of fear, doubt, and anger in the rich citizens of Draygea. They began to treat the shunned worse and worse every day until no human dared employ a shunned in a normal job. The humans had began treating The Shunned so terribly that no one would associate with them and they no longer desired to associate with the rich.
Throughout all this Naraka watched from the shadows as her sister began to tear their parents country apart with hatred and suspicion. The princess could not bear what Empress Asseneth was doing and began to publicly speak out against her. Every chance she got she would flee the castle holding protests against her, claiming the conspiracy was nothing more than a blatant lie. Asseneth wouldn’t stand for this behavior and, after confronting her sister, made it clear if she held another protest she would no longer give the guards orders to protect her outside the castle. Naraka’s determination to fix the kingdom’s condition didn’t waver and immediately after Empress Asseneth’s threat she marched right back out of the castle. Poor, poor, Naraka never had the chance to see her fate coming for her. She didn’t get far from the castle before she was engulfed in flames which burned so hot nearly an entire neighborhood was consumed in the blue and purple inferno. All that was left was a crater with the royal signet dropped in the middle, her ashes scattered to the far reaches of the country. At what many seem to believe was at the same time, a new ruler was growing in power at the fringes of the Draygea. She called herself Queen Ris and she promised to bring a country that could balance the needs of her people. This promise of balance though did not bode well for Empress Asseneth. When rumors of this rival kingdom reached her, she set out her best hunters, trackers, and assassins to hunt down this fabled faction and exterminate every last one of its followers. With the threat of death weighing on her shoulders, Queen Ris knew they would have to strike back rather than grow in peace. She arranged for raids into Dragyea to sow dissent amongst the populace and destabilize the country so that she could confront its ruler and bring her to justice for the crimes she had committed against The Shunned. In a huge raid called The Great Escape, she freed thousands of The Shunned and brought them back to her kingdom.

nebu watermarked.png

AGE: Appears to be in her mid 20s.
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: Demisexual
Personality: Friendly, but a nerd. Can be sassy at times.
Species: Cat Shifter

Basically it all started with a very powerful wizard. This powerful wizard found a human, which he eventually fell in love with. The human became pregnant, and gave birth to a child. However, it wasn't a happy day for the wizard. The human lost to much blood during birth, and died. The wizard tried to save the child, but the child ended up passing away as well. Filled with grief, the wizard used very powerful magic to create a "Eternal". An Eternal is basically a creature that was created from the pure energy in the soul of a dead creature. They can sense auras, and manifest wings made of their soul power. Filled with powerful grief, he spent the rest of the night using the dying soul of the dead child to make an Eternal. This Eternal looked, sounded, and acted human. The Eternal was made to take the place of his dead daughter, and give him something to hide his grief behind. He named her; Nebulous.

As the child got older, the wizard never told her what she was. She began to learn magic, but found it difficult. She never could channel her magic as easily as the others, and filled with determination to impress her father she began to read more and more. Eventually, her time spent in the library caused her to run into a friend, named Decessus. Since he was an Eternal created by the wizard to protect the kingdom, he was able to recognized her as a Eternal and brought it up to her. Nebulous was confused, and denied being whatever this 'Eternal' was. Decessus began explaining what an Eternal was, and Nebulous was confused and concerned. Why was she an Eternal? She couldn't be an Eternal. Decessus took her to confront her father, and upon being confronted the emotionally unstable wizard cracked. He attacked Nebulous, threatening to wipe her memory of ever being told about Eternals. The only thing that stopped this from happening, was Decessus. He put himself between Nebulous and her father and protected her. Talking sense into the wizard, until finally he snapped out of it. The wizard, once again filled with grief, teleported far away.

Nebulous was in grief, learning that she wasn't actually her father's child, and now he abandoned her.. She was depressed and in ruins. This is when Decessus, in an attempt to cheer her up, gave her Books filled with tales of rogues inspired Nebulous to began to do pranks, which started out as small things like throwing water on Decessus, and then led to big things like sneaking into the king's room and stealing his crown. This almost succeeded, until she tripped on the way out of his room and faceplanted and began to cry. The king felt bad for the kid, and let her borrow his crown. One day, she heard that her father had returned. She couldn't believe it, and went to find him. And so, she did. However, she barely made eye contact with him before he collapsed from over use of magic. The guards carried him away, and she was left there pacing. She wanted to confront him, but she was terrified that he would leave again. Gathering the courage, she confronted her father. He seemed a lot calmer, but didn't have much to say. He told her that he would teach her magic, and gave her an enchanted coin that turns you rainbow to make up for it. For.. Some.. Reason? She kept the coin and decided trying to confront him further wouldn't work.

As she trained with her father, she slowly got to know the king more after the incident with his crown. He was a warthog shifter, and a very talented one. He was one of the last of the dwarves, and his kind is rare. He could smelt the finest swords, shields, and armor. The King was proud of his dwarven traditions, talking about them often. Nebulous took interest in the dwarven traditions, and began to learn the dwarven language. She trained with him to learn how to use a sword and shield, despite being a druid and using primarily magic. Upon becoming a teenager, the king put a braid in her hair as a sign of dwarven adult hood. He forged her leather armor, and she still wears it to this day. However, one day plague came over the kingdom. Everyone began to die, and those who wanted to survive left the kingdom. Sadly, Nebula was one of those people. Ordered by her father to leave, she left and started her own adventure to find a new start. She came upon Statera, and lives in a camp outside the kingdom with her war horse 'Queen Illusion'.
AGE: Late 20s
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: Asexual
Personality: Kind, Caring, Can be quiet at times. Loves you wholesomely.
Species: Wolf Shifter

The Queen of Statera. No one knows where she came from. However, she leads with a fair heart and kind soul so no one really complains.
[secrets can be uncovered in RP]

Pick a animal to shift into! What does your character do? Where did they come from? Why are they there? How did they get there? Fun stuff!

Setting: Modern Dystopian Post-Apocalypse World
Genre: Horror, Demons, Evil
Theme Song:

Syncope is a group of demihuman bounty hunters who live in a mansion. Demihumans are humans that have figured out (accidentally, or purposefully) how to infuse themselves with the souls of demons. Demihumans are very shunned upon in this world, and if anyone figures out you're a demihuman you'll be hunted down by a hunting party of humans. Indigo is the leader of the Syncope, and found the mansion. She found a way to make money for the demihumans who she took in by completing bounties and turning them in to a secret underground black market where the humans don't care about demihumans. Before long, everyone in the mansion begun taking part in these bounties, since it helped them satiate the blood-lust that the demons inside of them created. When the Syncope isn't out doing bounties, they're hanging out in the castle mansion. While Indigo prohibits random killing of random humans, any non-demihuman that enters the mansion is free to do with what you please. Kill, torture, maim.

The infusion process is very risky, as it can easily kill the person who is trying to do it. If it succeeds, the results vary depending on the demon you paired with. Some demons fight with you every moment, constantly trying to eat away at your sanity to take over your body however long they can. Some demons completely infuse with you, leaving no traces of the demon and just leaving you with the powers. On rare occasions, you can co-exist and befriend your demon. Giving you the powers, and a friend. Unless completely infused with your demon, you can see and talk to it as you wish. Thats assuming the demon even wants to talk to you. Demons can take the form of anything, and can decide whether or not they're visible to their host. However, it requires a mutal agreement between the host and the demon to allow the demon to be seen by anyone else.

watermark indigo.png
AGE: 22
Pronouns: Any
Sexuality: Asexual
Personality: Quiet, Brooding, Easily Angered
Species: Demihuman

Indigo is the leader, and manages the Syncope operations. She recruits new demihunters and keeps track of the bounties collected. She is one of the rare people who have bonded with their demon and therefore are equal with them. Her fused demon takes the form of a horned dire wolf that is as tall as Indigo on all fours. She can see what the demon sees, and the demon can read her emotions so it can react without verbal command. The demon can disappear and reappear at will, and cannot be killed. It can be wounded enough to go to a dormant state, but will appear again after five hours. When summoned, the demon cannot go outside of a 50ft range of Indigo. If the demon goes out the 50ft range, it'll be unsummoned. Without her soul demon summoned, Indigo is still a formidable opponent. Summoned or not, the wolf demon gives her sharp teeth, long claws, speed, and agility. On super rare occasions, the demon can take over her body and she will take the form of the giant wolf. This can happen if she's knocked unconscious, gravely injured, or not in control of her emotions. When she's fighting, she often uses a black chain that has sharp points on it like barbed wire. She mostly uses it to restrain her enemies, so that she can kill them with her own claws. The points on the chain are incredibly sharp, and dig into whoever she hits her chain with or wraps the chains around. When she isn't using them as a weapon, the chains are usually wrapped around her arms over her arm bandages. The chains are enchanted, so even if they're pressed to her skin they will not cut her and can stick to its self like a magnet as Indigo desires so that she can wrap it around opponents. She wears a mask to cover her sharp fangs, which show when she smiles. The design of the mask varies, and can either ironically be a cartoony sharp fanged grin, or a cute cartoon bear face.

Get super creative with your character! How do they interact with their demon? What powers did it give them? What form does the demon take? What is their relationship like? How powerful is the demon? What were they like before they became a demihuman? How did they become a demi human? Was it accidental or purposeful? Get creative!!! I love creativity.

Setting: A large world with villiages randomly strewn about
Genre: Adventure Open World, Discovery
Theme Song:

Eutuxia is a world inhabited by talking animals, typically ranging from wolves to cats. Eutuxia was created by two gods, Zxen and Paradise. Zxen created the world, and the flowers and water that is able to sustain the creatures that Paradise makes. Zxen and Paradise decided to create demigods in order to help take the load off of them, since they managed everything in this world. The first test demigod was Ayame. Ayame was the god of sickness and disease, and a test to see how the demigod plan would work out. At first she was proud of her abilities, and Zxen spent a lot of time with her to teach her how to use her powers and teaching her how they helped the world. Ayame did great, and proved to be a wonderful sucess. So, Zxen begun creating more demigods to manage other worldly duties. Ayame quickly noticed that Zxen, who was like a father to her, wasn't paying as much attention to her as he use to. He was trying to teach the other demigods how to use their powers. Ayame ran away, and ended up accidentally falling down a ravine. The fall killed her, but Zxen was able to bring her back to life upon finding her. Ayame didn't act the same after that. Something inside of her wasn't fixed correctly when she was revived. Still resentful that Zxen indirectly caused her death, she figured that since Paradise had created the demigods so easily it wouldn't matter if they died. She made a knife, a knife enchanted with dark dark magic and infused with the blood of a god so. This allowed her to kill the other demigods easily, and not be revived. Going on a rampage, she had killed all her siblings before finally Zxen caught on and confronted her. Little did Ayame know, Zxen and Paradise put a small amount of their magic into each demigod to give them their powers. And by killing them, she absorbed their powers. So now Ayame had gathered so much magic, she was almost a god herself. Upon Zxen confronting her, she was enraged he refused to take responsibility for what happened, since him ignoring her caused her to kill all her siblings obviously it was his fault. She attacked Zxen, who ultimately had to attack back. She was banished to the Forbidden Forest with so much magic it broke her and Zxen apart. Zxen was never able to fully recover, and is unable to form a complete whole physical form. Ayame's physical form was fixed with intense dark magic, and she is now stitched together with a shadow tail.

She is still restrained to the Forbidden Forest to this day, however that doesn't stop others from entering the forest. Anyone who enters the forest is unable to leave, and is forced to wander the forest until they succumb to the dark magic that fills the forest. Only when they have succumbed to the dark magic, will they be allowed to leave the forest. These creatures who have been corrupted are known as Ayame's followers, and usually wander around trying to corrupt others.


AGE: ???
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: none
Personality: ????
Species: Demigod


AGE: 21
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Cocky, Spastic, Unpredictable
Species: Vampire Lynx

Will expand upon this more later cuz its almost 5 am but shes a vampire and shes part of a vampire group with her mate who is also a vampire yay

Honestly this one is the most straight forward. What species are you? Are you one of Ayame's followers or are you apart of the resistence trying to fight it? Are you completely unphased by the "demigod" drama and live your own life like Spectrum? You can decide!

If you like any of these please let me know and we can DM to plot out a roleplay! I really hope you guys like my rp universes because I've put a lot of effort into all of them and try to promote creativity. :3

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