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Fantasy Nirvana: The Rise of Kagutsuchi

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Anime, Magical, Supernatural
(Haruna Oda, Anna Hiromiya, Mayumi Igarashi)

Anna felt a very weird sensation when her vision starts to "glitch out" for a moment. When it got back to normal, she could now see why her companions freaked out. "Holy @#%$! A talking crow!" She yelled, despite the talking bird's explanation about what he is. He then explains that its a low-class spell to disguise himself as a human to the eyes of other, except for supernatural being and those who hold items of the supernatural. He then asked a question, prompting Anna to answer "Well, no. Ain't the first time to see a talking bird, let alone a GOOD talking bird if you know what I mean. Its just that, as the lady said, your presence caught us off. By the way, who are you? I'm guessing you're here for that cult thingy, right?"

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