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Multiple Settings no summertime sadness here 💞☀️ {{lots of ideas, many Disney thoughts and slice of life}}

Sub Genres
  1. Adventure
  2. AU
  3. Dystopian
  4. Harry Potter
  5. Historical
  6. LGTBQ
  7. Magical
  8. Multiverse
  9. Realistic
  10. Romance
  11. School
  12. Slice of Life
  13. Supernatural

daydreaming daisy.

just a girl and her coffee.
Hello world! Daisy here (28, she/her), on the hunt for some more partners. My favorite color is probably a pastel turquoise, i have Sleeping Beauty’s castle tattooed on my leg and Tupac lyrics on my back. I feel like that sums up a lot of my personality: whimsical and realistic, aware but hopeful.

I’ve been writing for most of my life. I started on Neopets close to sixteen years ago. I’ve been under each and every bracket of the umbrella of literacy— and I can’t rule out anything. If we’re vibing exceptionally well, the plot is exciting and I can tell you’re also feeling the vibes I will be able to provide novella length replies. I would say I typically average 500-2000 words per reply. I love character driven stories, world building and unexpected twists. I’d like to say that I can’t promise frequent and constant responses but I can commit to one a week, with the possibility of more.

I prefer to collaborate with female writers. I’ve been given the ick from too many dudes on the internet. I have a long term boyfriend and I’m not on here shopping for an online romance or to fulfil someone’s adult fantasies.

Please don’t come to me saying that you only write female characters. I exclusively double otherwise I lose interest. The more characters, the more opportunity for plot development and I like that. I may ask if we can write a second story for specific thoughts (ie. the Disney plots listed below) in that regards, I’m open to all of the suggestions and requests on your side.

I don’t like instant romance plots unless it has something to do with the mating bond or a soulmate thought. Let me have some fun while we build up to it, please!

The typical rules apply here. No god-moding, no power-playing, adult themes are okay but no ERP or smut.. I’d prefer my partners be 21+ but I may make exceptions. Any literacy levels can reach out but please, contribute to the story. I’m not looking for a lot but I need more than “she smiled and kissed him sweetly.”

I’m actually quite easygoing. I love ooc chatter and gushing about our characters. Let’s be friends!

Things that make my heart happy: fluff, romance (love), best friends to lovers, rivals to lovers, class division, courts, enemies to lovers.
Things that make me bite my nails (in a good way): dr.ug addiction but not glamorized, mental illness (also not glamorized), traumatic events in the past, butting heads.
Word banks: sleepy beachside towns, luxurious corners of the city, gated communities, forced proximity, fake dating, arranged marriage, Hallmark movies, contests, game shows, second chances, “I should stay away from you but I can’t,” sunsets by the beach, starry skies and no one else around for miles.


💫💫Once Upon a Trip to Disneyworld au, crossover, multiverse.💫💫
Parents everywhere told their children of a magical land where they ought to expect the unexpected. Any wish, whimsy or dream could be answered— assuming the dreamer knew where to look. It was the only place on Earth where a person could start their mornings watching the sun rise on the beach with a spiked and hollowed pineapple and then take a boat across a lagoon to an international portal around the globe. Princesses and princes met their royal subjects and answered each and every question they were asked and kitchen sinks were full of ice cream.
But everyone knew that magic wasn’t real. People grew up and suddenly they took off their rosy mouse-shaped glasses and suddenly the Mecca of their favorite animated films. The characters no longer felt like friends and more like strangers wearing a mask. Children grew up and maybe they outgrew the most magical place on earth.
People held onto different aspects of their family vacations, depending on their stage of their life. Some people reverred in the fine dining, some chased the thrill. At the end of the day, some people wanted to be submerged in the magic.
Welcome to Disneyworld, where stories come to life. Castles towered in the skies and princesses walked the streets, casting the world tucked away off of a Floridian freeway into a picture perfect story. Guests all knew of the Disney magic but they didn’t know one thing: the group of Magic Makers and Imagineers were actually Disney characters.

Interested in writing: Fairy God-Mother, Flora, Flynn Rider, Aladdin, Ariel, Ursula.
Interested in writing against: come to me with your suggestions! This world is ours for the making. 💞💞

It’s a Man’s World, au, origin stories.
These stories are going to start with the princes in all of our favorite stories! Everyone knows that Cindy had to keep her hands busy while she worked under her step-mother, waiting to break out to find her own place in the world but where was Charming? I want us to create a world that focuses on the fairy-tales leading up to happily ever after but from the characters we don’t get to hear of very often!

Inspired by the Disney novella series Disney Princes, v. excited for this one.

Mulan / Li Shang
Ariel / Eric
Cinderella / Charming
💫💫Rapunzel / Flynn Rider💞💫💫
Aurora / Phillip
Jasmine / Aladdin
Tiana / Naveen
Snow / Prinz
Merida / Macguffin
Anna / Kristoff
Elsa / OC
characters I want to play are bolded, hearts next to the pairing I would like the most.

You Broke Me First - villain origin stories, au, multiverse.

Let’s come up with the stories that shaped up the characters we love to hate! Let’s humanize the evil that lives behind the Evil Queens, let’s discuss how Jafar’s greed twisted his ambition. Let’s figure out who they loved and how it looked like their happily ever would be taken away.

Malificent inspired, Disney Villains inspired.
Ursula, Jafar, Hades, Gaston 💞, Cruella, Captain Hook, the Evil Queen, Mother Gothel, Queen of Hearts, Lady Tremaine, Prins Hans.

A Series of What-Ifs, Twisted Tales.

What if Cinderella never went to the ball?
What if someone else slipped into Cinderella’s slippers?
What if Vanessa/Ursula fell in love with Eric when she came to the surface?
What if Rapunzel was able to sneak out of the tower?
What if Sleeping Beauty’s true love wasn’t Prince Phillip?

I want us to take one simple question and see how that alters our favorite fairytales. 💞💞

Revenge of the Mermaid

Ariel hadn’t been able to get Eric to fall in love with her, banished into the depths of the depths of the ocean. There were no merpeople around and bright coloured fish were too far away to keep her company. All that she had was the bitter taste of heartbreak and a deep haterid for mankind.

In the Underworld
Meg was heartbroken to hear about her husband’s infidelity and managed to work out a deal with Hades to send him under. She didn’t expect to find out that her unfaithful lover had been enjoying himself down there— or finding love.

Possible m/m here. Be kind because it’s totally out of my comfort zone, lol.

Beauty and the Beast, reimagined.

Cinderella, reimagined.

Sleeping Beauty, reimagined.

Frozen, reimagined.

Tangled/Rapunzel, reimagined.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is no longer JKR’s, it belongs to the fans. I prefer to write within the Golden Trio era, I love being able to play on the tension that’s building from the war or dealing immediately after so we can see the aftermath. I don’t treat the Half-Blood Prince as canon canon, although I am okay accepting many of those topics as plausible head canon.

Recent Slytherin graduate / recent Hufflepuff graduate
Newly appointed Hogwarts/Ilvermorney/Beauxbaton professors
Following a group of Ilvermorney students during their final year and life after 💞
Fred Weasley / female OC 💞
Diagon Alley shop attendants
Oliver Wood / female OC
Gryffindor graduate / Ravenclaw Graduate
Magical Foreign Exchange Student
Slytherin / Gryffindor
Magical Neighbor / muggle parent to a magical child
Newly trained auror / newly trained auror
Experienced auror / newly trained auror
Muggleborn witch/wizard / pureblood witch/wizard
Arranged marriage au
Ernie Macmillan/Female OC
Neville Longbottom/female OC
Harry Potter/Cho
Harry/Female OC
Ron Weasley/female OC
Draco Malfoy/ female oc {either role}
Female oc/George Weasley
Healer/War veteran
Healer/Quidditch player
Quidditch player/Quidditch Player
OC Reporter/Harry Potter
OC/Cedric Diggory
Reporter/Quidditch Player

Gossip Girl
Y2K fashion has inspired me to go back to revisit some of my favorite shows. I’d be okay using a blend of canon and original characters or a brand new cast of OC newness. 💞💞
I want drama, coming of age growing pains and scandal galore.

Same as above, I’m just feeling super extra nostalgic. I would love to write against Declan or Sav and would happily add in whatever characters you would like.

💫💫Step Up— High Water 💫💫
I would die if someone came to me and said that this was a fandom they were interested in. I am a huge sucker for cliche teen dramas, as the above two listings have alluded to but there was something about this YouTube Original series that just sucked me the heck in. The dancing was incredible, the soundtrack was fun and the plot line had enough drama to keep me coming back over and over again.

This could be made an original storyline if you don’t know the characters. I’d be okay with that.

RNB/pop superstar wants to leave a lasting impact on his crime ridden, lower income neighborhood and opens up a school of the arts for underprivileged children. He hopes to teach them each and every skill they need to make their dreams of stardom much more tangible. After a decade of performing and working to create a legacy— he has it all figured out and is looking to create the next big star. It doesn’t hurt that this is great for his public image.
A drug lord’s son ends up in the school and suddenly the group of aspiring dancers are now whisked into a world where drugs, romance and money make it hard for them to focus on mastering their craft. Friendships are put to the test.

Really really craving this. I would love drug lord’s son / pop star counterpart for myself and I will do anything you want. Dancer / dancer, fashion designer / performer, teacher / adult student… the world is our oyster!


Lawyers working together or opposite against one another on a case. 💞
Give me your favorite Greek mythology inspired plots.
Modern day town where magic discretely lives amongst the humans.
Slice of life goodness.
Something loosely inspired by the Clique or Laguna Beach/The Hills.
Let’s play princesses. 💞💞 royalty / non-royal, , royalty/musician, royalty/presidential, royalty/royalty… I’m sorry, I just really like princesses.
Inexperienced romance author heeds the advice of their publisher and sets out to find a love of their own so their next novel comes out on time.
Bakery/cafe owners going head to head so business doesn’t tank.
Drug dealer/struggling sungle parent
Gang affiliation/mafia plots welcome here too
Light dystopian themes

Nostalgic and comfy is my bread and butter. I’d want to build on this world, eliminate the subtle rac.ist nuances that SMeyer has left for us. I’d be okay with expanded canons or Ocs in this world.

Books I’ve read lately:
We can pull some inspiration from these tales to create a world for us. Or just gush about the popular books from TikTok. In brackets I’ll list the sort of characters I’d like to include, some of these worlds I would rather exclude canon characters and in others I would rather exclude original characters.
A Court of Thorns and Roses series (cc/oc)
Caraval series (cc/oc)
A Thousand Ships (cc)
Love Hypothesis (oc)
Spanish Love Deception (oc)
The Selection series (oc)
Betrayed/Betrothed (oc)
Ariadne (cc)
Next up on the docket will be Keiyiki, Crescent City I and II, The Atlas Six…
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Hello, I'm interested in slice of life with all the romance and drama goodness that can come with it? DM me if interested. I double, mxf. Thanks

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