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Multiple Settings Ninja Island - a science fantasy rp

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Magic Eight Ball
The world of Ninja Island is a science fantasy setting that takes place sometime in the far future, when humans have expanded to other star systems beyond earth. Even though there are spaceships and aliens involved, it’s not really a sci-fi setting because it contains more fantastical elements and science doesn’t really have a big role in the setting. The main setting of Ninja Island is the island itself, which is located on an Earth-like planet called Aurora, which orbits a star known as Beta Leonis. The Beta Leonis System is under the control of Regulus, who has put his right-hand man Arcturus in charge of the island. Although most of the story is expected to take place on Ninja Island, there are other places in the galaxy, or even parallel worlds, to explore.

A brief history of Ninja Island

Aurora is a planet in the Beta Leonis System. It has a climate similar to Earth’s, but slightly more tropical due to the warmth of Beta Leonis. Like the Earth, Aurora has one satellite that resembles the Earth’s Moon, which has also been named “the Moon.” Unlike Earth’s Moon, Aurora’s Moon is home to an alien species that resembles white rabbits.

Aurora was first inhabited by space wizards who journeyed away from Earth and used their magic powers to explore the planet. A few millennia later, a team of human settlers led by Sougo Shiina, Ken G. Uroninja, Charles Hayase, and Celeste Valentine travelled to the Beta Leonis System and colonized Aurora. They would eventually move towards the way of the ninja and establish Ninja Island as a common meeting place for the many ninja clans. Ninja Island would eventually be turned into a resort under the control of a starman named Arcturus.

Ninja Island would eventually become a popular tourist destination, not just for Auroran humans but also other visitors from many different parts of the galaxy, or even other realms.

  1. Only 10 characters per person
  2. Please respect the lore
  3. No godmodding
  4. Don’t take the rp too seriously. The tone of this setting is meant to be light-hearted.

The characters

The expanded lore
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