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Nirvana: The Rise of Kagutsuchi [Modern Fantasy]

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Action, Anime, Magical, Supernatural


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This is based on an old Roleplay of mine back in 2012 known as Nirvana. 7 years, damn. The original roleplay was a wide world where individuals could explore by just popping their heads somewhere, even if the lore was a little concrete.

Instead, I decided to take a different formula where I reveal different bits of lore and tell different stories through seperate RPs, this being the first of them.

Word of the Cult of Kagutsuchi has spread through the Supernatural community in Japan - the rogue yokai that prowl with no direction, the minor gods that tend to their Earthly shrines, the onmyoji, magicians who inhabit the lands, and so on. Despite this, it finds difficulty leaking into the higher echelons of the divine hierarchy.

Not that we'd know if it did.

The Cult of Kagutsuchi aims to collect all eight pieces of Kagutsuchi told to have dispersed when Izanagi sliced him in vengeance, putting him back together and rebirthing a new god worthy of being worshipped. If this were to happen, Kagutsuchi would surely get revenge on the skies by burning the heavens and flooding the earth in ash.

Some individuals have gathered in a quaint, countryside place known as Homusubi Town, located in Kyoto, where people worship Kagutsuchi in a more positive light and respect his gift of fire through the practice of ceramic crafting and metalcraft, believing that they might find answers that can help repel the Cult or stop Kagutsuchi.

These individuals who have appeared can range from the simplest of mythical beings, yokai or novice magicians who have caught word and wish to aid, or someone a little more high-tier who wants to stop Kagutsuchi from burning the sky.

So basically, you customize your character accordingly and very flexibly, start at Homusubi Town, and basically work your way to gather the eight pieces of Kagutsuchi before the Cult does.

So before I proceed...

1. Should Cult of Kagutsuchi members be playable?

2. What should be the range of our little treasure hunt? Small Region, Entirety of Japan or the Whole World?


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1. People should be allowed to play whoever they want, that's my belief when it comes to roleplaying. Of course, the final decision is up to you.

2. Either the entirety of Japan or the whole world. A small region is too, well, small for an rp with premise like this.

So yeah, allow me to express my interest.


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1. Let the edgy bois and grils roll I guess.

2. Small means better detail to the secenes, small also means you can fold in on the territory and make it more and more detailed with buildings, businesses, people.

What better place to hide something than a dense area of oddities and confusing paths?


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Hello, it is I, Crow already DM'ed me but here's an official notice XD

You had me at Youkai, then treasure hunt.
Still wondering if I want to bring back an older character for this, (He's a Menreiki, who might or not might not have merged its soul with a sickly boy that had a respiratory condition and thus has never seen the world beyond his hospital room. So this type of adventure would be simply delightful to him. But then... Not a lot of fighting abilities, unless you make him some kind of tank because, intangibility at will. Though I'm just like 'Think of this adorable lovely child just going bonkers with all the new experiences and places and ahhhh' my heart!) or If I want to create a new one... Been staring at Rokurokubi and Jorougumo for a while now...


1. Yes we should have both factions be playable and maybe keep an equal number of each too

2. I like Orikanyo's take on the small labyrinth-like path, but the entirety of Japan doesn't sound bad either. The entire world seems like too much work to GM and world-build for, even if just a little.


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All things considered, I'll see to starting the Signups before the weekends come.

Since there are only eight pieces, I'll limit roleplayers to ten, me included, twelve if we're popular by any chance, sixteen if I feel stretchy, but no more after after that.

As if this post, the number of reacts and the number of people who posted here amounts to seven roleplayers.


This seems fun uwu

1. Both factions being playable might help better push the plot along. Would probs also be nice since it allows for a wider variety of characters.

2. Since it's about the pieces of kagutsuchi, the entirety of Japan (but no wider) might make more sense, so I'm in favor of that. Focusing it on smaller regions might be simpler though, and I can also agree with Orikanyo's take on it.


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Oooooooh I want! I want!

1. I'd say both factions should be playable to make the characters be on even grounds.

2. Consider those, um, McGuffins, I think that limited to Japan would make sense. Small region also okay.


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Seems fun, will this be an open fantasy type thing where multiple systems of magic and stuff are playable, for instance more western inspired characters, perhaps a wizard travelling to Japan to help prevent a catastrophe?

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