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i'm not rich, but i'm a little bit of a bitch ;)
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Hiya all!
I'm currently looking for some more RolePlays. I'm generally pretty open and happy to negotiate, so even if you don't see any settings/pairings you like, don't hesitate to shoot me a message!

I'm generally a literate roleplayer, though it also depends on my partner and the effort they're adding into their replies to what I can provide.
I prefer male x female roles. I don't really do female x female or male x male, simply because I tend to lose interest.
I often reply daily, if not every second or third day, unless I notify you otherwise.

Here are a few rules/guidelines...

I'm not too bothered all that much about grammar, as long as your spelling and literacy is decent and I can understand what has been written. Please no text speech in the RP unless your character is writing an actual text/note/letter.

Length and Literacy
Please be at least semi-literate. I need at least one to two paragraphs to be able to write a reply that I feel isn't me slacking off.

As my main characters, I play females only.
Though, as secondary/background characters I can play both males and females.

Gender Pairings
I do MXF. I don't really do FXF or MXM.

Dropping the RP
Please, please please tell me. Often I come to really enjoy them and I don't want to wait around for a reply that's never going to come.
If you don't like something about how our RP is going, just let me know. I'm happy to negotiate and want to ensure we're both enjoying what we're writing. I'm also not going to kill you if you decide you want to drop it, I would just prefer that you let me know!

Going Away
If you're going to be away for a long period of time, please let me know so I don't think I've been ghosted - I will also do the same!

I really do most things and I'm pretty open.

Younger sister x brothers best friend romance

Husband going off to war X wife

Werewolves - One female is mated to twin brothers - kind of a love triangle struggle idea

Would also love some new ideas pitched my way!!

Here are a few things I do do:

Supernatural Creatures:

Arranged Marriages.
College Romance.
Female accidentally placed in male college dorm romance.
Enemies turned lovers.
Romance between a royal/high class individual and a lower ranked individual (e.g. princess x personal guard)
A 'The Witcher' inspired roleplay (Netflix Series)
A 'Shadow and Bone' inspired roleplay (Netflix Series)

However, as I said, I am open. I can do many more topics, and I'm also open to fandoms (although they are mostly focused on books), ect. Just ask!

NOTE: All of my roleplays contain romance.

That's about all I can think of right now. Just message me if you want to request something/discuss!

Thanks for reading.

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