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Fandom Noble Souls: Armageddon [NOW ACCEPTING AGAIN]

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--Zi-O Vs. Shiva--
Form: Blade Armor

In an act which I like to call being completely unpredictable, the moment the beam stopped trying to drill a hole in my suit with his third eye, I threw the sword with full force towards the now approaching Shiva. Knowing that it probably wouldn't stop him, it's now my turn to hold my ground.


Pressing on the crowns of the ridewatches, my armor suddenly started to crackle with electricity, surging with electricity. Now, I'm not that good in physics and stuff, but I think I remember that metal's really good and conducting this kinda stuff. As soon as Shiva got close, I span the belt. Throwing my punch in order to parry the incoming trident, just as the grandfather clock chimes out of nowhere.


My arm grinded along the trident as it thrusted onto, sparks flying as if it was clashing against a sword as lightning would've travelled through the metal of the trident. I then lunged closer and threw a punch towards his gut, the sensation feeling as if he's been stabbed by a non existent sword.
When Zi-O threw his sword, Shiva catches it with his upper arm as he goes in for a stab. But, Zi-O manages to avoid it as quickly as he could as he delivers an electrifying punch to the gut. This made Shiva hurt very badly, but also more angry. Shiva is still standing even after taking that punch, and so in retaliation, he brings down the sword onto Zi-O. If it connects, then he'll follow it up with a barrage of thrusts from his trident.

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--Zi-O Vs. Shiva--
Topless Topless
Form: Blade Armor --> Base Form

Those extra arms are annoying to deal with, that's for sure. But what's even more surprising is the fact that he took the punch without even flinching. Letting out a gasp of shock, I was more surprised by the incoming swing from my own sword, causing me to quickly act and catch it with my hands before it slices down on me. However, this was a mistake as he then proceeded to thrust into me with his trident, sparks flying with each thrust, mostly being shaved off by Blade's durable armor. However, it wasn't enough as one lucky hit sent me flying with an explosion, causing the Blade Armor to disengage, leaving me in my base form.

"Note to self; don't throw your sword at someone with more arms..." I groaned, soon raising my hand forward. The Zikan Girade that Shiva held would disappear in his hand, rematerializing in mine in its gun mode. Attaching a white and orange watch onto it, its face appearing that of a rocket astronaut with bug eyes.


Pulling the trigger, I shot out an energy construct of a giant orange rocket with a yellow drill in its tip, speeding towards the rampant Destroyer with the intent of drilling through at least one of his arms--if it happens, it would take a load off of me, at least.

It doesn't help that I'm starting to get winded with all the damage I've taken from him. Hell, I've even got disengaged from one of my armors, but instead of it disengaging the suit as a whole, it just reverted back to base...Thank HyperGod for that.

I've just gotta keep switching. The more forms I use, the better my chances are!
Zi-O has been reverted back to base form after taking in so many hits. The sword that was on Shiva's hand disappears and then appears on Zi-O's in gun mode, putting in a Ridewatch to fire off a rocket with a drill at Shiva. The destroyer catches it with all of his hands before it could dig into him, but the force is pushing him way back until he is now against a wall. Zi-O should take advantage of this while he has the chance.

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--Zi-O Vs. Shiva--
Form: Base --> Gaim Armor
Topless Topless

Exactly as I wanted him to be--pinned against the wall with his arms all distracted. I took out another Ridewatch to equip another Armor--one that should help me in case he breaks free and utilizes his arms. I took out a bright orange ridewatch with a blue ring, its face resembling that of a masked samurai with an orange visor.


Attaching it to my belt, I ran towards the distracted Shiva as I span the belt, the grandfather clock's chime echoing once more as above me materialized the giant head of the masked samurai with an orange shell around its helm, two locks can be seen just above the head's antenna.


The giant head smoothly docked ontop of me, covering my upper torso before juices suddenly squirted from the cracks of the giant head, and it started to unfold, revealing the armor it was meant to be. Bearing large, curved shoulderpads, hip guards and greaves resembling that of samurai warriors, its guards being giant orange locks. Unfolding from the back were mechanical mantis-like arms, blades designed like orange slices. Drawing from the shoulderpads themselves were two swords designed like similarly to the mantis blades.Using the RocketDrill construct as my leverage, I leapt to the height of Shiva's extra arms. Using my blades--including my newly mobilized mantis arms, I swung them in a downwards motion, intending to slice off those annoying extra arms.
Zi-O changes armors once more as he charges towards the pinned Shiva, leaping up and then again against the rocket as he goes down to deliver a slash to cut off two of Shiva's arms. Of course, Shiva won't let him. He quickly, with all his might, lifts the rocket just as Zi-O is about to make contact, crushing him between the rocket and the magic barrier protecting the audience. It just so happens also that when he got crushed, he came face to...chest...from Aphrodite.

"Oh...eager aren't you? Hehe~" She said in a lustful tone before Shiva starts dragging the crushed Zi-O along the walls, gaining speed to the point where swings the rocket to get the rider off the wall and down on the floor. Shiva then spins around until he throws the rocket back at Zi-O.

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--Zi-O Vs. Shiva--
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Form: Gaim Armor

In a literal twist of fate, it looks like he predicted my movement and he lifted the rocket up right as I was about to rebound off of it, sending me straight into the barrier in a comical fashion, face squished into the barrier...Which...Somehow happened to be in front of that...One...Naked goddess from the first round...


"S-...Sorry." I whispered an apology before I was dragged off of that uncomfortably awkward situation, spun around swiftly. Speed going faster and faster that it would throw me off--that is, if my mantis arms didn't just stab the rocket in question as I hold on to it for dear life. This caused the construct to finally explode, engulfing us both and knocking us back, creating distance between the two of us.

Of course, I got knocked back the farthest. Luckily, the armor didn't get disengaged. I dropped my swords in the blast, and because of that, I improvised. Summoning the Zikan Girade once more, I tapped the crown on its hilt, pressing down on the ridewatches yet again.

TIME CHARGE! 5...4...

I lowered my stance, gripping my blade with one hand like that of a samurai. The mantis arms' blades glowed as well as I stood there, waiting for Shiva to recover and charge at me.
The rocket explodes, knocking both Shiva and Zi-O away from each other. Zi-O is ready for an attack, waiting for Shiva to charge. Shiva gets up, staggering a bit, looking up to Zi-O seeing him ready to attack. Rather than going at him however, Shiva lifts up his trident, aiming at Zi-O, and then throws it at him like a bullet.

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--Zi-O Vs. Shiva--
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Form: Gaim Armor

3...2...1! ZERO TIME!

Seeing Shiva tossed his trident like a bullet, I focused my mind, allowing the trident to clash with one of my mantis blades grind along the polearm, sparks flying as it whizz through my face, creating a slight cut on my mask. It stings, but not by much. Pressing the top of the buckle, I start to move, charging towards Shiva instead. Knowing that he's unarmed is enough for me. Once I'm near the god, I pressed the trigger of the blade, swinging it upwards.


The blade glowed an ethereal pink glow, rings akin to that of a clock appeared as he slashed upwards. As if predicting that it would be blocked by two arms, the grandfather clock's chime signalled the activation of the mantis arms.


The arms reeled back as they glowed orange and swinging down onto the arms of the god, aiming to quite literally disarm him, secreting acidic Citric Acid as they swung down onto the vulnerable joints.
Zi-O barely avoids the trident which ends up stuck on a wall. Now a charged up, Zi-O would rush towards Shiva, ready to deliver a strike. Seeing as he has no weapons, it may seem that he is done for...or is it? With Zi-O now near him to deliver the slash, rather than blocking it as he assumed, Shiva makes a quick sidestep away from him and like the earlier, opens his third eye to set him on fire. While he's burn, Shiva makes a run to his trident.

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--Zi-O Vs. Shiva--
Topless Topless
Form: Gaim Armor --> Kabuto Armor

Agh, again with the flames?! My plan to eliminate his extra arms failed, but with his back turned from me, I can him gunning for the trident stuck on the other side of the arena.

First, I douse myself with orange juice from my orange swords before removing the ridewatch and taking out another unused one.


One with a silver body and red ring, depicting another beetle like fellow, this one with blue eyes and a more mechanical, robotic feel to it. Replacing it on my driver, I span it again, activating the armor.


A giant red beetle materialized from the sky, flying about and attempting to disrupt Shiva's attempt by initially obstructing its path. However, the bettle passed through the god in pieces, shooting themselves towards me, clasping onto me with ease. I haven't tested this, too, but judging by the Riders I've encountered with similar devices...

This should be my fastest form.

"Clock Up!" I called out before breaking into a sprint, and like a speedster, I ran as fast as the fiercest of winds, generating a lot of lightning as I passed by Shiva in mere seconds. Running my way into the wall where the Trident was and tried pulling out the Trident myself. Afterwards, I clocked up once more, attempting to cut down Shiva with his own trident, running around him in near lightspeeds.
As Shiva is about half a distance toward the trident, a giant robotic beetle appears in front of him. Shiva tried to punch it, only for the beetle to separate into armor parts as it went and attach itself onto Zi-O to form a new armor. Zi-O rushes for the trident like a lightning bolt, going past Shiva, and pulling out the trident as he went for the destroyer and manages to cut his side. Shiva was shocked, and in anger, turns to Zi-O to fire off a beam of heat from his third eye.

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--Zi-O Vs. Shiva--
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Form: Kabuto Armor

Much to my surprise, Shiva managed to his a bullseye on where I'm running from next. The heat beam stopping me on my tracks, knocking the trident away from me. Still, I managed to land a cut on his seemingly invincible skin. That' a good sign.


I pressed down on the crowns of the Ridewatches, once more, electricity surged all over my body. I glared down at the destroyer before disappearing in a blink of an eye. A red blur with blue lightning streaked all over the arena, circling the god of destruction. Slower after images of myself seemed to charge towards Shiva, only to pass through Shiva in a wave of lightning. I kept on sending those slower after images, pelting Shiva wave after wave of lightning charged clones. With each clone I send, I increase the rate I send them at him from different angles. the radius I circle around him in becomes smaller and smaller until suddenly...


The grandfather clock chimes again, and this time several after images of myself lunged towards Shiva all at once, from all angles!
Shiva's now in trouble as Zi-O begins run circles around him at an intense speed, sending in afterimages to hit him on all directions as the circle gets smaller and smaller to the point that all of the afterimages convergence, hitting Shiva from all angles. After that, Shiva gets down on his knees. It may seem to be it for him. However, he still has some gas left in the tank.

His upper left hand reaches down to his side and takes out what appears to be a small double-sided drum. Using his upper hands, starts playing the drum. Shiva gets back and...starts to dance? "It appears that Shiva has decided enough is enough." Brahma said. "His power is starting to increase the more he dances." Ganesha said, followed by Kartikeya saying "But that is not just an ordinary dance. That is the dance that finally shows his anger, a dance of fury. Rudra Tandava, that is the name. By doing that dance he will assume a form that personifies his rage. Zi-O should be worried right about now."

As Shiva continues to dance, his skin turns from blue to crimson red and his hair and eyes turns into fire. Once he is done, Shiva has fully transformed. His power has increased significantly high. Zi-O would be in real trouble at this point, and he really is as Shiva raised his foot to deliver a stomp to the ground, cracking it as spikes begin to rise quickly heading for Zi-O.

Johnny, you owe Gyro 7 bucks.

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--Zi-O Vs. Shiva--
Topless Topless

I was preparing myself to get hit, but at this point, I was more confused at the fact that Shiva pulled out a drum and started to dance. I couldn't help but ask myself.

"What's happening now...?" I was behind him, and it didn't take long for me to notice that he's transforming. And in games, when an enemy like a God transforms, he means business. "Not good!" I yelped, removing the Kabuto Watch and taking out a black and orange watch, depicting what seems to be an eerie looking orange helmet with a crooked horn. I held it sideways, pressing on the crown with my palm like a monk.


Takeru-san, I'll need your help to figure this one out. Just a I span the belt, Shiva finished his dance. Spikes rose from the ground as the silver armor materialized behind. The armor had an orange face, with a bulging silver horn. Its chestplate resembles the flaps of a parka hoodie with a ghastly eye in the middle. Its shoulder pieces ere giant mechanical eyes.


As the spikes rose from the ground, my options were limited. I jumped backwards, knocking the armor and latched onto me. As the spikes suddenly reached me, one might think that I didn't make it as I made myself invisible and intangible, much like the White Zi-O in the previous match. Knowing that I can't and won't escape, I burrowed myself undeground with my intangibility. Hiding myself under Shiva, I then motioned my arms like that of a monk's, and from my shoulderpads emerged living parkas. Like actual ghosts, were intangible until they appeared above ground, surrounding Shiva.

Four colored hoods emerged from the ground like specters unleashed from the depths of hell, each one completely unique from one another. The red one bearing sharp swords, the blue one have large planet-like gloves, the yellow one have similar yellow gloves, sparking with electricity and the green one...Well, he's just there for some reason. Never found out what he's for, honestly.


The four ghosts swarmed Shiva. Now being above ground, they're now tangible. Meaning they could strike him and in turn, they'll be struck. As they fly around to pester the destroyer god, I slowly rise from the ground, the ridewatches already prepped for a Time Break.

Knowing that this probably won't do much to the guy, it would give me a good sense of what he can do, and confirm whether or not I should stop the Countdown there. Shame, and only using 6 armors, too. Well, whatever. I'll get my chance. The Grandfather clock chimes once more, and my move was made. Let's see you handle THIS!


"Spirits, burn bright!" I chanted as the parka ghosts now circled me, retrating into my shoulder pads before firing bright, fiery ghosts from them like machine guns, streaking towards Shiva and swarming him, burning his godly skin.

However, this maneuver would cost me dearly as it didn't take long for my armor to disengage all of a sudden, the Ghost ridewatch sliding out as if out of ammo. The ghosts summomed by the Ridewatch would disappear as well. Not good. This staggered me, leaving me open for a counter attack...!
Shiva's thinking he got him, only for Zi-O to have changed armors and went intangible, going through the ground. As Shiva stood his ground, four ghost come out to pester the destroyer...except Shiva did not do anything, at all. He did not mind the ghost going around. That is when Zi-O rises from the ground and has his ghost fly into his shoulders and then fire them, circling around Shiva as they are now in flames, hopefully got enough to burn his skin.

Unfortunately, Shiva begins to absorb the flames, making him much more stronger than ever until the armor controlling the ghosts disengages, leaving Zi-O open for an attack. Without any time to waste, Shiva runs up to him like a bullet train and delivers a fiery double armed clothesline onto the head, knocking the rider down. Shiva gets himself on top and then proceeds to deliver a hell of a beatdown.

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--Zi-O Vs. Shiva--
Topless Topless
Form: Base
OST: Kaio-Ken

"Wah!" I yelped as I was hit by the God's massive arm, knocking me flat to the ground. Leaving me no time to react, Shiva got on top of me and started flinging his massive fists at me. I raised my arms to guard, yet each punch seemed to crack the ground beneath me--his strength has seriously gone up from before. I don't think going through with the Countdown would help me any longer. I must skip to that!


During one of the brief openings where he winds up one or two of his arms, I tapped the lone ridewatch and pressed on the buckle, soon spinning it as he the punch, knocking me further into the ground, creating a crater. It hurts like hell, but...


Nothing I can't handle! My fist glowed bright pink, proceeding to throw hands with the god, hoping that at least, it would be enough to get him off of me!
As Shiva continues to pummel the living hell out of Zi-O, one of the punches digs a crater before Zi-O fight back by throwing his own punches. Shiva caught wind of this when one of his punches connects to his, producing a powerful shockwave that blew the hairs out of the audience. With that, the two begin to exchange rapid fire fisticuffs, the crater growing more bigger and deeper until their last punches land right at each other's faces, making Shiva fall on his back off of Zi-O.

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--Zi-O Vs. Shiva--
Topless Topless
Form: Base --> Zi-O II
OST: Kaio-Ken

Lucky enough, even the base Time Break without the aid of any armors is enough to match the rampant god's strength. We seem to be in equal foot until we both get punched in the face, knocking him off of me. I stood up and hopped back, gaining a bit of distance between us. It feels a bit too early to pull this one out right now, but at this point, seeing that strength? Yeah, I need to get serious now, too.


I took out an abnormally long ridewatch, wider than the others. It had the face of my base form with a large black base, gold engravings lining the sides. I then twisted the sides, unveiling another face that appears similar to Zi-O's but with two long clockhands on the visor themselves and what looks like watchstraps lining the sides. I them pulled them apart, separating them into two Ridewatches.


Removing my base Ridewatch, I attached the black watch with the gold engravings on where Zi-O once was, and the other on the Armors slot. Pressing on the top, the same ethereal clocks from when I first transformed appeared once more, this time, there's two of them. Once more, I lowered my stance, flicking my left wrist before twisting the belt. A more mystical sounding chim rang out, the clocks spinning and bearing the pink visors of Zi-O.


Golden watch straps surround me as the clocks and letters shoot out of the clock and merge together. The watch creating a golden, gear operated watch as the visors came flying back to my new form. This form, if I have to describe it myself, looks like two Zi-Os stacked side by side with accented gold all over. This power is meant to be a portion of Ohma's Power given to me early. This allows me to see into the future for a bit.

I breath in as the two long clock hands on my helm started spinning, activating Zi-O II's ability to see what Shiva's next move is, and react smoothly and accordingly.
By the Shiva gets up, Zi-O is has fully transformed into a form based on himself. Wondering what this fork is capable of, Shiva takes a deep breath, a REALLY deep breath to the point that his stomach is as flat as a board. He then releases a huge breath of fire, something that could even burn the entire Amazon rainforest.

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--Zi-O Vs. Shiva--
Topless Topless
Form: Base --> Zi-O II
OST: Kaio-Ken

{[Zi-O II]}
Future Visionary​

"Gotcha." I mumbled, finishing my brief analysis of Shiva's next move. It's a reiteration of my first move. He plans to breath fire onto me. Not just any fire, a BIG fire. Its range and area is larger than where I can dodge to realistically if I didn't know this first hand, even if I had a hunch. I'd try to dodge to the side like Shiva did and get caught up in flames.

I rush towards him as he breathes in, looking like I'm rushing straight at him before sliding under his legs just as he breathed the massive fire, covering nearly--no, half of the battlefield as I turned around and got back up. The flames were almost licking the barrier that separated them from the fighting. Thank the Gods for that.


I then lunge towards the God's now exposed back, summoning two swords at once. One of them is the Zikan Girade, and the other is a newer, shorter sword with a quartz-like edge and golden highlights, the face of my base form holstered on its guard. Both swords flew and moved as if being controlled via telekinesis, skillfully slicing and hacking at Shiva's back before being grabbed onto my hands.

That's right, I dual wield now. Wassup?
--Zi-O II Vs. Shiva--
Topless Topless
OST: Kaio-Ken


I hop back as he turned around, flicking the lever twice on the Zi-O face on the guard of the sword, the visor writing turns from RIDER to ZI-O SAIKYO then back to RIDER. The quartz of the Saikyo Girade glowed in a dark pink-ish glow. I responded with the thrust by using the Zikan Girade to parry the trident before swinging the glowing quartz blade at Shiva.

I then activated my future vision once more, predicting his next move.
--Zi-O II Vs. Shiva--
Topless Topless
OST: Kaio-Ken

The pink slash was quickly blocked by the god's trident. I followed this up by switching the Zikan Girade into Gun Mode, pelting the god's face with temporal lead before backing off. This time, combining the two weapons into one, sort of weird combination. Lodging Saikyo Girade on top of the Zikan Girade's barrel, I've effectively equipped the gun with a bayonet.


Though I, myself haven't done this, I've yet to use it like this myself. Taking out the base Ridewatch, I inserted it onto the rideatch slot, aiming it at Shiva. Expecting it to only be a mere shot when I fired, I was genuinely shocked to realize that the bayonett did add something substantial to the gun. The bullets became sharp like arrows, passing through the quartz blade of the Saikyo Girade.


A large, rainbow arrow shaped like a clock's hand shot towards the God Of Destruction, exploding on contact!

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