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Fandom Noble Souls: Armageddon [NOW ACCEPTING AGAIN]

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After blocking the blow, Zi-O switched his sword to it gun mode and shot a bullet which Shiva swipes it away. He then attaches his Saikyo Girade and his base Ridewatch to fire off an explosive arrow, hitting Shiva and getting caught in the ensuing detonation. When the smoke clears, Shiva is severely injured. He is bleeding very badly, but he is much more angrier than he is now.

And then his body gets is engulfed in a dark blue aura. His fellow Devas quickly get the wind of this, knowing what Shiva is about to unleash. This is something that greatly worries them. "Oh no, he's not what I think he's going to do, right?" Kartikeya asked. "It...It seems so." Ganesha answered with a nervous gulp. "It looks like Shiva is about to unleash his greatest weapon; if you ever read the Mahabharata Ramayana, then you'll know what it is. If not, Parvati..." Brahma spoke to Woz, glancing over to Parvati.

"Pashupata, Shiva's greatest weapon, a powerful destructive force that can annihilate anything, be it creation, life, or even concepts. It is a very forbidden weapon perse, and he's going to unleash it against the likes of your fighter. Normally he wouldn't use that against lesser beings, but the fact that he is going to use it on Zi-O would mean two things; he has earned the destroyer's entire wrath...and respect." Parvati explained.

"Tokiwa Sougo, Zi-O, there exists a few good men who have survived my wrath and earned my respect. Most people would only earn nothing but my wrath should they oppose me. Not only have you earned my wrath, but you have also earned my respect as well. I shall tell you right now that for this next attack, you may not survive. But if you're so brave to take it on, and even survive it, then it will confirm that I may have no match against you. Will you accept?" Shiva spoke as the aura begins to grow bigger with ever second.

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  • --Zi-O II Vs. Shiva--
    OST: Kaio-Ken --> Future Guardian(Instrumental)

    At last, we've come to an ultimatum. The attack was more potent than I'd anticipated, the god was more injured, not only that...His face was filled with rage. Then, he spoke. His voice was calm, yet heavy. Each word quaked the very fabric of the battlefield. If I'm being honest, I'm having a hard time thinking I could make it, but...

    "Of course." I nodded, detaching the Saikyo Girade and transforming the Zikan Girade into a sword. "If I don't do this, then I won't be able to forgive myself, even after death." I said with a bit of guilt, reattaching the two together to form a great sword. I activated my future vision in order to predict what was coming, still speaking my spiel despite knowing that I may not survive. "That's what this battle's all about for me. To get rid of this guilt. To forgive myself from failing them. For becoming the Overlord they didn't want me to be. For being too weak to save them." I detached the Zi-O face and attached it onto the Ridewatch slot. The sword glowed bright gold, creating a pillar of light that reached the heavens. A golden ring appeared around the pillar, and like a baseball player, I lowered my stance, tapping on the black and gold ridewatch.


    "Let's do this! Your all against my own!" I growled, the beam of light intensifying, roaring like flames. "Don't you dare hold back, Shiva-kun!" I spoke his name as if we were old friends, knowing that this might be my last.

    This is it. The Showdown. If I survive through this, then everything's coming up my way.

    Geiz. Tsukiyomi. Minato...Everyone. Please, lend me your strength! Lend me your strength to forgive myself!
Zi-O is ready, and after saying his words and even calling out his name, Shiva smiles. "Then it is settled. I value life, but the rules are rules. Here I come, Zi-O!" He yelled before he dashes towards Zi-O, one of his fists reeled back ready to deliver a very devastating punch to end everything.

"This is it." Brahma said.

"So it all comes to this now." Vishnu spoke.

"Father..." Ganesha mumbled.

"Don't fail us now." Kartikeya muttered.

"Shiva..." Parvati said.

"Sougo, please..." Karma said, and The Discoverer said nothing but gulped nervously.

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--Zi-O II Vs. Shiva--
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I span the belt the moment Shiva rushed towards me, raising my blade as the final grandfather clock rang out its last chime, the blade of light glowing as bright as the sun itself.


"SEIYYAAAAAA!!!!" I let out a mighty roar as I swung all of my temporal might down on Shiva's fist of destruction. The light growing as it moved. Katana lined up the sides of the blade. And to those who could read it, it said exactly what you'd think it says. 'King Giri Giri Slash'. This blade of light was strengthened by the Time Break, which surrounded it with pink and golden katana spelling out the onomatopoeia for Slash around, sending out pink and golden clock-ring shaped shockwaves all over the arena in its impact--and or it's clash with Shiva's final attack.

It was at this moment, that I left my hands on the very thing I'm supposed to have complete reign over--the very thing I'm now ironically rebelling against in the words of Woz himself--

The fate of Sougo has been sealed

The blade has been brought down as Shiva draws near, but when his fist collides with it, the energy begins to fade away as it goes through. When it came into contact with the sword, it breaks instantly. As the fist is about to make contact to Zi-O's head, his life would flash before his very eyes. It may be long to him, but it was very brief. When Shiva's fist hits his head, it blows completely off, leaving only a headless body of Zi-O standing.

It is over.

Zi-O's body, however, is standing completely still. Shiva realizes just how remarkable his opponent was. Zi-O is somebody who just won't go down. Impressed, as the body slowly crumbles, Shiva gets down on one knee and bows in respect. "May you rest in peace, Tokiwa Sougo. Thank you, I really had fun." He said, his upper arms clasps together and then opening up, releasing rose petals as they're being blown by the wind along with the dust that is Zi-O's body.

As Shiva stands up, Heimdall shouts "And the winner of this match, Shiva!" The crowd roars in amazement, chanting Shiva's name in praise. The destroyer looks up at the sky and a tear falls off from his eye as he walks out of the battlefield.

Sixth Round Results:
Winner: Shiva
Total Time: 21 minutes, 27 seconds
Deciding Move: Pashupata

Mortals 3-Gods 3

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--Sougo Tokiwa--
OST: Over Quartzer ~ Acoustic Cover

I think you've heard this once before, but...Did you know that when you're about to die, your life flashes before your eyes? Every memory, even the ones pushed and repressed to the back of your mind will play out. As quick as a second, or as slow as it really was.

Within this fraction of a second I realized...Just how dull I really am. I'm...Just an average guy. I wasn't meant to be a King--it was just a childhood dream I clung to in order to cope with my Parents death. Yet, within this resurfacing of my memories I realized...Maybe...This was all for the best.

Geiz' last words were meant to encourage me to become the King that Ohma Wasn't--the Kind and Noble King.

It wasn't just Geiz. It was everyone. They all believed in me--they all thought I'd do the right thing. Even Hiryu, who vowed to steal my everything. I had everyone's support and yet...

Ahaha...I'm such an idiot, aren't I? I never really stood a chance against him. I...Never really needed forgiveness. I'd done nothing wrong, hadn't I?

With that, the fist closed in onto me, and everything went dark. It seems my story ends here. The Tale of the King Who Never Reigned.

But hey...Maybe my death will bring about something new. After all, destruction must come before creation.

I can only wonder what'll come after my death, as my last lingering thoughts faded.



I'm sorry for dying.

...And Goodbye for good.



Seeing Sougo lose didn't seem to faze the scarfed Prophet. However, his eyes did say that he was saddened. The King that he had served for decades on end...Gone in an instant. He didn't even say his goodbyes to everyone. What a shame.

What a darn shame.

Woz made his way to the hall where the fighters were supposed to return and soon flung his scarf. Retrieving some of the things he knew Junichiro would want to keep. Zi-O's Ridewatch, cracked along its face. The Ziku Driver, which now had a hole in its face and had lost all of its color. And of course, the Golden Ridewatch, which remained empty for the duration of the match.

"M'lord...I wonder for what reason had you made this watch?" Woz pondered, gripping the ridewatch. "And for whom...?" He could only ask himself as he walked back to the locker room, where a grieving Junichiro would sit in silence, still coming to terms with that fact now...He's all alone.

A sad day, for the Tokiwa bloodline.
There was nothing that The Discoverer or Karma can do but to look at Junichiro as he sat silently, trying to process what happened. Woz comes in at a bad timing. The Discoverer and Karma turn to him and the former walks over to say "Woz, let us leave Junichiro alone for now. He needs some time to mourn." And with that, The Discoverer and Karma makes their leave, but before that, Karma glances at Junichiro one last time before quietly saying "Sorry..."

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Rewinding back to the time of a hard fought battle, between the Doom Slayer and the devil himself, a short sparring match between two champions is also underway. The spectators, Ane, Goll and Lizel, were getting to know each other, while Ban watched the fight closely, not paying the others much of any mind. Little Goll was finding comfort in petting Ane's fur, and didn't seem to be worried at all about the fight anymore.

"watch the ears, kid." Ane spoke up. She was enjoying the attention Goll was giving her, but she was some what entitled. Lizel knelt down to Goll again. "So, maybe I should introduce myself. My name is Lizel, what's yours?" She smiled at the young girl while speaking to her. Both Shishio and Alexander's fighting prowess was exciting in their own right, so it had slipped her mind that this girl is a complete mystery to all of them. Where she even came from was unknown. They were a fair way away from the main spectical, she thought. Lizel patiently waited for Goll, as did Ane.
"Okie~" Goll seems to be enjoying herself petting Ane around. She never met such a creature before, this definitely is a first. Lizel knelt down and introduced herself before asking her name. "I'm Goll, and I'm a valkyrie, a demigod. And I just realized now that I should be against you mortals...but because Ane is so cute, fluffy, and nice, I forgot that I should hate you." She said "Or maybe be disgusted at you like the other gods. Oh yeah, and my big sister, Brynhildr, killed one of your fighters. Also-"

"GOLL!!!" A woman yelled in a angry tone. Goll turned to see Brynhildr approaching her with a very stern look on her face. Goll smiles as she runs over to her. "Lady Brynhildr, look!" She said, lifting up Ane for her to see. Brynhildr looks down at the little ball of fluff, shooting a deathly glare...before giving Ane a headpat. "...so cute..." She quietly mumbled, not wanting to make it seem she finds Ane appealing. "This is Ane." Goll said. "I see, but what are you doing hanging out with these mortals?" Brynhildr asked. "Well, there was a fight, and I got curious. This creature is very nice to me. She gave me a carrot." Goll explained. "Very well, but have they done anything wrong with you?" Brynhildr asked again to which Goll shook her head as she replies "No, they did not hurt me or anything. I'm telling you that they're nice people."

Brynhildr looks up at the people Goll is with for a brief moment before looking down at the valkyrie and say "I'll let you hang out with them. But if any other god sees what you're doing, come back to me and I'll handle the rest. They'll think that you're a traitor should they find out." Goll nods as she say "Don't worry, I'll be careful. I'll just keep playing with Ane, that's all." Brynhildr gives a nod before giving her littlest sister a headpat before walking away.

"Mortals were made as little more than playthings for the gods. The fact that they have become so strong to be able to kill some is alarming. Then again, there do exists mortals that while not strong, but are more emotional and compassionate than the rest, ones that happen to have really strong sense of goodness. Yes, good mortals do exist. This is something that the gods have forgotten. Mankind was made to be evil for their entertainment, but then there exist a small fraction of them that shows them how to care and love. Am I starting to regret killing Fenyx? I did volunteer, but only because I'm saving mankind the wrath of the All-Father. A lowly valkyrie, who is also the highest and oldest of the rest, has slain someone meant to be a subject of Odin's wrath, while at the same time saved her from getting into the trouble of fighting him, knowing well of his abilities. Fenyx, I'm sorry it had to be this way. If only...I could bring you back. If only...I have turned against the gods. Then...perhaps I'll be one of those gods who are secretly in kahoots with the Hyper God. I know that he is hiding something; a plan that will affect and change everything. Whatever that is, I'll be sure to watch out for it."

Meanwhile at the viewing room, as Zeus watches the arena, someone is knocking on the door. "Come in!" Zeus yelled and the door opens as Hermes steps in. "My lord, I have successfully informed the combatant of humanity of his time. He should be the first to be introduced." Hermes said. "Good, now I want you to accompany me." Zeus said as he gets off his seat and make his way to the door. "To where, my lord?" Hermes asked and Zeus turns his head, looking at the messenger until his eyes widen in realization. "I see, but isn't this a bit too early, my lord? I know that the mortals and gods are now tied up, but are you sure about this? There is no turning back once it is done." He asked. "I just want to ensure that the next round will take us to the lead. Mankind has been winning long enough since the first round, and the deaths of our brethren, especially Ares, has yet to be avenged. Do me a favor and don't ask anymore. This will be a sure victory for us." Zeus said before walking out of the room. "Your will be done, my lord." Hermes said as he followed suit.

Seventh Round

"Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the seventh round to begin!" Heimdall announced and the crowd rages with excitement, knowing full well that the gods are getting back on track. The Hyper God and Karma is anticipating this tie breaker of a round. At this very point, it is anyone's game from there. "As of right now, the gods and mortals are now neck and neck. Which between the two sides will take the lead? Let us find out by first paying attention to the left corner! Yes, we are changing things up right now!" Heimdall said and when the crowd turns to the left gateway, a young man in a green jacket bearing a weird looking watch-like device comes out. "When he was a youngster on vacation, his life changed when he encountered a device that can transform him into a variety of creatures of every world. With it, he fought all foes that threaten the world alongside his companions. Behold! This young gentleman here is all creatures in one! He is Ben Tennyson!!!" Heimdall yelled and as usual, once Ben shows himself in front of the audience, he is met with a lot of boos.

"And now, please turn your attention to the right-" As Heimdall spoke, his horn suddenly got snatched. "Huh? What the?" Heimdall looks around until he sees the one who snatched his horn. "Hermes?! What are you-?!" Heimdall was surprised by Hermes' appearance in the arena. The crowd is wondering what he is doing as Hermes puts the horn close to his lips and begins to speak as if mimicking Woz, though he sounded more of like a certain advocate to a certain beast.

"Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Hermes, and I am here, as my client's most trusted and faithful advocate, to represent to you all the fighter for the side of the gods of this round! The one known as the King of the Olympians!" The audience are in for a surprise, especially The Discoverer, who knows what Hermes is talking about. "No, you don't mean..." He said nervously.

"This fighter is known by many names such as the Titan Slayer, the Lord of the Cosmos, the Ruler of the Heavens, the All Mighty Emperor of Mount Olympus, and most of all, the God of Justice of the Skies! Ladies and gentlemen, give your round of applause for I give to you all...!" As he said it, a bolt of lightning strikes the ground next to him, materializing into the King of the Olympians himself. "ZEUS~!!!" Hermes yelled and the crowd goes wild. The Discoverer and, to a much more extent, Karma are both shocked and terrified. "Zeus is fighting in the seventh round? This is terrible!" Karma said "Zeus is on a complete different level compared to the other fighters. I don't know if Ben has what it takes to win against him." The Hyper God places his hand on his wife's shoulder, cooling her distress. "Ben can transform into different creatures, or rather aliens, each with its own speciality. We can just hope and pray that one of them could be a match, or better, above Zeus." He assured just as someone approaches him; a young man holding a club.

-Olympian God of Fortitude and Greece's Greatest Hero-

"Hyper God, mind if I sit right next to you for the time being? I heard that my father is fighting in this round, and like you, I am shocked." He asked. "Ah yes, Heracles, the greatest hero of all Greece, and one of those people who are against the fall of mankind. Sure, take a seat." The Discoverer said and Heracles sits down next to him. "I could not believe that Zeus himself has decided to fight. I thought he would be fighting at the last round." Heracles said. "I agree, this is too early for him. My guess is that since both sides are now tied, him fighting will ensure a victory for the gods, this taking the lead." The Hyper God replied "And it's worrying because of his level. But I am very confident for Ben. He has fought foes that are way stronger than him, so I'm hoping he could do the same for Zeus. Heracles, tell me, aren't you worried about your father? What would happen if he...dies?"

"I do not know." Heracles answered "Olympus would have to stick with Hera if it happens...and I don't want to say this in front of her, but she is MUCH more worst than him."

"We heard that!"

Heracles and The Discoverer turn to their side to see a trio of women sitting right next to Karma.

(Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos)
-Sisters of Fate-

"Don't worry, we won't tell her." Clotho assured. "We too find Hera as worst as Zeus." Lachesis added. "She's a controlling bitch after all." Atropos ended. "Ah, the Moirai, another minority that are against the fall of humanity. How are things going for you three?" The Hyper God asked. "Things have been going so well." Cloths answered, followed by Lachesis saying "Yes, just like we've talked about." And then Atropos asked "So what now?" The Hyper God looks back at the arena and said "We get our hopes up for Ben, praying that he will survive Zeus."

Back at the arena, Zeus looks down at Ben right after Hermes have left. Hera is watching her husband at the viewing room. "So this is my opponent? A scrawny little boy? Has the Hyper God ran out of suitable fighters?" Zeus mockingly asked.

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"Relax guys! I got this!" Ben says to the audience, before turning to face his opponent, Zeus.

"So, you're the big banana of the Olympians, huh? I'll have you know that the Hyper God picked the best of the best to compete! And that includes yours truly~!"

Ben's bravado was merely external, for deep within, he felt nervous. If all the other gods could do those things, what was the leader of the Olympians capable of?

He already knew that Zeus was no Ah Puch, anyone could tell that just by standing in his presence.

"Sorry, God of Thunder, but I think Humungousaur's the one who's bringing the thunder down today!" Ben smiles, dialing his Omnitrix as he selects one of the icons that popped up, then smacks his watch down.

With a flash of green light, taking Ben's place was what appeared to be a primate made of... building blocks?

"Bloxx? Seriously, Omnitrix? would it kill you to give me Humungousaur for once?"

Topless Topless
The fate of Ben has been set

When Ben transformed into a gorilla made of blocks, Zeus was stunned for a brief moment before he bursts out laughing, and the crowd laughs as well. "That?! You're going to fight me in that form?! I could shatter you in just a single punch!" Zeus mocked. "Alright, alright, settle down now. And let the match begin!" Heimdall yelled, officially starting the match. Zeus quickly stops laughing as if on cue and turns dead serious. "Still, if you chose to die in that form, then so be it!" He said before he charges towards Ben to deliver a powerful straight jab right on his face.

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"Wait wait wait, I'm not read-"

As Bloxx waves his hands, he was shattered into many pieces, his bricks littering the floor.

It looks like the winner was declared...

... or was it?

"The thing about Bloxx - he's one of my easiest aliens to take down..."

Bloxx began to reconstruct himself a short distance away from Zeus, creating and regenerating new blocks while gathering some scattered ones to regrow his body.

"... but he's also one of the hardest to keep down!"

That was when Bloxx stretches an arm out, delivering a swift punch to Zeus' neck!

Topless Topless
It may seems it for Ben, but its not. Ben reconstructed himself and then stretches his arm to deliver a punch right to the throat of Zeus. Upon contact however, the arm shatters with Zeus unscathed. "Like I've said, Zeus is on a completely different level compared to the other gods. He is after all "King of the Olympians", and that form, even if it is hard to keep down, will not suffice." The Hyper God said. "Pathetic, you think mere plastic can lay a scratch on my divine body? I don't think your form deserves my full power." Zeus said before he charges towards Ben to deliver a double jumping kick right to his chest.

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"Oh snap, I'm gonna snap!"

Bloxx generated a shield to no avail as he shattered once more, but this time, he had a different idea. The scattered Bloxx multiplied, not to regrow a new Bloxx, but to cover the entire floor in Bloxx pieces.

After which, various Bloxx would continuously rise up from the new brick ground, each and every one charging at Zeus and releasing a variety of punches and kicks onto him! Some of them morphed their arms into various blunt weapons, be it hammers or maces, with some preferring the far-range approach and firing blocks at the God of Thunder.

"If I scratch it enough times," all the Bloxx say in unison, "yeah, pretty much."

Topless Topless

  • --Woz || Junichiro Tokiwa--
    Interaction: Topless Topless

    "...Yes, sire." Woz simply nodded at the Hyper God's request, yet he didn't care. He knew that Junichiro would've wanted to retrieve the remains of the nephew he'd call his own son. While the ashes of his King had long faded into the wind, the only things that were left behind were Sougo's Trinkets as Zi-O. His Ridewatch, the belt, and of course, the golden watch. Woz figured it must be a memento in case he lost, and it's his job to ensure that Junichiro receives it. After the HyperGod and his wife left, Woz approached the King's only relative and placed the broken artifacts on the table. "Forgive me, sire." Woz simply nods and mumbles to Junichiro, before leaving the room for him to mourn.

    Junichiro could only say nothing in return as he grabbed the watch Sougo fought with, caressing its cracked face.

    "Sougo..." Junichiro could only mutter in despair, soon breaking down into tears. Tears that he held back for over a decade, for the sake of raising his nephew. Now, they overflow with the death of their son. He can only hope that his parents were just as proud as him during his fight.

    Woz meanwhile, decided to wander around on his own--without a master to serve, he's practically on his own. And what he wants is most likely what Sougo would've wanted. His mind wandered back to the past...

    A few days before Armageddon, back at the 9 to 5 DO.

    "Woz...Don't you think this whole thing is a bit strange?" Sougo asked, flapping the invitation paper in the air.

    "What is, M'lord?" Woz asks, in the middle of his snack provided by Junichiro--a perfect slice of keylime pie.

    "This whole Armageddon thing." He responds, "I mean, why host a tournament thing if they want us gone in the first place?"

    "Perhaps it's because it's a split decision, m'lord. And this invitation is a result of an agreed tie breaker."

    "Hmm...Maybe..." Sougo sighs, leaning back in his chair. "I wonder what's really going on up there with the Gods...?"

    What is the true purpose of Armageddon?

    Woz' goals were now set in uncovering that. Considering that the Hyper God was the one who proposed the idea, perhaps sticking with him would reap the benefits. Still, any rash moves or thoughts could alarm him. Thus, he'll stick with simply watching the tournament and enjoying the sights for now.
Ben shatters once more, but instead of reconstructing himself, he decides to fill the entire floor with blocks and each of them pops out a different Bloxx as they all attack from all directions. But as like before, they couldn't even lay a scratch on Zeus. "This is child's play." He said before raising his fist up and throws it down onto the ground, causing a shockwave that obliterates the blocks. "Are you just going to keep toying with me or get serious with me? That form will not do you any good." He said.

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  • A flash of green light emanated just as the brick floor was obliterated, causing another being to appear, this one being a bug the size of a house cat

    "If that bugs you so much, then you've never met Ball Weevil!"

    Ball Weevil, as this transformation was called, spat out a green, bouncy sphere that he began to stand on and roll about the battlefield, this ball gathering the debris that was Bloxx's broken body as it grew in size.

    "Come get me, Bolts!"

    Topless Topless
Again, Ben has transformed into something that made the audience laugh, even more as it made a ball to hop on and starts rolling around to gather debris to make it bigger. Zeus...doesn't seem to bother anymore. "You...are an absolute joke." He said, never bothering to make a move. "Is this all that your new form can do? Roll around to make it bigger? Pathetic." He said.

"Oh for Pete's sake! Why is Ben even chosing the weaker forms? He should at least have something that can go toe to toe against!" Karma yelled out of frustration. "Now now, dear. Ben knows what he is doing." The Hyper God assured.

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"Aaaalright then!" Ball Weevil sent the giant green ball hurling towards Zeus, and as it stuck, it detonated on command, producing a vast explosion.

"Woooh! That's a big one! That'll teach you to look down on the little bugs!"

Topless Topless
Ben threw the large ball onto Zeus and it explodes upon contact. It was huge, probably enough to wipe out a small fraction of an army. But when the smoke clears out, Zeus stands unscathed. "This...is hopeless." Karma said in distraught "Ben can't beat Zeus if he keeps on using those forms. While they do have their fair share of surprises, nothing can even lay a scratch against him. I'm telling you, Ben should just go for the more powerful forms if he were to stand a chance. Lowly forms would prove nothing against his divine might."

"True. But don't give up on him just yet." Heracles said "Ben has a lot of options. I'm sure he has something that can at least make him move." Zeus let's out a yawn of boredom, seeing no interest in fighting against Ben. "Is this all that you have? How many forms do you which can prove useless against me? Maybe a lot." He asked as he begins to casually walk towards Ben. "There have been many gods that I've fought that are worth fighting, and you? Pathetic, really you are." He said.

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"What the- man, I figured you'd be waaaay tougher than Vilgax, but this is pushing it!"

Ball Weevil smacks the Omnitrix emblem on his chest, transforming into another being.

"If you wanted someone tougher, you could have just asked nicely," the new form, NRG, rushes forward, his armour clanking as he sends a fist towards Zeus.

"There is only one thing in the universe that breaks through this armour, and you're not made of it!"

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Ben transformed once again, this time into some sort of a walking bulky suit of armor that manages to push Zeus a few steps back. "Finally! Something that can at least move Zeus, right Heracles?" Karma is relieved, but not for long. "True, but durability is not enough however..." Heracles said right as Zeus retaliates by delivering a swift punch to the head, sending Ben flying away until he crashes to a wall. "So that means your armor is unbreakable then? Very well, I might as well make you my punching bag for a while." Zeus said before he rushes up close to Ben at an incredible speed and proceeds to deliver a barrage of fast punches while pinning him down.

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NRG was sent flying, before Zeus proceeds to pummel him to the ground.

"I don't think I can do this forever."

As he began to cave into the floor, his armour clanking as if it hurt, he said, "you know, this armour wasn't to protect me from the outside..."

He grabs Zeus' waist, before channeling radiation through his gauntlets, heating them up to vast temperatures.

"But to protect the outside from me!"

This radiation spread to the rest of the suit, and soon it glowed a seething red as the very ground below them started to turn molten.

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Lizel listened to Goll as she answered the question, but as she rattled on, her smile slowly became an expression more of shock. It wasn't so much the things she was saying that surprised her, but how much she spewed out all at once, where as before she spoke fairly quiet. Lizel tried to speak up for a moment to comment, but decided to just let her finish, smiling and nodding.

It was then that something had interrupted Goll, someone, Brynhildr. As soon as they heard the shout coming from a distance, both Lizel and Ban glanced over, to see the tall, armor clad woman strut over. She was clearly upset, similar to a stern mother, but Goll didn't seem fazed as one would expect. Ane kept a lazy expression throughout the whole ordeal, when getting wisped away, glared at, and receiving a pat on the head, she stayed quiet and never changed expression. Ban went right back to watching the fight, he had only taken a brief glance while Lizel kept her eye on them. There was definitely some hostility towards mortals. It was concerning, but Goll was sweet enough.

All the things Goll and Brynhildr had said swirled around for a brief moment for Lizel to think about. This woman had just killed someone for sport, and Shishio will have to do the same. Lizel had no connection to this fighter, she knows no one here, yet they are all allied against these gods. These gods are the aggressors, and all these people are being forced to fight. It felt wrong, Lizel thought. Shishio might be excited, but weather he's aware or not, this is on a scale they have never been on, and it was meaningless. These thoughts only lasted a moment, and Lizel was back in reality. The match was still raging on to the left of her, while Goll stood talking with her sister just ahead. A cloud gently floats beneath the sun, casting shade that slowly crept over them. Lizel let out a sigh just as Brynhildr is making her exit back the way she came.

"A Valkyrie huh." Ban said rhetorically while watching Shishio go. Lizel looked over at Shishio and Alexander. "Of course he's totally oblivious to all this, he's just enjoying the fight in front of him." she remarked. Her voice was somewhat solemn after her realizations where she then paused. After a moment, She looked up to see Goll returning to the group, Ane in hand. Lizel smiles once again when greeting Goll back. "Was that the sister you mentioned? she seems worried about you." The shadow found it's tail end over the group, and soon left them behind, The sun once again shining it's rays down on them.


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