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Accepting Requests ππˆππ„ π‹πˆπ•π„π’ β€” a code cafe


the dream mr sandman sent

triples says. . .





hidden scrolls

music player

click here for the code:
req. for houseplant houseplant

here it is at last, a ic code full of chill vibes for your enjoyment ~ it has two tabs that you can toggle to & fro using the circles at the bottom and it's fully mobile-friendly β™‘οΌΌ(οΏ£β–½οΏ£)/♑

a small thing to note is that the image background does have a filter on it to suit the code, so if the new pic you've put in is looking off, that's why. feel free to delete it or (to be safer) change the saturate value to 1 if it's not working well with your aesthetic!

for this code we were inspired by two songs from dean: instagram and dayfly β€” they were both so pretty, we couldn't choose (*/Ο‰οΌΌ)



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nine lives

  • something street, NY


    Dean, Sulli, Rad Museum

    These days, knowing more makes you more miserable.

14 hours ago

nine lives



Memento Mori

These are really aesthetically pleasing! I like how each one is different and gives off a different vibe. It really adds a different visual element to use for posts.


Β―\_( Ν‘β›β€―ΝœΚ– ͑❛)_/Β―
Hi these are so good! I have a request for an rp I am organizing, hopefully this is something in your avenue!

β™‘ drink type: Character Sheet
β™‘ flavour: think superhero, comic book vibezz. I made a rough idea in photoshop. And here is logo and background separated.
β™‘ sugar level: There are three main tabs. Overview, Biography, and Powers. In overview there will be all the basic boxes that you put in a CS, (Name, Age, Gender, Species, Occupation, Alter-ego, etc.) Please have a few extra fields just in case. In the same overview tab, there is the profile picture, which will have tabs of its own! so the user can flip between different profile pictures. on the bottom there is a credit box that will also change with the tabs so that each image is credited.
β™‘ toppings: The other two main tabs can just be big text boxes to leave the design of those pages to the user. But could also maybe use inner tabs as well. Maybe something like Childhood/present for example.
β™‘ drink size: 896x559 px


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I hope you guys are still taking requests, I didn't see anywhere where it said you weren't.
If not, please don't judge me too harshly ): !

β™‘ drink type: if you could, i'd really like one for a one x one search thread.
β™‘ flavour:
color scheme; i honestly have one pixel that i really want to use as a base for the whole thing. ( X ) super pastel, and cute.
since this is for an rp search, i'm not looking for extra images or anything and the coding style is something i genuinely have no idea about so, i'm going to leave that up to u guys.
also i have no idea for a theme that would go with my pixel. she doesn't scream metalhead like i am.

β™‘ sugar level:
tabs: about me, rules, fandoms, original and an extra. for stuff i can t remember rn.
no images, except the pixel.
mobile friendly isn't necessary.
hidden scrolls is yes pls. for the aesthetics.
no music player.

β™‘ toppings:
i like the simple, cute minimalistic style. much like the one in the open post of this thread. ( its actually my favorite one ive seen from you yet, i think it's just so cute. )

β™‘ drink size:
on the smaller size, i like the clean appearance of a smaller code;


Professional Unicorn Lover
β™‘ drink type: character sheet
β™‘ flavour:
color scheme: something similar to
theme song: achilles come down - gang of youths
layout: so i kind of already know a general how i want it to look?

id like a sidebar with a picture that stays the same and circles as tabs. i love the look of color boxes with the prompt next to the answer and would like a lot of that. For Psyche, there's meant to be a box under the list of traits for a longer form personality writing!!!
β™‘ sugar level:
- six tabs
- hidden scrolls, please!
- i'd love if it could somehow be mobile friendly, but i wont die if it isn't
- only one image is necessary, though i'd like a few more :)
β™‘ toppings:
- a relationships tab!
β™‘ drink size: medium- something similar to Stardust Smoothie would be great!!!


the dream mr sandman sent

triples says. . .




aellionios aellionios could you resend us the picture you offered as inspirations for the color scheme? we can't access it currently since it seems to be a discord link instead ( ; Ο‰ ; ) once we have that, we can work on your request!

mikaluvkitties mikaluvkitties you've been put on our waitlist, and we'll get to you as soon as we've served the previous order (οΌΎβ–½οΌΎ)

nine lives



persistently inconsistent, probably a cryptid
i know you guys are busy so no pressure but here's a little something i could use

β™‘ drink type: CS
β™‘ flavour: steampunk! lots of bronze and dark colors (blue, red, green). don't have a specific theme song but the vibes are paul shapera's Dolls of New Albion concept album. non-fc/background images of gears and goggles and the like.
β™‘ sugar level: 4 tabs (general, personality, background, relationships), hidden scrolls for days, maybe a cool cover page where you have to click something to "unlock" the rest of the cs (totally not a requirement, don't know if that's even possible), does NOT need to be mobile-friendly, minimum of images i'd say probably 4? i dont know how easy it'll be to find a fc for the characters i'm gonna use this code for so not too many image spots to fill, and i love hidden surprises too. honestly the layout and everything you can do whatever you want, all the CSs in this thread have been great so far so i trust you guys
β™‘ toppings: probably a cursive font for the titles and things but a plain easy to read one for the bulk of the text, i already mentioned what i wanted the tabs to be, but more specifically general should have 'thing: answer' style, personality and background should be big text boxes, and relationships should have an editable amount of spots (could have pictures for each too)
β™‘ drink size: medium-ish, maybe on the bigger side of that, but not fill up the whole screen large

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