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Futuristic No One Can Hear You Scream on Titan (Postcyberpunk/Horror/Thriller)

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Far in the future, in the 2100s, when multiple locations in the solar system have been colonized, the colony on Titan has become a large metropolis where the majority of the population has become so comfortable that they never leave their homes and have become morbidly obese blobs who are served by robots. The shut-in populace are usually called "dwellers" due to them staying in their dwellings. However 10% of the population tends to move around a lot outside of their homes and maintain the robots and control the workings of the city. They are called the "Machineers" due to them maintaining the machines. The entitled dwellers think they run the place, despite only doing smaller deskjobs or virtual business work. Yet the reality is that the machineers basically run the government and keep things going. They could easily get rid of the dwellers by cutting off their means to living. However they don't do so as the sudden death of 90% of the population would lead to a collapse of the city's system.

From time to time, machineers do go rogue and take their frustration out on dwellers, either cutting off the power and slowly but brutally killing a dweller, or going on a killing spree. While many machineers express their sympathy for such acts, they must prevent them from occurring to not cause problems in the system.

Dwellers: Humans who have devolved into obese blobs, barely capable of walking more than ten feet due to their underdeveloped legs. Dwellers have a barcode on the back of their necks. Personality wise pretty insufferable and entitled. They think they run Titan but in reality they are only valuable to keep the system running. Usually do jobs via the Titan internet network. Completely incapable of doing physical work. Usually taken care of by robots and mechanical arms in their dwellings.

Machineers: Tall humans who often are cybernetically enhanced. Some with complete cyborg bodies. The cyborg bodies are rather robotic. Machineers have a tattoo on the forehead that is three dots in a triangular formation to mark their faction They run everything from maintenance of systems and robots to running the government. They have a high disdain for dwellers and sometimes lash out at them. Many machineers fight with mental instability, rarely depression and more sociopathic tendencies to feeling of grandeur.

Plot: Basically, you are of the machineer faction, going about your usual life. However things occur. Such as you witness a colleague kill a dweller. Or you accidentally lose control and injure a dweller. Basically a lot of machineers deal with mental instability and often the dwellers the cause of it, due to their insufferable personalities. It is sort of like a horror, but you, as a machineer end up being the monster. You fight thought of just getting rid of the dwellers. As bad as the dwellers are, most machineers agree that the dwellers are necessary for the economy. The dwellers are sort of like cattle for the machineers.

Location: The colony of Titan as in the moon Titan. The main settlement of the colony is a metropolis with a population of 15 million. The city seems rather quiet for a city of that size due to most of the populace being dwellers. Most of the shopping arcades and streets are within a protected enclosed area due to the atmosphere of Titan being not breathable for citizens who arent fully cybernetic and the outside is also much too cold to survive in anyways. The city is divided up into sectors numbering from 01 to 55. Each sector has a nickname. The main setting of the RP, at least at the start is sector 12, nicknamed New Kokura. Sector 12 consists of dozens of tall apartment buildings containing thousands of residents each. The not so nice ones tend to be where dwellers live whereas the newer buildings with the more spacious apartments tend to be machineer apartments. Below at the lower ten levels are the walking areas/streets, where machineers and rarely the less devolved dwellers can meet up or go physically shopping.

Characters: Primarily, you should make a machineer first, best with a trademark nickname. If you want to play a dweller as a second character, prepare that they in the usual case will be killed off or scarred during the roleplay.

Full body cyborg machineers tend to look similar to this:
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