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Digital "no clues" - an art dump


bad luck galore
"here we go, again."
- Ray's Art Dump -

This is just a place for me to keep some of the art resulting in my process of trying to improve this year. It's that time of the year again where, I realize, after two and a half years of fooling around, that the things I want to draw require me to actually, well, do studies and boring stuff. After half a year in my comfort zone of exclusively cell-shaded headshots, it's time to try and improve again.

Since there are things like photo painting studies, sketches, etc. which I wouldn't post them on my dA, for example, I'll be dumping them here instead. yay for garbo art. More or less completed pieces will also be dumped here.


Practice/Unfinished Stuff:

Study #1.png
original photography: link
Mr Fridge.png
Sweet Sketch.png
Elias & Cadus.png
some art for a rp w/ leviathan. leviathan. ; exposing my flaws in anything below the shoulders smh

s e v e n

goth bitch ♡ art: peritwinkle
Woah this is- this is amazing!!! Their expressions, the diversity of face shapes- and the colorings! You're so talented, do keep it up!

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