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Realistic or Modern —• | EIDOLONS | 5/20 spots filled

do we hate the randomized powers or want to keep it

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The Witch Son

and a swift justice to those that got away with it
Starts Jan 28th

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    directed by The Witch Son The Witch Son

    class warfare, crime, money, gore, sirens, bloody knuckles, damsels in distress, awful decisions, no teamwork, noir detectives, the government is after you, betrayal, comrades, you're alone, corner store snacks, traumatized, vigilantism, mafia

    a super powers roleplay


    plot. roles. rules.

coded by xayah.ღ

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The Witch Son

and a swift justice to those that got away with it
this is not a first come first claim rp! I have accepted two people so far and will continue to update the accepted player count in the title until we are full. ppl can play multiple characters and the counter only refers to players not the number of characters they have. for instance I will have three characters by the beginning date.

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