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Not in my bedroom! A-Z


a.k.a. hot volcano chick
In alphabetical order, mention something that you wouldn't want to find in your bedroom.

I'll start with letter A, then the next person does letter B and so on, continuing with C, D, E, etc.
You can write a whole sentence as long as the very first word remains in alphabetical order.



a.k.a. hot volcano chick
(Sleep on the sofa tonight, just in case. If she's in your bedroom she'll get tired of waiting and she'll go away)

Einstein. The guy was cool, but he's dead, so it would be awkward to say the least.


Ultimate Spider-Fan
King Arthur
That would be so creepy if I opened the door one day and he was just standing there 0_0 (Though I do have some questions I would like to ask him)

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