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Multiple Settings Novella Length Role-play Anyone?

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(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ ~ Angel here reporting for duty ~ ♥
Hello! I'm Angel, but you can call me Tsundere-chan or just about any other nickname that comes to mind! I'm new to this site, and slightly new to role-playing, but I hope that you'll all bear with me! ^^

I believe myself to be a novella length writer, my role-play replies usually have 6+ para in them. A few people that I've role-played with have been surprised that I've only been role-playing for a month and I already write so much, but I think that it's just due to the fact that I'm an aspiring author and already used to writing a lot.

I've been very hung up on slice of life and fantasy role-plays recently, they really tickle my fancy. I love to create characters for these types of things, and it's fun to make cute little interactions between characters!!

I find myself not being very good at doubling up yet but able to play a few characters at once since there will often be side characters in roleplays. I like to soley focus on two characters though, the characters in the pairing.

I enjoy to have romance as the main genre, but I also love to add in other things like angst, fluff, action, adventure, etcetera.

I know that some people have age restriction stuff, but I'm pretty open. While I won't talk OOC about anything remotely personal with minors, I'll still plan roleplays with people under the age of 18. And if you're the type of person who only roleplays with people who are over the age of 18, I am over the age of 18 (only by a bit though, I'm 19 years old, turning 20 soon) so we should be cool to roleplay together!

Now the exciting part - the pairings/mini plot ideas! As I've stated before, I've been really enjoying Slice of Life and Fantasy roleplays, so I'll be looking for those types of plots and pairings right now! Also, my characters are typically female, I don't really own any male characters. And on the note of my characters, I either use character descriptions or anime face claims! Tell me which you prefer.

❤Slice of Life Pairings❤
Coffee Shop Barista x Customer
I know that it's cliche, but who doesn't like some good old cliched fluff and cuteness? I've been fond of this fluffy idea for a while now, it sounds very cute! I'd love for my character to be the coffee shop barista in this.

Married Couple
Skip all of the slow burn and just go straight into the romance and fluff! I've always wanted to explore the idea of role-playing a cute married couple because it just sounds so adorable!

Introverted High School Student x Extroverted High School Student
Another cliched idea, but you have to admit, it sounds adorable! I would like my character to be the introverted high school student in this pairing.

Childhood Best Friends to Lovers
I will never get tired of this trope. It's so adorable!! And it can also merge into the plot right above this if wanted!

❤Fantasy Pairings❤
Princess x Prince
Jumping in first with a medieval fantasy pairing! There are so many tropes that can be used for this - arranged/forced marriage, possible runaways, they were already secretly dating, they're meeting for the first time, etcetera - and I love it! I even already have a princess character for this.

Prince x Bodyguard
I love the trope of a Prince needing a female bodyguard! It just flips around the usual princess needing a male bodyguard completely and it's awesome! I actually already have a bodyguard character for this.

Mage x Ghost
In a world where mages can summon ghosts, a mage summons his/her first ghost and falls in love with them! The mage can do anything with the ghost - for example, the mage can hold the ghost's hands and it'll feel like actual hands - which makes the ghost's life a whole lot less lonely. I'd love foe my character to be the ghost in this pairing!

I'm also up to hear any plot and pairing ideas that you think I'll like! I hope to find some roleplay partners!


The Pun Tyrant The Gif Hydra
You seem like a pretty awesome character. I sent a PM with some more info on the details, but here's hoping we can work together!

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