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I'mma Die On Top
It’s a bit of nostalgia time, which I know will not appeal to everyone, but hey! You don’t find if you don’t search.

Please read the rules, there’s a code in there that you need to include in your message to me.


  • Don’t God-Mod. In other words, don’t control characters that aren’t yours. Don’t make them talk, don’t make them act, just don’t. This is only true of Main Characters, NPCs are generally free game unless they’re “called” NPCs (which we would discuss). Movement is negotiable, especially if they’re already moving. It’s really just acting, reacting, and dialogue that pisses me off. Time skips and movement are kind of needed at times, though when in down, ask OOC.
  • I double. I want you to double. I want you to also fill out the cast of our stories with me, pick up NPCs of major and minor sorts, and grow them into fully fleshed out characters where needed or useful. With that, I expect you to be able to play more than one type of character, and more than one gender. If all you have are brooding antiheroes or independent women, I’m not the one for you. Now if you have both brooding antiheroes and independent women, come talk to me!
  • No one-liners. I honestly expect on the low side, 300-500 words, and on the high side, 700-2000. Yeah. High can get…high. But it depends on the scene. Don’t fluff things up needlessly, I understand 300 word posts in high action or high dialogue scenes.
  • I only RP on threads, I will not RP in PMs, and it’s unlikely I’ll RP off-site. I do have some on gDocs, but I don’t like cluttering those up. If you’ve read this far, tell me your favorite food.
  • PM me if you’re interested, don’t comment on this thread, unless you cannot PM me due to the new user 10 post/24 hour rule.

  • I like talking OOC, in PMs. I don’t do discord or anything, but please keep up conversations with me in our PM!
  • Don’t bump the IC thread. I will ghost immediately if that happens. If it’s been a couple of days, hit me up in PM.
  • Keep OOC to the PM thread, as well, please. Basically, keep IC and OOC separate is what I’m saying, haha.

Doctor Who
Tl;dr: No Clara, OC Doctor, OC Master, OC Companions. Jack Harkness negotiable. Gallifrey returns story.

Long story short, I had a GREAT Doctor Who RP some years back, that unfortunately died. There was a moment of rekindling, but the partner vanished again.

I’m looking to play an OC Male Doctor that appears after the 11th Incarnation. The reasoning for him being able to go into a 13th form, will involve River Song’s sacrifice in “Let’s Kill Hitler” –she sacrificed an indeterminate number of lives. I don’t mind playing across any kind of HUMAN OC; alien OCs negotiable. I also don’t mind romance with him.

I’m also looking to play two siblings, one as a main companion, to The Master, post-Saxon, ignoring everything Missy (since the Doctor’s story doesn’t get that far). I’d prefer the Master played male, but that’s up to negotiation. I’d also prefer the Master free of the drums, as I have story arc ideas in mind for this, but that’s also open to debate – the Master wouldn’t know how they were free of the drums initially.

So, the story would ideally have these beats: on the Doctor’s side, he’s kind of going through another immortality phase, gets a new companion, and finds various clues that point to the Master and/or Gallifrey being around still.

The Master, for his part, may not have an “arch” so much as trying to figure out who they are without the drums in their head, but of course, everything leads to the Doctor.

The stories would be episodic in nature, naturally, exploring first the relationships between the companions and time lords. Ideally, they would build to a “Christmas Special” kind of crossover. An idea I have with that, is the Archangel Satellites were still up in the air, and ended up being used by the Xhinn (tl;dr, conquering psionic aliens) through Christmas Music, rather than through cell phone suggestion. So we’d have this foreshadowing going along whenever the group returned to Earth and heard Christmas Music.

The Siblings I have in mind are latent psionics, since I figure that’s the only way they’d even be able to deal with the Master as somewhat equals, given his penchant for manipulation. One of them stood up to the Master in the Year That Never Was, one of them died right off.

Naturally, the Xhinn try their attack on Christmas, taking over the humans that couldn’t resist, and it’s up to the Time Lords to fix things – and naturally, cross paths.

From there, this would no doubt arch into stories of either avoiding each other, or working together, while also building to the return of Gallifrey, and the subplot of Time and Death attempting to reclaim their Champions. The previous story had outlines for using the Great Vampires and the Celestial Toymaker, but I’m very open to adapting things and making it our own.

The OC(s) you bring to the table at the Doctor’s side, will also very much influence things. Ideally, I’d love for there to be some connection between our OCs, whether in the current time, or the Year That Never Was.

I’m also open to reconsidering some of this for a Doctor Who RP, however, in any of them I will expect the Master and Doctor to be involved as major players, I will be playing a Male Doctor, and I won’t go beyond the 11th, or play a Canon Doctor. Everything since Clara got involved kind of turned me off to the show with her rewriting the Doctor’s history. I still love it, and I’ve got plenty of Old Who to watch, and I may even one day return to the newer stuff, but as of now, that’s not happening, so this is what I’m looking for.

Devil May Cry
Tl;dr: DMC 1-3 period, not interested in things after that. Dante doesn’t abandon Vergil.

I’ve only played DMC 1-3. I’ve watched the Anime. I read the two mangas. I used to cosplay Vergil.

I have no interest in DMC 4-5, I’m not opposed to taking elements from it, but so far as plots, stories, and characters, nah.

I’m looking to play either within the DMC 3 story, or shortly afterwards, assuming Dante doesn’t abandon Vergil to Hell and pursues ways to get him out.

I have a demon OC of the Pride Choir that I’d like to play ideally across Vergil, though I can be talked into playing her across Dante, and playing Vergil myself. I like assholes. Her main motivation is getting rid of Mundus once and for all.

If she’s on Earth, she’s likely a recent escapee from Hell.

If she’s in Hell, well, she’s been there for a while and obviously hates everything about Mundus not being as sealed as she’d like.

DMC: Original
Tl;dr: complete and utter rip-off of siblings having drama over power.

Similar kind of idea, only with an all OC cast, and our own world-building. Ideally, siblings separated sometime ago, are also inheritors of halves of a key. One of them decides they want to go forward with unlocking things, the other is probably oblivious to all of this, may even think their sibling is dead.

I love the kind of tension in siblings on opposing sides. Like Prince of Egypt, Devil May Cry, and so many other things, it’s delicious. Obviously, they also need sidekicks, like Arkham and Lady.

I prefer playing the “evil” one, so I’d be looking for a side-kick, and then I’d play the side-kick for the “good” sibling.

I do still like the overall theme of trying to open a path to another dimension for power. Hell works in a pinch, half-demons are also totally chill if we want to do that. I’m not too keen on fantasy things like fae, and I don’t see as much fun in this with vampires, so I do kind of default towards demons/angels, but I’m open to a pitch.

Kingdom Hearts
Tl;dr: I know and like KH1, CoM, and 2. Anything else is blasphemy. Some “original” ideas.

I played KH, KH CoM, and KH 2. After that, my resentment towards the series began, and I want nothing to do with the rest of it. So that means I’m looking for someone willing to ignore the events of KH3, and the other games that came out after KH2.

This could be a completely OC thing, where we take the story of Kingdom Hearts, but put in our own cast, create/decide on different Princess of Heart and/or methods to open Kingdom Hearts. I’ve done this before using the idea of FF4’s Red Wings as kind of the World Order guardians, and it was quite interesting.

We can also do this with the cast of Sora and Co and do some changes to it. I’d prefer to age them up, for one, but that’s negotiable.

Another thing I’ve had fun with is making the Coliseum more of a hub than Traverse Town or Radiant Garden, and using groups of heroes from there.

Really, the thing that upset me with KH, was Everyone is Xehanort, the multiple ways the person can split, and that a Keyblade Master choses the new Keyblade Master, and there’s an entire friggin’ school. The idea that the Keyblade picks the master and was a kind of mysterious weapon was far more appealing to me, and if ONE MORE PERSON ends up being Xehanort I’m gonna flip a table.

Tl;dr, this doesn’t actually need a tl;dr, it’s short, just open it.

I want to play in the FFXII world with OCs and Canons.

I want to do a Pre-Yuna or No-Yuna FFX story. Tragedy abounds.

I want to do a post-FFVIII story, where Hyne is the main villain, and sorceresses are being murdered.

I’ll elaborate if these interest anyone, but I’ve elaborated in other threads so I’m keeping this short.

Vampire Hunter D
Tl;dr: the universe of D, minus D, unless you want D.

I have a Noble character I like to play, who’s locked in their own kind of Iron Wall. Their city is great, thriving, but no one gets out, and that’s causing issues when people go missing. So of course, there’s a bounty on their head.

The Noble is doing this in part to keep it a secret of where she is, what she has, and other sorts of things, because her Sire has awoken, and she is not prepared to face him. She’s still bound by the blood to obey his whims, so she’s also looking for a hunter.

The story could go on from there, but that’s the gist of it, and certainly up for adaptation.

No canons needed, this can be a completely OC story set in the world. I don’t plan to play D, but if you want to, go ahead.

Tl;dr, I am Netflix trash and this is based on Netflix.

Based on the Netflix show, not the games, I’m sorry for those of you who love the games.

I have a Witch I’d like to play across Carmilla – an actual Witch, so demon familiar involved.

I also have a Vampire who’s opposed to Dracula that I think could be fun in the Trevor party – and yes, across from Trevor.

I’m okay playing Sypha, Alucard, and Trevor. I can try out Hector, possibly Isaac, though I just get such Ace vibes from him that it might be tricky for me to convincingly play him in any relationship.

I’m not playing Dracula, Godbrand, Cho as LIs. Probably not the others, honestly, though you can try.

Vampires, in General
Tl;dr, I have lots of vampire characters and nothing to do with them.

First off, my vampires die in sunlight. Full stop.

I’ve been wanting to do something with vampires, but I haven’t quite figured out what. I have a few “types” I play, though, so I figured I’d outline that a bit here and see if any work.

The first type is usually the badass from Ancient Rome who’s accrued wealth, prestige, and plenty of enemies. Definitely committed war crimes and atrocities.

I have a family of three – ancient as fuck “Father”, Roman daughter, and Victorian Son. Usually, the Father ends up in a villain role for the RP as a whole. It could involve vampiric origins, demons, ghosts, etc., but it would involve more.

I have a Victorian pair who are still kind of getting their bearings in the world as vampires, since their sire was, uh, killed by one of them.

I also have a vampire I place usually between Renaissance through 1920s era who’s usually alongside a werewolf that spends her time writing terrible (but profitable) romance novels in the modern day. May also have a job as a professor. Not as fleshed out, but has potential.

I then have a vampire that works when Diablerie/Amaranth is a thing (tl;dr, you absorb power from draining other vampires), who is usually created in the 1920s-1950s, and is stupidly strong for her age because of that. Fell into the wrong crowds, is trying to get a grip on the situation, and figure out the “right” path going forward. May be at the beginning of this, could also be in a kind of Prince “oh shit” position. Can also work in the Triad, where it’s Father, Son from the Medieval Age, and Modern Daughter.

I have various plot bunnies and ideas, but not much solid, so if these seem at all interesting, hit me up.

With regards to powers, I assume all vampires have enhanced strength, agility, etc. I also assume bites are pleasurable, with some exceptions. As for additional powers, I tend to go with the rule that they get One. If they have others, it’s either for Age reasons, or Diablerie reasons.

I also prefer to play in modern times.

Monster Hunting, General
Tl;dr, inspired by everything that makes you question the morality of hunting monsters.

I like the Witcher show.

I like Pokemon, I like Dark Souls, I like Skyrim, I like the FFXII monster hunting club. I like games with groups around hunting down monsters, and I think this could be fun to work with, where it gets increasingly more complicated, a la Witcher, where it turns out the Witchers are responsible for the monsters, or it turns out not all the monsters are, you know, monsters.

This would definitely be based more in a medieval fantasy setting, rather than modern. I don’t have any grand ideas for this, but it’s still something I think could be fun.

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