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Fandom Nostalgic and new anime fandoms (JJK, Drrr!! and more)

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Hiya! I've been rewatching a lot of anime I used to like as a teen, as well as getting into some new ones, and I thought it might be neat to RP for some of them.

Please read through my rules and about first and be ready to provide a writing sample so we can see if our styles click before we get into something we might not end up enjoying. I'll send you one as well if you want me to!

- in my mid-20s
- they/them pronouns
- no word count requirement as long as you give me something to work with
- no post frequency requirement -> due to real life stuff it's extremely unlikely I'll be able to reply every day and sometimes maybe not even every week (even though I usually try for once a week at least), if this is an issue for you we won't work as partners
- some triggers
- strong preference for queer ships and characters
- romance is not a must, but it's nice

What I'd like from my partner:
- 20+ years of age
- ability to play any gender or pairing - I will not budge on this
- patience, honesty, communication -> please tell me if you need a break, aren't interested anymore or would like to try something else, I'll do the same!
- plot with me! get excited with me!
- OOC chatter would be really nice, I've found that I lose motivation if I don't get to chat with my partner about the RP and in-between posts.

My no-gos and peeves/not into:
- major character death
- canon x OC
- Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics, non-con (specifically between our characters), dom/sub dynamics
- gay relationships being categorised as “yaoi/yuri”. Like seme/uke type of relationships
- mpreg
- heavy mental health themes
- romantic or sexual relationships involving underage characters, especially not minor x adult
- age play, de-aging, aging up characters for shipping reasons
- I’m not really into doubling, but I’ll play other characters in the background for setting and stuff.
- If you're someone who uses other people's artwork of their characters as references for your own characters, don't bother messaging me. We won't get along.
- Send me a song rec in your message if you've read all this, any genre goes.

Okay! Now that that's all done with, here's what I'm looking for!

1) Durarara!! Shizaya (Shizuo Heiwajima x Izaya Orihara) mostly based on how the characters are portrayed in the light novels. Could be set anytime during or after canon events, gladly taking into consideration the Izaya spin-off novels as well. (I'm still in the process of reading the novels, so my knowledge is basic, but I'm soaking up info and descriptions like a sponge as I read.)
AUs and canon divergence are cool too so long as the characters' initial relationship remains the same.
Would like to play as Izaya.

2) Jujutsu Kaisen Nanago (Kento Nanami x Satoru Gojo). No real preferences here, I just think they're neat. Hit me up with ideas if you wanna!
Am caught up with the manga!

3) Here's a long shot: does anyone know the anime Working!!/Wagnaria!! ? I'd love to RP some Jun Sato x Hiroomi Souma, with Kyouko Shirafuji x Yachiyo Todoroki as an established background relationship, but I feel like writing m// right now and I don't double, so it'd really be just... well, a background fact, sorta.
Would like to play as Souma.

4) Something along the lines of Natsume's Book of Friends with adult OCs? Could be more horror and less light-hearted too.

I like there to be some action and angst in my roleplays, but for option three I'd be good with some simple slice of life as well. .....with minimal angst. Just a little bit. For fun.

If anyone is interested, feel free to shoot me a message rather than commenting here!
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