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Current accepted NPC list:

Harrison "Metal Jacket" Fuller - Principal of QHH
Isla "Naiad" Young - Quirk development professor at QHH
Dr. Kit "Kilter" Shelly - Chief medic at QHH
Alice "Lady Cyborg" Pixelada - Academics professor at QHH
Miz Count - Interrelations professor at QHH
Samson "Bone Marrow" Rynestar - Head of security at QHH
Alexander "Gear tech" Davidson - Suit Workshop technician

Dahlia Joseph - QHH student
Rush Gardiner - QHH student
Ignis Flare - QHH student

Kirei "Foxfire" Oogami - Beatrice's mother, pro hero
Hishiko "Geyser Falls" Haienyama - Pro hero

Simon "Greed" Omnia - Deadly Sin
Jack "Wrath" "Dark Capone" Wyatt - Deadly Sin
Helena "Lust" Pothos - Deadly Sin
Aldous "Pride" Stark - Deadly Sin

Gulhermo "Dante" Bellandus - Jr. Sin (Rage)
Alexander "God Particle" Smith - Villain's league member

Frank & Francis Stannard - Currently open for use (might use them on a later arc)
Mary Whately - Director of Wonderland inc.

Post your NPC for QHH here. You don't have to be playing this RP to post an NPC CS! Just add the following information:
(* means its optional)
Sexual alignment*:
Moral alignment*:
Additional Equipment*:
As a classmate/teacher/parent:
Additional Information*:
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QHH: Mr. Miller / "Samson"​
Doug Utting.jpeg

Position: Professor: Quirk development
Name: Jim Miller
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Moral alignment: Chaotic Good
Likes: Godawful 1980's Eurobeat music, being with people, running.
Dislikes: Silence, overthinking things. Also, spiders.​

Nothing to do with people's stamina or energy levels: his quirk weakens the physical structures of things, sometimes temporarily. Stone can crumble, metals can tear, wood can splinter. Anyone who doesn't know any better would assume he has super strength. As it is, he seems pretty well-suited for destruction, and it did once irk him how people assumed he would stumble down the path of villainy because of that. Since becoming a hero and a teacher, he's had to cut down on the practical jokes, though, and at least try to seem responsible.

His quirk also means that he can reshape things, although he has to focus on "holding" the original strength of it, which is tough to do for too long. Most of the time he wouldn't bother, just weakening and destroying an item with no intention of repairing it. It depends if he's thinking ahead or not.

It can, theoretically, be used on people, but again it would be very much a physical change. Bones softening, muscles atrophying, etc, none of it pleasant to experience. Of course, he specifically avoids doing this. But a foe's armour or weapons are fair game.

Additional Equipment: He wears brass knuckles, to destroy what he's used his quirk on, and has practised enough to be able to soften materials at the moment of landing a punch, blending the two together seamlessly. He has relatively good upper body strength, but not on the level of someone with a strength quirk.
Throw 'em in the deep end. They might be okay. If they're not okay, they probably weren't cut out for the whole hero thing in the first place.

He's not too bothered if students (or other teachers) talk back to him, quietly confident in his own abilities. Honestly, he's used to not being taken seriously: especially when he first started out, he had people assuming that he's weak, stupid or messing around. As far as he's concerned, it just makes those people look like idiots when he shows that he knows what he's doing. He's definitely not above a "I told you so".

He doesn't have a whole lot of patience for people who don't try, though, or those who are hoping for sympathy rather than hard work. That includes people who have never had to work for anything until now. He'll be jovial about it, but if they try to play the victim, he'd rather have them just quit his lessons and stop wasting everyone's time.

QHH: Miss Young / "Naiad"​

Position: Professor: Social Studies
Name: Isla Young
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Moral alignment: Lawful Neutral
Likes: Spicy food, poetry, rainy days.
Dislikes: Being ignored, wasted food, laziness.​
"Water Hair"

The hair on her head is made entirely of flowing water, of which she has total control. The length of her hair changes depending on the volume of water in it at any one time, but it can splash out even when it looks short. As well as directly taking water from a source, she can gradually absorb it from the air. If water isn't attached to her then she cannot control it. However she can draw it towards her to add to her hair, or let some of it go, throwing/dropping it and losing control of that water.

Her quirk can be used for offence (lashing out), defence (absorbing attacks) and rescue, although her range is limited to how much water she can stand to carry without getting tired.

She cannot breathe water, meaning that she has had to train herself to have absolute control of how she uses her quirk.
If something doesn't concern her she will gladly stay out of it, at least not with more than a borderline sarcastic comment that she knows you're misbehaving. The most that's likely to happen is that she will sigh and ask that she not you again, and don't you have a class to be in?

However, if people are messing around in her own lessons or study periods, she takes no prisoners. If you're having an argument with someone at the back of the class? You'll get smacked across the face before you even notice she's stopped writing on the board. She's particularly critical of her own students, but also incredibly supportive, making it her business to know everyone's strengths, weaknesses, friends and enemies. Not that she never makes mistakes, nor that she can be frustrating: if she makes a decision about your capabilities or punishments, she will stick to it. Arguing will just make it worse.

VILLAINS FOR HIRE "Padlock & Skeleton Key"​
aidan and bud brennan.jpg

Name: Twin brothers, Frank & Francis Stannard
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Moral alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Likes: Money, puzzles, the satisfaction of a job well done.
Dislikes: Losing, missing out, being made a fool of.​
Frank (Padlock): "Merge"

He can join two substances together, or two parts of the same substance. The two objects have to touch: he can't manipulate matter to fill a gap beyond maybe a centimetre, but once he gets them to touch then he can make them blend seamlessly together. Most commonly, he can get doors to lock at a touch, or be smoothed over entirely.

It also works on living matter, so he can seal up cuts in skin, or broken bones. However, his quirk isn't activated blindly, and he has to be fully aware of what he's doing. He has some medical knowledge to help with this, but overall he is no professional healer. On the other hand, he can use his quirk on people to bind the skin on their hands together, or to another person, which is useful if they need to be restrained.

Francis (Skeleton Key): "Split"

Handily, his quirk is exactly the opposite of his brother's. Locked doors and safes mean nothing once he gets his hands on them. His quirk functions by pushing apart things that have ever been joined: he can't split something open if it's a solid piece of one material that was never broken. At least, not without putting a lot of effort into it, and the results are liable to backfire somewhat, causing his body to reject his own hair and nails. He avoids pushing it to this level wherever possible, but luckily he does have his brother around to help repair things.

So where two materials meet, they can be turned back into two separate things. Doors and other things with gaps are easiest, but with his quirk objects can fall apart at a touch. His quirk also works on living matter, opening old scars or removing teeth. But he doesn't really like the mess, and it's hardly ever necessary to go that far.

If the two were to go head-to-head in some crazy parallel universe, would it be a case of an unstoppable force and an immovable object? It's unlikely. Both of them are able to "undo" the other's quirk if they so wish, but on the other hand, neither of them have been trying to be stronger than the other.
They are always together. Not purely because of fraternal affection, you understand. It's simply much more convenient for everyone that way, what with how their quirks are, and the way their minds work together. They always seem to be on the same page, which can be a little weird, even if it is expected.

They cannot really be trusted, even by those who have hired them or who think they have a mutual goal. At any time, they may decide to do their own thing, particularly if they can sense that the plan they've been ordered into might not work out. Rather than speak up about it, they may just jump ship, perhaps ending up working for your biggest rival.

As for the money, they don't need it any more, but they like to have it, see what they can get away with. They also don't get joy out of being "evil"- it's just how things worked out. There are too many rules that "heroes" are expected to follow, and anyone who happens to fall outside of those rules is called villain. If that's the case, then they may as well get some benefits out of the whole thing.

Of the two, Frank/Padlock is the most level-headed and focused, rarely getting distracted, but not being put out if his brother changes his mind. Francis/Skeleton Key is more likely to abandon something midway through, or have a sarcastic reply. Neither of them lose their temper, though. After all, they are professionals.
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My entry:
Name: Harrison "Metal Jacket" Fuller
Age: 65
Gender: Male ("The most macho MoFo you'll ever see, son")
Sexual alignment: Heterosexual ("What is this question for?")
Moral alignment: Lawful neutral

Quirk: High-speed emission
Metal Jacket's quirk allows him to emit copies of any small object touching him with precise aim and absurd speeds. He has mastered this skill over his many years of experience as a pro, allowing him to unleash a hail of bullets on any unsuspecting foe while holding a single bullet. He can also amplify radio waves, light, sound, electricity (although it is rather dangerous for himself) and other kinds of non-material entities that are near. It is a very straining quirk, which can't be used for very long without completely tiring him out.

Additional Equipment:
Metal Jacket is usually equipped with bullets, grenades, radios and other sorts of military apparel, which are very dear to him. Despite his quirk, he also always carries a Colt pistol in his holster just in case.

What's not to say about the eternal war hero, the living legend known as Metal Jacket? Every kid in America has had a toy with his face at one point or another. He's fought the terrorists in the middle east, he's been in the U.N. army of salvation helping families in Haiti, he shook hands with 4 different presidents and got medals from all of them. After retiring at 50, he spent the following 15 years in a tireless effort to push his local quirk school, the Queens Hero High, into one of the greatest Quirk schools of the planet. Despite all his media coverage, most of his past is actually unknown to the mass public, muddled inside incomplete reports and high-production Hollywoodian "biographies" about his life. For the sake of all American heroes, it better stay like that.

While Harrison is nothing short of perfect in his public life, people who've seen him off cameras know he's heavily shaken by PTSD, which left him nervous, aggressive and often mentally absent. Sometimes, you can still see the spark in his eyes as he leads the school with wisdom and grit, but in later days he has usually been a handful for the staff to bear, endangering students and the school's reputation with his reckless actions. The school's administration has been slowly cutting his roles as a principal, too scared of what a resign order would do to his already fragile psyche. He still does a lot of speeches, though; he's always been good at those.

- Patriotic Stuff
- Being on a stage
- Any kind of military apparel and weapons (He is a massive collector of both)

- "Everyone is a winner" attitudes
- Mentions to his mental problems (This one is a BIG no no)
- Being contradicted

Additional information: Tries his hardest to hide the fact that he doesn't understand nor accept homosexuality, atheism and, most of all, veganism, but he may accidentally make quips demeaning said groups, such as the ones I've written earlier in this CS.
Well you said knock yourself out Here's a teacher and some cannon fodde-- er, I mean generic students for the main characters to push around.

QHH Staff: "Dr. Kilter"​
Position: QHH: Medic
Name: Dr. Kit Shelley
Age: 20s-40s? Nobody is sure.
Gender: Male (probably).
Moral alignment: Lawful Good
Likes: Thriller novels, piano music, gambling.
Dislikes: Hot and/or humid conditions, being interrupted.​
"Vitality flow"

His is a healing power, but one that is detrimental to his own health. Put simply, the "source" of his healing power is his own life force.

Small wounds, fractured bones and the like don't take too much from him (although over the years it builds up), but the more severe the injury, the greater the toll it takes on him. It isn't a like-for-like transfer exactly, otherwise he would be dead many times over, but he is hardly the picture of health now. That said, it's not sure if his quirk will even kill him or if he will keep on living, albeit in a weaker and weaker state.

He can also "steal" vitality from others to heal himself, but given how in debt he is in terms of life force, it would probably take a lot to fully recover him. Besides, his own personal morals deem that unacceptable, even for villains. And these days he is very rarely in the middle of the action due to his physical condition.
It's not clear exactly what he has a doctorate in, but he's certainly good at what he does.

Although he can be intimidating for people unused to him, what with keeping his face hidden, he has dedicated himself to ensuring the next generation of heroes are trained properly and are morally stable. He burned through his own quirk years ago, without quite realising how badly it would affect him, and since then he figured that he may as well use the rest of his life and power for the next generation's sake. He is not afraid of death, nor adverse to taking risks.

The first time anyone comes to him with an injury that needs healing, he will explain to them his quirk and what it takes from him. He considers this as much of a lesson as anything else they may learn at QHH: your consequences have actions. You will be healed after your own mistakes, but it will directly hurt someone, which goes against basic heroic intentions. In a broader sense, it means don't make mistakes, as every action has consequences: "if you get yourself killed today, you won't be able to save anyone tomorrow."

He will never turn away a student that needs help, and heals them entirely because he wants to help them, but believes it's important to remember that everything comes at a price. Although if someone denies treatment who is in obvious, serious need of it, he will probably heal them against their will, believing in his duty of care.

He uses a wheelchair, and is more sociable than might be expected, although he eats in private and does not let anyone see under the bandages. The bindings on his hands often become unravelled bound as tightly as the rest of him, and they look like the hands of a corpse. Luckily he doesn't need to touch people to heal them, just to be close.

QHH student applicant​
David Uzochukwu Wildfire.jpg
Position: Student
Name: Dahlia Joseph
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Character summary: Aloof but confident.
Likes: Reading, writing, sweet foods.
Dislikes: Stormy weather, birds, gym class.​
"Smoke body": Most of the time she looks solid, but can dissolve into smoke at will.

She cannot phase through materials, but she can pass through something as small as a vent or mesh, reassembling on the other side. ALternatively, she can move quickly by flowing as a gas, or even knock people out by, essentially, suffocating them should she wish.

Wet weather can stop her from transforming into fog or moving as quickly. In contrast, strong winds can cause her to disintegrate, even in her normally-solid form. Once conditions improve, she will be able to reassemble, but she doesn't know the effects of being scattered for so long. The idea is one of the few things that scares her.
She has always been clever without having to try too hard: she just can easily remember and apply things that she's been taught. If asked for help with a school problem, she would rather help people work out the answers themselves, instead of just telling them. Some people find this annoying or patronising. Naturally she's often one of the top students in a class, and will assume she is, although she isn't competitive about it.

In battle she is an evasive type, surprisingly fast due to her quirk. She thinks things through before acting, but will often disintigrate to stop her opponent getting a physical move in. However she is still suseptable to wind and water, and even in good conditions cannot stay in her smoke form for too long without feeling like she's losing track of herself: the fear pulls her back together.

QHH student applicant​
varia.kinja.com how to sculpt and mould.jpg
Position: Student
Name: Gabrielle Bane
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Character summary: Timid but determined
Likes: Shopping, making friends, cute things.
Dislikes: Eating meat, cruelty/bullying, shouting.​
"Ossification": Transforming things to bone. Effectively it calcifies objects, whether fixing them in place, re-enforcing them, growing a defensive bone "net" between them, or just weirding people out.

She can also manipulate/grow/repair her own bones as well as others', and in doing so change the shape of her body somewhat. It is uncomfortable, but not necessarily painful. Note that her skin does not change, although her muscles may refigure to better adapt to what she's done. It's useful for getting into smaller places, for one thing, or building up a kind of shield by reenforcing the structure of her own skeleton. She can also heal breaks.

It is easier to manipulate her own body than other people's, probably due to a lack of practice. Either way, her quirk is still rather immature.

Weapons: Blades, sometimes created from her quirk, but she will carry a standard metal backup just in case.
She's never been one to say boo to a goose, but, against the advice of her parents, is desperate to become a hero. In short, she wants to make a difference to the world, or at least to any one person.

She will eagerly lend help to anyone who asks it of her, but may well go unnoticed by people. She has been trying to stand up for what she believes in more: if she sees a fight between her peers, she will at least try to break it up, trying to appeal to their better nature. However, her success isn't a given. Standing up to teachers, though, won't happen, particularly if they're strict.

Studying is important to her, and although she hates violence she is determined to do her best in fights, knowing that can't change anything if she's weak. Her fighting style tends to be defensive, manipulating her bones to form a lattice-like shield grown from her arms, or growing a net of bone from objects nearby to protect her.

QHH student applicant​
Position: Student
Name: Rush Gardiner
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Character summary: Charges in without thinking
Likes: Practical jokes, roughhousing, action movies,
Dislikes: Classical music, math, two-faced people.​
"Photokinesis": He can control (absorb and emit) light. Effective for plunging people into darkness or blinding them suddenly.

Although he can only absorb visible (or close to visible) light, he is capable of changing the wavelength of what he's absorbed, emitting it infrared heat or microwaves. Alternatively, he can emit it as x-rays, gamma rays or similar radiation, but considering how high-energy those are, he would need to find a lot of light to absorb, and would not be able to keep it up for long.

When he has absorbed a lot of light, it builds up inside him and can make him appear as though he is glowing from the inside. He can use some of this to charge up his strength somewhat, though not at the level of someone with a strength-based quirk. It's more like he is a wound-up spring, building up enough energy that he can unleash a burst of speed or strength.
He's very energetic, and wants to get on well with everyone, copy their work, make jokes with them, even when they want him to leave them alone. He will often speak up in class or talk back to the teachers, which exasperates them as well. His flaws tend to get laughed off, and making fun of him doesn't seem to have much effect. He's probably easy to trick or take advantage of, if someone is so inclined.

As for fighting tactics, he relies on surprise and quick action. As his quirk cannot do much physical damage, he has developed the habit of attacking purely on instinct, thinking later, and just kind of hoping that his opponent is caught too unaware to dodge. There's a lot of training that needs to be done here.
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The Ningen-Slaying Supreme Kai
Name: Kirei "Foxfire" Oogami

Age: 40

Gender: Female

Sexual alignment: Bisexual

Moral alignment: Lawful Good

Quirk: Foxfire, which became the emphasis of her hero name. An Emitter-Type Quirk that allows her to generate and control white flames, dubbed as 'Soul Flames', that always come from her nine tails. Unlike regular flames, these Soul Flames don't affect the body, but rather the soul. A single ball of Soul Flame would cause damage to the victim's soul, and any part of the soul that is damaged will be reflected to the victim's body. For example, a ball of Soul Flame that hits the soul of the victim's hand would cause the damage to be reflected on the physical hand. The only weakness of this Quirk is that it can only work on living beings, since all of them have a soul, and that non-living beings are exempted from this.

Additional Equipment: She holds a fan that she can use to 'guide' the flames to the target that she desires.

As a parent: She is the only one who provides her daughter Beatrice with everything she needs. Being a pro hero, it is her job to protect the civilians, no matter how good or bad they can be. She has a deep care towards her own daughter, willing to make sacrifices so that she can grow to become a hero like her idol All Might. However, she is not without a dark side. She has a deep-seated hatred for her husband, who is a villain, for trying to make their daughter into a villain like him. Back and forth, they have fought with each other several times, but Kirei is always the victor no matter what.

+Eastern culture
+Seeing people happy
+Her daughter
-Her husband

Additional Information: Kirei has a very distinct laugh that goes 'Hororororo' and a sound that when she is interested, surprised, or whatever similar that goes 'Ararara'.

Musik Addikt

I'm back, everyone. ^.^

Name: Alice Pixelada
Hero Name: The Technology Hero, Lady Cyborg
Age: ??? (Doesn't look a day over 21)
Gender: Female
Sexual alignment*: Heterosexual, with Sapiosexual tendencies
Moral alignment*: Neutral Good

Quirk: Upgrade - She can upgrade any piece of technology into something superpowered and probably OP just by touching it. The amount of time varies depending on the machine and end product. For example, she could make a landline phone into a smartphone within a few minutes. She could make a landline into a global wireless communication grid within a few months. Also, she can only enhance features of technology. She can't turn a grenade into a telephone, but she can turn it into a missile. Also, the starting material must have some type of electric attribute to it, which is why she can enhance stun guns, but not regular guns. She has to keep a constant surge of elsectricity flowing through her body or she is not only unable to use her power, but unable to function.

Additional Equipment*: She wears a solar powered headset that constantly emits electricity. It stores energy during the day while charging her, and goes into full power mode during night.
As a teacher and a Hero: Not much is known about her past, except for four things: 1. She got into a terrible accident where she lost a lot of limbs, 2. She's half robot, 3. She's been alive for at least a century, and 4. She's known Metal Jacket before coming to QHH (although neither will reveal how). Once QHH was in the beginning stages, Metal Jacket asked her to help him.

+ Smart people
+ Technology
- Ignorance

Additional Information*:


Musik Addikt

I'm back, everyone. ^.^

Name: Simon "Greed" Omnia
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Sexual alignment*: Bisexual
Moral alignment*: Chaotic Evil

Quirk: Copy Machine - Simon can create anything he analyzes using one of the five senses. However, depending on the sense he uses when copying something, certain changes are made
  • Eyesight only- The copies dissappear after some time, he can only make a limited number of copies, and they are made out of an unnamed substance. Also after a certain amount of time, he is unable to make anymore copies without redoing the object and the copies are basically paperweights, unable to even be molded.
  • Touch - He can make an unlimited amount of copies.
  • Smell - He can make the copies out of the original material.
  • Sound - The copies can function and take on the attributes of the original object. (paper can be crumpled for example)
  • Taste - He can create copies forever. (Most of the things he copies are poisonous to the body so...)
His quirk, however, does not work on other people, for some reason or another.

+ Material Possessions
+ Everything
- Giving Things Away



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Here comes a new batch of villains!

"Aight, who's ready to get some?"
Name: Jack "Dark Capone" “Wrath” Wyatt
Gender: Male
Sexual alignment: Heterosexual
Moral alignment: Neutral Evil
Quirk: Lights out

Dark Capone can completely shut down the basic senses and the sense of equilibrium of other people for a short period of time, plunging his victims into a numb abyss where one can't even tell if they're alive or not until it's over.

He may affect any number of people and deprive them of whatever senses he chooses as long he's aware of their position and they're within 30 feet of himself. The more people he affects with his quirk, the faster it drains him; he could only completely affect a group of 5 for a few moments, but he can make a person completely blind for several minutes in a controlled environment.

Additional Equipment:

Dark Capone doesn't leave the Villain League's lair without his old partner, Respect. It is an electric cattle prod (if you've seen Shape of Water, it's literally Strickland's weapon) that he wields as a bat. Not only can he swing it like a major league baseball hitter, the stunning shock it delivers is so powerful only the toughest can get back up immediately after a direct hit.


Before Dark Capone got his code name, he was just a young boy named Jack Wyatt who grew in the poor streets of Brooklyn. His dad beat up on young Jack and his mom regularly, so he learned to use violence to solve his problems at an early age. What began with punching the lunch money out of kids quickly grew out of proportion as he learned to extort adults with violence.

Despite all that, Jack tried to apply for QHH, believing he might be able to use his powers for good. He passed the test, but he soon caved in to his old extorting habits and, once he got caught, was immediately expelled and black-listed from ever entering a quirk school again.

Flustered and desperate for money, Jack decided to use his skills to their fullest extent: before he was 17, he had formed and successfully maintained a large-scale illegal loan shark business, being renowned for leaving most of his deadbeats bedridden for the rest of their lives. It wasn't pretty, but it paid the bills for his family, and that's something no hero would do for you.

The Villains League quickly realized the young man's potential, employing him as this generation’s Wrath. Whenever someone dares to evade paying tribute to the Villain's League or to disrespect their Boss, they get a special visit from a group of sharply-dressed men. It's Dark Capone and his goons, known as the Tax Collectors, whose job is to get some Respect to the defiant person in question to send a message to everyone else: Don't challenge the Boss.

Currently tutoring Guilhermo to become the next Wrath.

+ Violence
+ Bringing up negative emotions on people (such and fear, anger or pain)
+ Dress codes (All his goons must wear the same dark grey suit and hat)
- Heroic statements and poses
- Mentions to his surname and parents
- Rich and lazy people

Additional Information:

Theme song:

Name: Guilhermo “Dante” Bellandus
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexual alignment: Heterosexual
Moral Alignment: Neutral evil
Quirk: Pain claws

Dante’s quirk is of the mutation kind, giving him his demon-like form that’s more resistant than normal bodies and comes with wings that can only glide. Whenever Guilhermo feels pain he grows massive claws from his hands. The more pain he is in, the larger and more destructive those claws become.

How he uses it: Dante is a reckless fighter and he has no qualms in hurting himself to start the fight with a boost; he often breaks his own knuckles when in need of some extra juice. He starts battles by charging recklessly, then uses the information he gets from the enemy to fight them appropriately.

Additional equipment: None.

Guilhermo was born in a highly superstitious family that saw his appearance as a sign that he was born as a naturally evil person. As such, the young boy was subject to all types of abuse in an attempt to cleanse the sins of his soul. He tried to escape several times, but was caught and brought back every single time, kept under restraints to keep him from unleashing his quirk.

No hero would do anything about it, but the Villains’ League actually did something; sensing power in Dante’s kid, the Boss ordered Dark Capone to storm into their home and set their Guilhermo free. Capone himself did little of the dirty work; once the kid was free, he sent most of his family and caretakers to the hospital.

Currently, Guilhermo is Capone’s loyal goon and hopes to one day succeed him as the next Wrath.

Theme song:

Name: Alexander “God Particle” Smith
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Sexual alignment: Bisexual
Moral alignment: Neutral Evil

Quirk: Higgs Boson control

Alexander’s quirk allows him to change the density of himself and of solids near him, with its effects lasting for until a few seconds after activation. The weight change isn’t dependent on the original weight, making the quirk more effective on light objects.

How he uses it: First of all, Alex loves using his own power to float above everyone else. He’s a strategist who likes to use his quirk on the environment as well as his equipment to make big flashy moves and corner opponents into bad decisions; more often that not, that involves throwing stuff around, breaking down buildings and dropping things from far above.

Limitations: The weight shift isn’t instant and only lasts for a few seconds. If too much density is shifted, Alex will develop a headache that prevents him from using his power for some time.

Additional equipment: His clothes have hidden pressured air valves that aid him in floating movement and he carries a set of throwing knives.

Born as the sixth son of a large and poor family in Uptown, Alexander never could hold back his desire for greatness. He wanted to show the world what his Quirk and his mind could do, make his family proud and inspire everyone around him. His closest childhood friend Lucius also had similar goals; still 10 years old, they both made a vow to never let anything or anyone get in the way of their dream.

Both knew that it was impossible to enlist in a hero school with the money they had, so they started to take odd jobs to join money, initially to pay their tuition. Things gradually spiraled out of control as the duo, now lovers and feeding on each other’s fantasies more and more, started to meddle with illegal matters with their quirks to gather money faster, taking the monikers of Romulus and Remus

It eventually came to the point when the two of them got in the way of the Villains League and Dark Capone was sent to end their lives. When they were both cornered, Alex was forced into making a grim decision; to strike upon the love of his life, Lucius, so that his dream could live on. After all, no one could get in the way of their dreams.

Later on, Alex joined the villains league under his current codename; since the Villains league didn’t actually know his appearance and full name beforehand, no one knows he’s secretly on their hit list.

Theme song:


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Looked better on paper
Name: Samson Rynestar

Hero Name: The Hallowed Knight, "Bone Marrow."

Age: 45



Hero Costume


Gender: Male

Sexual alignment*: Straight

Moral alignment*: Chaotic Good

Quirk: Bone Structure Manipulation

Samson has perfect control over his entire skeletal structure allowing him to rapidly grow his own bones to form armor over his skin and pull bones from his own body to create weapons or even eject small bits of bone as high speed projectiles. He can also make his own bones hard as steel. He however requires a vary high calcium intake to use his quirk.

Additional Equipment*: Fast-acting calcium pills.

A small booklet of the Heros in training students and staff.

As a classmate/teacher/parent: Pro Hero Head of Security ,Gray's Father


+His Son
+Other Pro Heros
+Respectful Students

-Trouble Makers

Additional Information*: He is currently somewhat rusty when it comes to fighting due to his long period of not doing hero work. His hero costume is designed to strike fear into villains, outside of combat he keeps his helmet off. Despite his appearance he's quite nice to would be heros.
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I'm back, everyone. ^.^
Name: Ignis Flare
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Sexual alignment*: Bisexual
Moral alignment*: Lawful Good

Quirk: Fire Bird - The User takes on properties of a phoenix, including wings (that are permanent), retractable claws, and the ability to shoot fire.

They can also transform into their phoenix form which makes them catch on fire and gain enhanced strength, enhanced sense and reflexes, enhanced cellular regeneration, an immunity to fire damage, and enhanced speed. When she enters her phoenix form, her wings turn red as well as catch on fire.

However, if they stay in the Phoenix form for too long, their body begins to overheat, causing them to shows symptoms of overheating as well as fainting after a while. If they enter water while in their phoenix form, they not only leave their phoenix form, but are unable to enter it again for 24 hours.

As a classmate :
Additional Information*:
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Name: Aldous "Mathusalem" "Odin" "The Emperor" "Pride" Stark
Age: 247 (Looks 40)
Gender: Male
Sexual alignment: Heterosexual
Moral Alignment: Lawful Evil
Appearance: TBA (1,90m/6'3", blonde spiky hair, shell-like skin, wears a cloak over his bare torso and black pants)

Quirk: Clam form
This mutation-type quirk covers Pride in an unbelievably tough shell-like skin that drastically extends his lifespan and offers a nearly perfect protection in combat, both to direct hits and to G-forces. In addition to that, his muscles are gifted with a "movement burst" move that allows Pride to perform massive feats of agility and strength during the span of one second and for one set of muscles at a time. Through extended use, his shell has also become able to partially resist the effects of quirks, meaning direct manipulation to himself will fail unless the opponent has truly mastered their quirk.
How he uses it:
Pride rarely moves much on a fight; he likes to see his opponents scramble to try and hurt him to no effect. He waits for the foe to make a mistake and then uses his bursts of movement to clamp them within his arms in under a second. Most of his fights last only a few seconds since rarely the opponent survives his first blow.
Pride is slightly less effetive at a distance, making ranged users a safer bet at keeping him at bay. The only effectively damage him are direct hits at his joints, which are well-protected by him at all times; some method of immobilization would be needed to effectively expose them. Thankfully, Pride isn't inhumanly strong when he isn't using his strenght bursts and the latter will tire him out if used too often.

As a sin:
Pride is a very cryptic and mysterious leader, heavily interested in the occult since he believes to be an reincarnation of the elder gods who shaped the world and that he can draw more power and wisdom from old religions and cults. He loves to speak in cryptic messages and always acts as if he's performing on a stage, making it rather hard to guess his true intentions most of the time. No one ever questions Pride's methods, the reason for him creating the sins or why he's submitted to the Boss. If one ever did, a quick demise is the only forseeable result.

Mathusalem, the man who lived a thousand lives. Odin, Norse God of Wisdom, Death, Royalty and Sorcery, amongst others. The Emperor, symbol of masculinity, authority and stability in the pagan art of Tarot. Aldous is the epitome of all of those things and of so much more. Cursed with a quirk that allowed him to live for more than anyone else way before quirks were even discovered, he has walked the earth in search of understanding his condition and what to make of it. He's lived several lives, laid roots, formed friends and family, only to see them all die and be forced to move on forward.
Living a full life several times has put things in perspective for Pride. He doesn't care for earthly possessions or pleasures anymore and lives only to serve some greater pruprose which only he can fullfill. Whatever that initial prupose he may have had, it is unclear whether he made any strides in achieving it, or if he's even still trying to reach it. All that can be said for sure is that he's amassed an impressive amount of power on the way there, becoming one of the most wanted villains in the world for the many atrocities he committed along the way. Amongst those, the most notable it having murdered a total of over 50 pro heroes during his span as a villain; the correct procudure upon meeting this threat is to alert the military and leave the premises as quickly as possible.

+The occult
+Mentions of his name and pictures of himself in newspapers, sites and books (stores all of them in an altar)
+Dramatic entrances

-Being interrupted
-Impatient people (especially youngsters)
-Technology (still uses it though)

Theme song:



Ten Thousand Club
Name: Mary Whately ( the director)
Age: 35

Gender: female
Sexual alignment*: bi
Moral alignment*: lawful good ( public), chaotic neutral (in private)
Azoth: Named after the universal cure in alchemical beliefs, it allows Mary to create using the right base mix of chemicals a wholly new chemical that can be made to do a wide variety of things. This is mostly used to create miracle drugs for illnesses that most healing quirks have issues with. These chemicals can then be recreated using understood and mundane science allowing mass production from a decent starting batch, assuming nothing to rare is required for mundane production.
Additional Information*: Mary is the CEO and founder of the Wonderland pharmaceutical company which thanks to her quirk has grown rapidly creating a great many drugs that can cure just about anything, for long as it is caught early enough as they haven't cured death just yet. Their current projects are the production of a quirk enhancement drug " Aether" and their new combination pain killer anti depressant " vorpal". Most believe if the company keeps going the way it is Mary may one day soon become the richest person currently alive.


Looked better on paper
Name: Alexander Davidson

Hero Name: The Mechanism Hero "Gear Tech."

Age: 34



Gender: Male

Sexual alignment*: Straight

Moral alignment*: chaotic good

Quirk: Analysis: Alex can determine what a materials chemical compound is by sniffing it. By licking the material he can get a exact details of the chemical compound. He however has to already be familiar with the element.

Additional Equipment: Grappling hook, Ballistic mask, flashlight, various other tools and gadgets.

As a classmate/teacher/parent: Teacher, Pro Hero, QHH Costume Development Studio Staff.


+His Inventions
+Showing off his tech

-Broken Machines
-Failed Inventions
-People who abuse technology
-Large Crowds

Additional Information*:

Alex speaks extremely quickly and talks with his hands and occasionally uses big words. He seems to lack the ability to sit still.

Despite being a pro hero, he's not skilled at fighting, but skilled at using his gadgets to subdue villains.
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Name: Sarah Irino
Age: 26

Gender: Female
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual (married)
Moral Alignment: Neutral good
Quirk: Fear suppression
Sarah's quirk makes it so that anyone speaking to her gradually lose any inhibitions provoked by fear, anxiety and similar emotions, allowing them to speak and act in ways they didn't feel safe before (such as confessing their deepest problems to a stranger). The affected person still has complete control of their decisions during this, merely becoming less self-restrained the more they talk to her. The effects fade once the conversation ends.
A Japanese-american who was born in Manthattan and lived her whole life there, Sarah was a delinquent from a very young age. She was quite the trouble at her neighborhood and school, using her quirk to encourage her friends at following her in her increasingly dangerous pranks and stunts. Eventually she stepped a bit too far and got arrested, which served as an important wake-up call for her; she decided to take up Psychology and use her quirk to help people better themselves instead of causing trouble. Her rather unique experience led her to become highly requested amongst quirk schools and landed her a job at QHH.
As a staff member:
Sarah could be confused for a student with her casual demeanor and speech. She's got a golden patience and will always listen to even the most unruly of students after handing them a nice cup of coffee. Most of the teachers dislike her for being much more lax about the rules and for treating the students too much as equals and being called out as immature or a negative influence is one of the few things that will get her mad. Ultimately, however, she really does care about the well-being of everyone and won't shy away from abusing her quirk if she believes her students really need her help.
Extra: Has an extensive collection of mugs.


Ten Thousand Club
Name: goes by nobody, no one and jack
Age: 20

Gender: Female
Sexual alignment*: bi
Moral alignment*: crazy evil
Identity Erasure: Her quirk is a constantly active emission quirk that will erase the memory of the user unless direct eye contact is maintained. This quirk only affects living creatures, things like motion alarms and detection traps will still detect her and things like tracking drones do not lose their memory of her if contact is lost.
Additional Equipment*: knives, daggers, sharp things, smoke bombs, more knives
Background: Little is known of Jack's history as she will often tell multiple stories even changing details mid telling because she has decided something sounds cooler. If someone could find records on her they would only find a missing persona's report. Either way Jack is a very tricky serial killer that has eluded cops and heroes for dearly a decade, due not only to her quirk but also because of her very random temperament, she has no favored targets. Chaotic is the best way to describe jack as she tends to just do as she pleases her emotions running rampant and random, she will even invent new names for her self speak in accents or different styles just because she felt like it at the time. She has somehow joined the villains league though she admits she is evil she doesn't see what she does as wrong despite how much of a paradox that is.

Hououin Kyouma

"I'm the great mad scientist, Hououin Kyoma!"
Name: Seigen Kowareta
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Sexual alignment: Straight
Moral alignment: Lawful Good
Quirk: Limit Break – Through physical contact, he can temporarily break the limits on a person’s quirk. This effect lasts roughly around one minute.

While it is active, the typical limits placed upon the user’s quirk are removed, however, at the same time, the user’s control of their quirk can vary wildly based on the quirk and once the effects wear off the subject will be left exhausted, drained of their energy.

Additional Equipment: TBA

As a teacher: As a teacher, he’s not the type to just outright give students the answers they seek, instead more likely to drop hints and allow them to reach their own conclusions at their own pace. Has a very hands off approach to teaching.

He’s not the type to get overly worked up when students talk back, having more than enough wit to put them in their place if he has to. Despite this seemingly indifferent attitude, he’ll be one of the first to take up arms if the students are in danger.

Musik Addikt

I'm back, everyone. ^.^

Name: Mallory Sanguis
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Sexual alignment*: Heterosexual
Moral alignment*: Neutral Good
Quirk: Blood Witch
  • Control - She can freely control her blood. However, it's dangerous for her to do so while it's still in her body as it must leave it somehow. When it's out of her body, she can use it as projectiles, create a weapon, blockade, etc, etc. However, the blood only expands to up to 5 times the amount she takes out.
  • Regeneration - Her blood regenerates more quickly than a normal person so when she loses blood, it's not as big of a deal. That being said, she still has limits so using too much blood will still render her useless and she can technically still bleed out.
  • Regeneration - She also has a minor healing factor as her blood crystallizes over cuts and such to stop the bleeding. This being said, when internal organs are damaged, they must sill be repaired.
    • It's alive! - For some reason, her blood, when in contact with deceased quirkless beings (animals, quirkless people, etc), she can "resurrect" them if they died from bleeding out. However, she must use 2x the amount of blood they need, which means that it's dangerous for her if she's in a bind. Related to this point, she can also heal people who are bleeding out, but only if they're quirkless.
  • No, she is not a vampire. No she cannot consume the blood of others.
  • No she cannot consume her own blood after she uses it. Besides being contaminated, like anyone else, if she drinks too much blood at once she can die.
  • Yes she can marionette those she gives her blood to. It is her blood after all. No she will not ever do this though unless it's for a REALLY good reason.
Additional Equipment*: She always carries some type of blade just in case she has to use her quirk.

As a classmate/teacher/parent:

Both of Mallories parents were villains, and rather big time ones at that, despite operating in England. As such, when she was born, they did what every villain with a child would do: exploit them for their personal benefit. Needless to say, Mallory didn't like any of it due to the punishment she got for failing, and trust me: she failed a lot. Being exploited in various ways, it all ended a few weeks before Mallory's 15th birthday. Her parents were caught by pro heroes after being tipped off and when they raided their home, they were surprised to find a girl in her room, silently weeping, cuts draping her arms and dried blood stains covering the floor. After interrogation and questioning and etc, the Pro-heroes decided that Mallory could be saved from the path of villainry. For the next 6 months, she was taken care of by a retired pro-hero who taught her what he knew as a means of psychological help. However, her parents escaped out of prison. So, the hero made the decision to send her to America for her safety, under the care of his friend Alice Pixelada. With Mallory just now arriving, Alice decided the easiest thing to do would be to enroll her into the hero course of QHH.

+ Animals
+ Learning
+ The Occult and other supernatural things (It's a guilty pleasure)
+ Superheroes
- Her parents
- Being Locked Up
- Being Alone
- The Color Pink

Additional Information*:
She was born in England, though neither of her parents are from there.
She also keeps her fingernails sharp for the same reason that she carries a blade, except they are a last ditch effort.
She has a VERY large collection of blades and sharp weapons. Don't ask how she got it into the school.

  • Bloodbath2.jpeg


The Ningen-Slaying Supreme Kai

  • Name: Ruby Yang Maynard

    Hero Name: The Mighty Hero, Brawl Girl

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Sexual alignment: Bisexual

    Moral alignment: Lawful Good
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Name: Felin Katzenohr
Age: 17

Gender: male

Quirk: Crushing Cat
Some cat-like appearances like anime cat ears manifest him. He also likes to take naps in the warm sunlight and play with balls of fur. Also hiss at people when frustrated, threatened, etc. Also has excelling dexterity and hearing.
But that's not all. As a mixture of a cat person quirk and some basic strength quirk, Felin is able to surge super strength for short moments while he gains vertical pupils and small fangs, and muscle pain with migraine headache. Also great fatigue. For now through severe training he can use super strength for 30 seconds a day under circumstances that he has good enough rest and a nice warm cup of milk before sleep.

As a classmate/upperclassman:
Joyful, helpful, sometimes a bit active. He likes to talk with people and a lot. It could be about your pet cat Charles. It could be about your brand new blue shoes. Any happy subjects he is fine with. He is very positively reactive to people's words, being an enthusiastic audience at all times. His iconic rection is his cat ears twitching/flapping excitedly. He is generally a supportive, positive fellow.
But to himself Felin might be a bit too strict. He tries to keep a smile in front of everyone, giving himself a burden so others can stay calm. It is a habit he gained after he started training to be a hero, practicing to be a better hero every day.

-warm sunlight
-balls of fur
-warm cup of milk
-too much noise
-damp, dark places

Additional Information*:
-a classmate of Mycel Fung, and one of the few who managed to get close enough to call themselves "friends" of his.
-same grade as Mycel


Randomizedrp no more
Name: Philip "Pip" Calor

Age: 19


Gender: male

Quirk: Gelfire
Pip can make green transparent gel-like matter from his palm that he can control freely as far as he is touching it. He can choose its viscosity when he makes it, and can make the matter harden into solid matter as hard as refined wood, which in that state can no longer go fluid again.
At the state where the material is hardened into solid, Pip can trigger it to 'burn'. The material burns at 20°C, making it hardly harmful to people or any artificial substances. Any other method to set it on fire hardly works.
There is a limit of amount of the gel Pip can form per day(though it is still a massive amount due to his former extensive hero training and continued personal training). Going over the limits may make him suffer from lack of water and some nutrients such as Phosphorus, calcium, and potassium.

Additional Equipment*:
As a person: Stoic, stubborn, grumpy.
Pip's personality could have been put in a nutshell by one by shortening it as "old school hero". He wants to save the local neighbors, purge the streets of unsound crimes, and rush to help when needed. And heroes must be doing the actions right, with a righteous mind in them. He'd hate to miss a scene he could help.
That was, until, some "unfortunate events" happened. He was a part of a highschool that educated students that wish to be professional heroes that utilize their quirk to fight crime and keep order, but then Pip dropped out of the school. His only explanation was "personal reasons". Now he is seen spreading posters that hold vague comments that imply about shady happenings, all of them scribbled down with a messy handwriting and a cheap marker on various papers, sometimes extending to even napkins and toilet papers. With no doubt he had fallen to just a jealous student who wants to send out words to badmouth Queens Hero High.... but that's a matter of perspective really.
Ever after he dropped out of Queens Hero High, he changed a lot as a person. He cares less to the crimes on the streets that he would've tried helped solving if he was there a few years ago. His formerly passionate eyes now hold other, more 'less heroic' emotions- hatred, obsession, doubt. He talks with an accent of anger, now wearing an iconic scowl engraved into the wrinkles on his forehead. His eyes dart from here to there as he walks, and he constantly mumbles things that are barely unintelligible unless heard from up close. He still possesses hatred and hostility against villains and their actions, but he shows bigger hostility towards Queens Hero High.

Additional Information*:
-His "costume" consists of a jacket, jeans, mismatching sneakers and a pair of leather gloves with their palms cut out. His hero costume was returned to QHH and destroyed as he left.
-Pip is easily seen spraying papers with messages doubting QHH's actions on mornings, noons, and afternoons (the first and last usually an hour after students are busy going to/leavint from the school). Such actions earned him the name "Propaganda Boy" by the local police force.
-this is a bit pointless but he tends to pose like this when he lights a gigantic amount of his gel on fire:


#1 troll of north amarica
They are members of General Studies Class A. But they aren't sure if they made the right choice.

Name: Basie Cosmio
Age: 18
Appearance: triplet 1, glasses.
Gender: male
Sexual alignment: unclear (SOOO Gay Bisexual)
Moral alignment: unclear
Quirk: Speak no evil The user can not only read minds but communicate telepathically with others. Although not at the same time. When the user uses his quirk, he cannot speak, if he dies the quirk immediately activates as soon as air passes through their voice box.
Additional Equipment: spare glasses
Background: [tba]
+his brothers
+Jazz Music
-being startled. (Easily startled.)
Additional Information:
-Second oldest triplet
-he can play the sax.
Name: Florent Cosmio
Age: 18
Appearance: second triple
Gender: male
Sexual alignment: unclear (Bisexual)
Moral alignment: unclear
Quirk: See no evil The user can erase the quirk of anyone he sees for up to three minutes, but a lot less depending on blood Type. He can also erase no more then 3 quirks at once due to losing his vision with each erased quirk. Once he cant see he can no longer erase quirks of course.
Additional Equipment:
Background: [tba]
+his brothers.
+Classical Music
Additional Information:
-oldest of the triplets
Name: Ludovic Cosmio
Age: 18
Appearance: third triplet
Gender: male
Sexual alignment: unclear (SOOOOOOOOOOO GAY Bisexual.)
Moral alignment: unclear
Quirk: Hear No Evil (Other names: Snake tongue, Devil’s Advocate) The user can pick out an opponent(op) and the op can only hear what the user decides they can. This even includes what the user says. When the quirk is active the user’s hearing is greatly dampened, but heightened to the voice of the opponent. The op is also more likely to listen to what the user says, more susceptible to their honey dipped words. The quirk only effects the op fir as long as they can keep their attention.
Additional Equipment: spare eyepatches.
Background: [tba]
+his brothers
-winter clothes
Additional Information:
-youngest triplet
-Has total crush on Camron.
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“You think you’re so tough, baby? Put your hands up.”

Name: Helena “Lust” Pothos
Age: 36
Gender: Female
Sexual alignment: Asexual
Moral alignment: Neutral Evil

Quirk: Love's war

Allows the user to manifest pink aura guns/explosives which shoot and explode a special pink substance called "Willbreaker". The Willbreaker will go through clothes and even partially armor/thin walls and stick to the human body, stealing normal (non-quirk related) sugar and adrenaline from the blood circulation and replacing it with dopamine. The effects of this is that the target will gradually be brought to a state of blissful stupor as they get hit, losing stamina and increasing susceptibility on the weak-willed until they pass out from low sugar.

How she uses it: Lust offers the Villains League an overwhelming amount of supressive and cover fire, pushing her enemies into cover so the villains can execute their plans unimpeded. She tends to not move much in a team formation and only uses physical fight as a last resort, although she's reasonably proficient at that as well.

Drawbacks/limitations: The quirk uses one's own hormones to make the weapons and ammo, which leads to all sort of unexpected effects if one tries to overuse it. Currently, however, Lust boast a specially strong synergy with Jun Himura's quirk, which causes her to produce immense amounts of hormones to fuel her quirk.

Additional equipment: Carries a real AK-47 and a knife in case one might be resistant to her quirk.

Helena Pothos was born in Athens, Greece, in a rather average middle-class family. While her family was quite average, Helena herself was far from that: even from a tender age, she always stood out due to her nearly inhuman beauty. No matter where she went, they would always see her for that trait and that only, leaving an immense abyss between her and everyone else. Even her family didn't seem to take her problems seriously, treating her as if her looks could fix any and all her problems. Coming into highschool, Helena was a very lonely and troubled girl indeed.

Coming into highschool, however, Helena would meet the boy who changed her life, Luke. Luke was unlike anyone she'd ever met, the first person that saw her for more than just her face and body. He also encouraged her to take a stand and disregard all those who belittled her, and taking that approach did improve her life quite a bit. For the longest time it was just Helena and Luke against the world, skipping classes and sneaking out of home at night to head in all sorts of illegal adventures, and she was never happier.
Months passed and Helena grew closer and closer to the boy, reaching the fateful point where Luke proposed that they had relations. Being asexual herself, Helena was hesitant to go through with it, but accepted it, fearing to lose her one true friend if she didn't. In the end, it hadn't been as bad as she thought it would be - if anything, she was indifferent to it all.
But then... That's when it all went to hell.
Helena woke up quietly on the next day, finding Luke on the phone at the next room. She sneaked near the door and, caving in to curiosity, listened to him talk:

"Yeah I'm telling you, dude! I finally fucked the bitch. And it was so sweet it almost made up for keeping up with all her bullshit, almost. If I'm keeping her? Fuck no, i've got other hoes to bang. Less-crazy ones at that."

Overtook by sorrow and rage, Helena leapt at Luke and took his life on that very spot, drenched in her own tears as she did it. It marked the end of her regular life, but if she were to be honest with herself, it was something long due to happen. She hid the body, packed her things and promptly fled greece before the police could trace her, heading to NY to start fresh. The new Helena stopped following others in their felonies and started to plot her own schemes, acting as both a leader and a mom to several other lost souls she empathized with at the underbelly of the city. She quickly became known for being extremely loyal and understanding of her thugs as the same time as she was ruthless to anyone else, turning a band of rejects into a force to be reckoned with.

When Helena met Jun, her power and influence grew enough that the villains league set their eyes on her and offered her the spot as the Lust sin for their organization. She had no problems with accepting it, with the one condition that her gang/family could follow suit; she wouldn't be anyone without them, after all.

+ Outcasts
+ Dancing Music
+ Playing with her food (metaphorically)
- Nice guys
- Cold
- Blood (would much rather end a fight with her quirk than shoot someone)

Additional Information:
Helena’s name in the combination of Helen of Troy with Pothos, Greek personification of sexual longing.
Theme song:

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