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Realistic or Modern No More Regrets~ (MxF, Need Male, AssassinxAssassin)

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Yiling Patriarch
I have been RPing for a long time now and I can write between 300 and 1000 words or more; depending on muse, plot, and my partner's response. {So please be advanced or at least be able to write no less than 300 words} I do prefer writing in the third person. This is MxF, so MalexFemale. I'm RPing as the Female.

The Crimson Council. The largest and by far the most dangerous Assassination organization in the world. It was founded by the top four assassin's who have ever lived; Anthony Hunter, the Price Twins, and last but not least The Corrupter (my character). Each in their own right excels in their own unique... skills, and once they were each other's enemy as well. But then they were in their early teen years they decided to form their own group. No one knows the exact reasons for the top assassins deciding to be allies but, either way they were unstoppable together.

In just one year they took on every head of the other assassin groups and defeated them with ease. At the time, Hunter was thirteen, Price twins were fourteen, and the Corrupter was sixteen. The best of the best flocked to them to join but very few were allowed; as each one had to prove they were worthy to join to each of the top four Reapers.

Fast forward another year and the Corrupter took on an apprentice (your character who was fourteen; my character and your character are three years apart in age). Death's Hand was known for his tendency to work alone, only working with the other three Founders on a handful of assignments. So taking on an apprentice and one so young was mind-boggling. Ten years to that day have passed with your character being trained by mine.

Suddenly, the top Four Reapers announced that they had a year-long assignment to go on, top secret. So, the Bringer of Death placed her now former apprentice as the Leader. A year passed and not a word from him or the other three assassins… Now, six years to the day they left suddenly Death’s Hand has finally returned.

Where are the other assassin’s who left with her? What exactly was the assignment? Why did it take six years? Will your character’s unspoken feelings for mine finally be revealed now?

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