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Fandom Noble Souls: Armageddon [NOW ACCEPTING AGAIN]

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--Kamen Rider Zi-O Vs. Shiva, God of Destruction--
Form: Base ~ Armor: None
Interaction: Topless Topless

The Hypergod's right. The Gods are starting to step up their game with their fighter choices. I can only hope that whoever's next can up the ante. That's when Fate came knocking on my door. A blonde messanger god, with a golden cap appeared to knock on my door. It looks like it's my time.

Although with this many wins and losses, the pressure still lingers on the back of my mind. It's heavy. I'm literally going to carry the weight of many worlds on my back on this fight. But a King must fight for his Subjects. That's the kind of Overlord I want to be remembered as. The Greatest, most Kindest Overlord there is. Just as I finished that thought, The Hyper God and his wife entrusted me with words of encouragement. Don't hesitate to go all out, and don't leave uncle alone.

"Uncle..." I glanced at my uncle one last time. Win or Lose, this will truly be my final battle. If mankind wins, I'll reset everything. If all is lost...

"Sougo." Uncle, for the last time, walked towards me and placed his hand on my shoulder. "I know you can do it. You saved the world once, right?" He chuckled with a smile. "What's another time down the line?"

"Yeah..." I smiled, feeling a bit more confident. "Somehow, I think I can do this." With that, with Woz by my side, I made my way to the arena proper.

On the hall leading to the battlefield stood two people. A familiar figure, Hiryu, and a young woman clad in a white blouse. Before I could ask what's he doing, my head throbbed, and visions flooded my head.

This woman...Was the White Zi-O Valentine summoned.

"M'lord, are you alright?!" Woz asked, worried about the sudden migraine.

"You're....Ryuko Tokiwa..." I rubbed my head, "You're my successor in your world...Aren't you?"

"..." Ryuko, with her arms crossed, simply glared at me. She doesn't seem to like me, I guess. "You look even stupider here than the old fart I know."

"E-eh?" Was I a bad father or something?

"Hah! Good one." Hiryu chuckled, looking slightly more cheerful than before. He soon turned to me with that familiar determined glare. "I'll keep this brief. Kick his ass, Sougo. Make sure you live. I want to settle our damn feud once and for all." He said, before putting his hands in his jacket and walking away.

"You better win so I can beat you...Pops." Ryuko says, before chasing after Hiryu.

What was that all about...?

"M'lord...It's time." Woz reminds me, hearing the announcer call out the fighters. His opponent? The Indian God of Destruction, Shiva. My head throbs again as I recall the words that should've marked the end of my journey.

Creation must come before Destruction.

Is this what the future me meant?


Instinctively, I equipped my belt--a large, white mechanism with two slots. Before the Shiva's introduction ends, I turned to Woz.

"Woz...When I transform, I want you to rejoice." I ordered, with my servant looking at me with baffled eyes. "It's going to be my last battle out there. Whether I win or lose. I want to make it as memorable as possible." I said, breathing in a deep breath. "I want them to remember the name...Tokiwa Sougo." I took out the Zi-O Ridewatch just as the announcer directed the crowd's attention was directed to my side. I stared at it briefly, turning it to reveal its face. I tapped the watch's crown, and the visor glowed bright pink.


So many battles started with this thing...So many monsters vanquished, countless lives saved and yet...So many I've failed to save. Geiz, Tsukiyomi, White Woz, Minato...I swear, I'll give it my all.

Rider Prophet of Black

"Behold! The arrival of the King!" Woz stepped forth, his voice booming like Heimdall's. Stepping aside, I start to make my way towards the battlefield proper, Ridewatch attached on the Driver. A ticking loop can be heard as I made my way to the center. A giant ethereal clock appearing behind me, its arms spinning around wildly as the clock itself, surrounded by smaller clocks, appeared to move counterclockwise. Woz stopped a pace behind me, ready to deliver his mostly impromptu speech. I sometimes wonder how he prepares these things on the fly.

It was at this point that I got a good look at Shiva himself. He's almost exactly as he was depicted in myths and legends. Four arms, bearing four weapons. Bearing blue skin and long hair, adorned head to toe with golden accessories. He's also exuding this strong aura around him...It's intimidating.

As I reached him, he posed the question; where are my arms? Is he talking about my weapons or my arms in general? Either way, he seems confident. Over confident. He reminds me of Hiryu.

(henshin's at 1:31)​

I lowered my stance, twisting my hips to the side, raising my left hand in the air with the index finger and thumb extended, much like the statue in my room. I flicked my wrist and yelled those faithful words.

"Henshin!" I soon flung my arm down onto the belt as I stood back up, causing the buckle to spin a full 360 degrees. Along with it, the clock behind me moved clockedwise and the clockhands both pointed upwards. With the chime of the grandfather's clock, a booming voice yelled.

RIDER TIME! Kamen Rider~! Zi-O~!

The clockhands then divided, moving the small hand into the 10 spot and the long hand into the 2 spot. Pink japanese letters appeared in the face of the clock beneath the hands appeared, shooting out of the clock, nearly surrounding both of us as ethereal watch straps wrapped around me, orbiting around me as armor layers my entire body. The watch straps then shattered and dispersed, and the japanese letters shrank and placed themselves onto the visor of my helmet, spelling out the word 'RIDER' in Katakana lettering.

It's time for Woz to shine.

"REJOICE!" Woz flung his arm forward, his voice booming loud, filled with vigor. "For he is the heir to the power of ALL RIDERS! The Ruler of Time, travelling beyond past and future to reign over space and time. His name is Zi-O! And you had bore witness to his declaration of revolution against fate itself!" He finished his speech, most likely met with more boos with the crowd.

"That guy..." Kaito let out a bitter chuckle from his bleachers, hearing Woz' speech. "He's quite eccentric around him, huh." He turned to where Hiryu was supposed to be, although, no one was there. "...Where'd everybody go?"

I stared into the God of Destruction's eyes and simply nodded. His eyes were as dead as his--my future self's. To be burdened with destruction and destruction alone...That must be quite a heavy thing to bear.

"For fairness' sake...Let me tell you that my full powers are sealed right now. Ohma's powers are much more potent than whatever I can fully muster right now. But it should be enough to get through with this." I say, putting on a fighting stance. "...Please, tell me. Will it be right of me to destroy time and rebuild it with my hands? For the sake of those who had truly saved the world?" I asked, pondering aloud if my reason for fighting for mankind is truly righteous. This guilt's still weighing heavily on my heart, and I...Couldn't find any reason to forgive myself. Whatever reason he'll give me...I'm sure it'll clear off that last lingering doubt. From one destroyer to another.

I don't want my efforts to be in vain if I did win.
The fate of Zi-O has been set

Sougo has transformed, though that alone would not be enough to diminish the boos, though this brought the interest of both Brahma and Vishnu. "Such armor. Never see anything like that." Brahma said and Vishnu nods. As Sougo spoke, Shiva raised a brow in confusion. "Sealed? So you're in a handicap I see. This should be more easier for me to kill you." He said "Time is something that you can only manage. It is not something of which you can destroy or rebuild. Of course, for me, time is another element of the universe, though doing something with it is beyond my power. But enough talk, you and me are to about to do battle!" He then assumes a fighting stance.

"Let the match begin!" Heimdall yelled, officially starting the battle. As if on cue, Shiva yelled "MADAN BHASMA!!!" And his third eye opens up, it's gaze shot on Zi-O which quickly sets him on fire. "Are you familiar with this? Just so you know, that these are not the flames of Muspelheim or Hell, rather it is the flames of which I myself produce, the same flames that turned Kama into ashes! Now suffer like the God of Love himself did!" He said. If Zi-O doesn't do something, he'll turn into ash in a matter of seconds.

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--Zi-O Vs. Shiva--
Interaction: Topless Topless
Armor: N/A --> Hibiki Armor
Status: N/A --> ON FIRE

I see. So not even he knows the true answer. But he does have a point somewhere. What good will it do him if no one remembers their heroic deeds? There's a reason why timelines exists, why time cannot be destroyed by even the destroyer himself.


"You're right." Underneath this mask, I smiled. I think I get it. I shouldn't be fighting to reset everything. I should be fighting to honor them. There's a reason why memorials are held--to honor fallen soldiers in the aftermath of war. This is no different. My fight against this god...Will be my way to honor my past!

As the battle started, though, I was caught underhanded by the sudden yell of attack. I raised my arms to block the incoming shot but--oof! Nope. It's not a blast, nor a shot--it's some kind of magic, setting me on fire!

Man...Not even giving me a chance to shine in my base form, huh? Fine. I'll start my countdown then!


"Good move...But not enough!" I took out yet another watch, one that will be useful in this sort of situation. It's ring is pink in color, bearing a purple body. Turning its face reveals what seems to be a faceless demon, with red veins wrapped around its head. A demonic crest on its forehead. I attached it on the free slot of the belt, quickly pressing on the top and spinning it again. Truth be told, I'd never used this watch as an Armor before. I could only hope that since Hibiki transforms by setting himself on fire, it would prolong this fire. The grandfather clock chimes again...


My arms still raised, I would be surrounded with digital text labeled 'Armor Time' as the flame burns on my armor. As if feeding off of flames to activate the armor, Shiva's Madan Bhasma turns from its usual hue into purple one. As I thought, the heat stung less as I feel the armor clasping onto my suit. My shoulder pads now bearing circular drums, my helmet growing horns like a demon, red veins crawling around my visor as its katakana changes to 'Hibiki'. I swing my arm to the side, partially dispelling Shiva's flames before leaning forward to spew purple flames from my breath, hoping to engulf Shiva in it.
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Using the Hibiki Ridewatch, the flames of Shiva engulfing Zi-O materializes into armor before the rider himself dispels it. Shiva is stunned. Zi-O let's out a breath of fire at the destruction god, only for Shiva to slam his trident to the ground, splitting the incoming flames. After that, he twirls his trident before he charges in to deliver a thrust into Zi-O.

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--Zi-O Vs. Shiva--
Topless Topless
Form: Base ~ Hibiki Armor

Whether it was carelessness or lack of oversight, I was struck by the trident, knocking me back a few feet before I found my footing. Twirling from my back was a pair of crimson drumsticks with horns on them. I took a breath, remembering that brief taiko training Woz forced me to go through during my birthday. Raising these large drumsticks and I start to pound on the air in a moderately quick rhythm, sending shockwaves towards the destroyer god for a good while. Knowing that he'll over power it or move around it, I think I have a countermeasure for that.
Shiva could have sword that it would pierce him instead of his trident just pushing Zi-O back. Regardless, a pair of drumsticks manifests in his hands and Zi-O begins to pound in the air like a drum, sending out shockwaves that pushes Shiva back far away from Zi-O. Shiva tried to block them, but they were too strong to make him hold his ground.

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--Zi-O Vs. Shiva--
Topless Topless
Form: Base ~ Hibiki Armor

Oh! Looks like he can't stand through that! Now's my chance to land a big hit! Taking a brief moment of reprise, I spun my drumsticks and tapped the crowns of my ridewatches with their bottoms.


Swiftly and rhythmically, I pressed on the driver's top and span the device again. By now, the grandfather clock's chime should've tipped the audience off that the belt is used.

From my belt shot a circular drum made out of light, shooting itself towards the staggered Shiva--he would feel something bind around him as a giant, circular drum akin to my shoulderpads appear in front of him.


My drumsticks were now lit aflame as I lunged towards Shiva, now attempting to pound on the drum construct, sending burning shockwaves directly onto the God's body if I managed to land a phat beat on that drum!
It appears that Zi-O is going to end this match quickly. A drum of light is manifested and traps Shiva. The drumsticks are now on fire as Zi-O makes his way towards Shiva to deliver a series of pounds. Shiva's children are worried, but not Parvati, who is now sitting next to them. "Do not be scared. You think that Shiva would ended up dead here?" When she asked them, a dark aura begins to engulf Shiva. He took a deep breath as he uses his strength to break the binds, and when Zi-O drew near, Shiva quickly grabs both of his wrists with his upper arms and then grabbing his head with one of his lower ones.

He turns to the drum and starts smashing Zi-O's head against it multiple times.

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--Zi-O Vs. Shiva--
Form: Base ~ Hibiki Armor

I noticed the dark aura a second too late as just as I got close enough to drop the literal bass, my wrists were grabbed by two of his hands with a force great enough for me to drop the drumsticks. The god's two other hands, on my head. With herculean strength, he starts bashing my head at the drum several times. Due to the binds no longer keeping the shockwaves on Shiva, the drum would've now be on the ground--everyone with their feet planted would feel the intense vibrations of the burning shockwave--even myself as I was bashed over and over on the drum's face. A portion of the shockwave shaking my legs as I feel it burning--both Shiva and I, our legs engulfed in demonic flames. While I still feel the pain brought by them, it doesn't feel like Shiva feels it.

I need to break free!

My belt glowed as I called forth my weapon. A blade of light shot out of the Driver, slashing in an upwards motion as if folding onto itself. Hopefully, this would force Shiva to stagger and loosen his grip as a clock like construct ticks up to 3, floating up to my currently grabbed hands, forming what seems to be a clock themed gun.


I gripped the gun on one of my hands, mustering my strength to try and move my arms enough that I am aiming on his shoulder if the weapon being summoned didn't faze the God of Destruction.
As Shiva continues to slam Zi-O's head against the drum, a sword that can change into a gun pops out of his belt. He aims the gun with whatever strength he has left, and when Shiva notices this, it was already too late. The trigger was pulled, but the bullet grazed the Indian god's shoulder, but the pain he took was enough to make him stagger and let Zi-O go. "Crafty are we now?" He said, and with Zi-O the ground, Shiva wastes no time to stab him down with his trident unless the rider acts fast.

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--Zi-O Vs. Shiva--
Topless Topless
Form: Base ~ Hibiki Armor -> Armorless

Taking a few moments to breath, the light drum disappeared. Unfortunately, it's not over. Hearing Shiva's statement, I knew I needed to gain some distance between us. In response, he tried to parry the trident with a gun. Due to the god's strength, it was enough to force it to change modes, turning it into a sword.


Sparks fly as the polearm grinds along my blade. I soon slid under the pole, taking the Hibiki watch off of my belt and soon attached it to the watch shaped depression on the hilt of blade--or, as I turn it back into a gun, the hammer.


Wasting no time at all, I pulled the trigger, shooting out a fiery shockwave that knocked both me and Shiva away from each other by sheer recoil. Just as the Hibiki Armor's staying time without the Ridewatch expired, I'm back to my base form. I need something that could match that strength and something versatile enough to get me out of situations like THAT.


So why don't I bring magic into the equation? I took out a black watch with a grey ring. Its face depicted a helmet made out of red diamonds with a bejeweled antenna and silver guards as I twist it.

Geiz used this watch...If you're watching, lend me your strength!

I attach the watch in my driver, watching alert if Shiva is coming right for me. A ticking noise can be heard while I have yet to spin the belt, those with keen ears would notice.

  • --Zi-O Vs. Shiva--
    Form: Base ~ Armorless --> Wizard Armor

    Seeing him charge at me like a bull is exactly what I wanted. I stood there with a lowered stance as he drew closer and closer. At a good enough distance where I can feel that he's gonna run me over, I spun the belt, activating yet another Armor with a grandfather clock's chime.


    A magic circle appeared above me just as Shiva reached me, and before he could do anything to stop it, the magic circle descended onto me, and I seemingly disappeared--much like Funny Valentine from the match prior. Knowlingly confused, I reappeared a good distance behind Shiva, rising from a red magic circle, now clad in a different armor from before.

    Please~! WI! ZARD~!

    Clad in a long, draping coat, my shoulders are now adorned with two giant gemstones akin to those of a ring, bearing the faces of the rider depicted in the ridewatch. Parts of the magic circle draped around my shoulders and back as a poncho-cloak and scarf. My chestplate now bearing bright red gemstones connect by a small layer of the magic circle. My visor changing as well, now stating the word 'WIZARD' in Katakana.

    Alright. Now it's showtime!

    Utilizing this brief moment of blindspot, I flung my hand forth and threw it up, causing the ground beneath Shiva to rise and form a pillar, tossing him upwards! Afterwards, I'd aim my gun at the god and press down on the watch crown on its hammer, soon counting down.

    TIME CHARGE! 5...4...

Before Shiva could attack him, a magic circle appears descending down onto Zi-O, disappearing. Shiva was a bit confused until he turns around to see Zi-O clad in some sort of red armor. Zi-O raises his hand and a pillar grew from the ground that Shiva was standing, throwing him up high in the air. Zi-O aims his gun as Shiva begins to fall.

Meanwhile at the bleachers, Woz appears sitting above the other Hindu gods. "Is that so, prophet? Even our treasures are much more mysterious than yours." Brahma said in a friendly tone.

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--Zi-O Vs. Shiva--
Topless Topless
Form: Base ~ Wizard Armor

3...2...1! ZERO TIME!

A magic circle appeared in front of the gun as I aimed towards the ground where I predict Shiva would land.


Pulling the trigger, it would fire off a stream of magenta temporal energy, shaped like the Ji character of my base form's visor. Passing through the magic circles, they would be coated in various elements; fire, water, land, wind, thunder and ice--the order of the elements covering the letters are random, yet they fire rapidly like a machine gun for a solid 5 seconds before lowering the weapon, preparing for a counter attack once he lands. Instinctively, I tapped the crowns of the two Ridewatches.


Interaction: Brahma

The same can be said with all treasures, can they not?" Woz chuckled a bit at the statement. "Although the true fun in having such artifacts is waging which treasure truly outshines the other." He says, still observing his lord's fight, admiring his quick mastery over the unused Ridewatch's abilities.
As Shiva is nearing the ground, Zi-O begins to fire off elemental shots at the destroyer. Shiva shields himself as he gets pelted by the bullets right before he hits hard on the ground. He gets up, using his trident as support. He notices that Zi-O tapped the crowns of his Ridewatches. Thinking that he will make an attack, Shiva decided to do one thing; sit down and meditate. As he does, his mind is getting clear of frustration and energies begin to converge towards him. His injuries begins to disappear.

"Trust me as I say, the treasures of any god is as mysterious than the treasures of the modern age." Brahma said before focusing back to the fight. "Shiva is meditating. Fitting for he is also the god of yoga." He said.

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--Zi-O Vs. Shiva--
Topless Topless
Form: Base ~ Wizard Armor --> Drive Armor

Seeing Shiva's actions, it seems that he is meditating. Now if history is to be believed, Meditation is used to calm one's mind and clear it of all thoughts. Now what would that do to a god...?

Nothing good for me, that's for sure. But it's also a good chance for me to try and immobilize him before I switch to the next armor.

Once more, I spin the driver, echoing a grandfather's chime.


Magic circles appear below Shiva as chains shoot out from them. Intending to disrupt the meditation, they wrapped around the god's limbs, spreading them out and distributing its grip. This is then followed by a large voltage of green lightning.

I then removed the ridewatch from the belt, soon taking out another one. What I need right now is to go on the offensive. Something speedy. I need something fast.


Drive is also one that Geiz used--and seeing him use it, I think it would do me good. It can be used in a good hit and run tactic.

Attaching the Drive Ridewatch, I spun the belt one more, activating the Drive Armor.


With the chime of a Grandfather Clock, a hologram of a large car tire appeared in front of me, manifesting a silver armor with red car decals and tires on its shoulders. Its helmet was more car like as well, bearing a car spoiler. Its armbands have tiny cars docked on them. In an act of defying Shiva's meditation once more, he kicked the armor from behind, sending the armor pieces flying towards Shiva before bouncing back and latching onto Zi-O, replacing the previous armor.

Interaction: Brahma

"I can tell." Woz nodded, seeing the previous matches, he can attest to the authenticity of that statement. Both of them focusing on the battle at hand. Shiva is meditating while Zi-O is attempting to disrupt him, changing armors yet again. "Ah, it seems m'lord is about to go on the offensive. The Drive Armor provides great speed and range for a hit and run tactic."
Shiva continues to meditate when magic circles appear below him and chains shoots out. They wrap around his limbs, removing him from his sitting position, and then he gets electrocuted. Zi-O changes armors once more, this time it is that of Drive. He kicks the pieces of his armor towards Shiva, but the destroyer once again breaks his binds with his strength and catches the pieces just before they could hit him. He would throw them back as he starts sprinting towards Zi-O.

"It so appears." Vishnu said "The fact that he can change forms is not a surprise to us. If you're knowledgeable about our myths, then you might understand."

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--Zi-O Vs. Shiva--
Topless Topless
Form: Drive Armor

I was knocked back a bit due to the unexpected way Shiva managed to toss back the armor pieces. Though they sting a bit, it's not enough to knock me down. But my worries aren't about the armor right now: It's Shiva, sprinting at me at full speed!

Let's take this thingy for a spin then! Squatting into position, the tires on the foot of the armor seem to spin, burning rubber before I start to glide towards Shiva. However, I veered to the side, circling the God as I start to fire the cars on my armbands. Like missiles, they explode on contact. I continue this drift around Shiva, firing the Shift Shift Car Missiles as I try to shoot him down with the Zikan Girade.

Keeping my distance like this will help me figure out what just jappened--what changed in his meditation? And most importantly, what I need to adapt to it.


"Yes, well...Frankly, I never read much on mythology until just recently, so forgive me for my lapse in knowledge in this matter." Woz admits, "However, I can't say it's not noticeable that Shiva's strength and instincts suddenly improved. We may actually be in a disadvantage here." He took note, knowing that Sougo will have to come up with a new strategy. Fast.
Zi-O was pushed back, but it was not enough to bring him down. He proceeds to charge in towards the incoming Shiva, but veers to the side as he launches a barrage of explosive mini cars at him as he circles around. Shiva starts swinging his trident as fast as he could to deflect the cars. The cars do explode upon hitting the trident, but each of them left smoke clouds which would conceal Shiva. Sougo would be confused by that point if it weren't for Shiva jumping out of the smoke cloud and into the air.

From there, Shiva's third eye opens once more and then it fires a thin beam of heat energy at the ground, which them chases after Zi-O, leaving a trail of flames as it went.

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--Zi-O Vs. Shiva--
Form: Drive Armor
Topless Topless

Did I get him?

I pondered as smoke starts to engulf my opponent. I was proven wrong pretty quickly as Shiva leapt up in the air, opening that third eye, this time, it seems to be a beam directed at the ground, setting it aflame. Instinctively, I ran--or slid with my car like armor. However, glancing back proves that this beam can easily.

So it's like one of those things then. The thing where you have to stop the source for it to stop. I tap the crowns of the Ridewatches as I continued to speed up, soon reaching the wall of the arena. With enough speed, I started to dash on the walls itself.


Quickly, I spun the belt, echoing another grandfather clock's chime as my body started to glow red, drastically increasing my speed as I'd spin. As if a car losing control, I veered off of the wall and towards the rock pillar I erected beforehand. Using that as an impromptu ramp, I dashed off of it, using my speed and momentum to reach the airborne Shiva and performing a roundhouse kick in an attempt to knock him out.


Funnier President

Funny Dojya~n
As Valentine falls, Gyro lets out a low whistle.

"Damn....... that must've hurt."

Johnny seems relived that Valentine has fallen.

"Still..... D4C exists, right? Which means, somewhere in a parallel world, there's another Valentine bidding his time, which is bullshit. Still, cheers to Loki, I guess."

As the match begins, Johnny looks up thoughtfully.

"Shiva? Nope, never heard of him."

"Nyo-Ho! Whats with that stupid-looking pitchfork?"



Ignoring Gyro's antics, Johnny turned back to the match, where it has just begun. Zi-O seems to be doing great, stopping the beam Shiva sent at him. As the battle continues, Johnny notes that Shive seems to be getting stronger from the meditation. As the battle continues, Gyro finally gets up, stretching.

"Gonna go for a walk, this battle might take a while. Also, wanna make a bet?"

"Whats the bet?"

"That Shivas gonna pull out some bullshit final form or something, 10 bucks on it?"




Turning away from Gyro, Johnny turns back to the match, where Zi-O sends a kick at Shiva. it looks like the battle is getting intense, and the former jockey watches. Meanwhile, Gyro is aimlessly walking around the area, bored.

Maybe he should talk to someone?

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Zi-O begins to runs around to avoid the beam, eventually running on the walls and towards the pillar, using it as a ramp to get to Shiva to deliver a powerful roundhouse kick...only for it to be caught by his upper arm. Shiva reels Zi-O so close to deliver a nasty low blow and throws him down to the ground before he descends landing safely. With Zi-O down, Shiva fires off a beam of heat from his third eye at him.

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--Zi-O Vs. Shiva--
Topless Topless
Form: Drive Armor --> Blade Armor

That kick didn't go as planned. Something, his senses are heightened to the point that he can feel me drawing near. Blocking my kick with one of his auxilary arms, he soon struck me down on the ground.

At this point, my armor started to spark. I need to hit him harder. I got up, still a bit winded from the heavy blow when I was struck by the beam, sending me flying back as sparks flew on the part where I was hit. I have to withstand that much force if I want to land a couple of hits on him.


While still being hit by the beam, I hastily chuck out the Drive Ridewatch and activated another. This one looking a bit more insectoid than the previous watches. It appeared to be that of a rhinocerous beetle, with red bug eyes and creases akin to that of armor. Twisting its face and pressing on its crown, I inserted it on the belt and once more, changed armors.


Pushing the beam back like a shield was a suit of armor similar to that of a knight, with cards arranged in a circle--like hands in a poker game. Taking the beam directly on the chest as if it was nothing, the armor was shrouded by a mystical aura, which, I was compelled to run through. As I did, the armor melded onto me like molten metal, weighing me down a bit, but granting it enough durability to power through the beam and approach Shiva, summoning the Zikan Girade yet again.

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