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Realistic or Modern Nightshade Academy of Magick




Nightshade Academy of Magick, located in the rainy hillsides of Ireland, was founded by Estrella Gloriana in 1867, has long since been the standard for modern day magical schooling, producing nothing less than the best of the best graduates every year.

Hidden from the public eye by powerful wards, advanced security systems and a 24 hour guard service, the safety of our students is our first priority. Our mission is to ensure that everyone who passes through our halls is able to handle their magical talents with responsibility and grace, as well as to give them the tools necessary to uptake their role as Human kind’s protectors once their stay at Nightshade is complete!

Knowledge is our greatest weapon and rest assured our students are full to the brim with it! With challenging courses ranging from Astronomy to Zoology, there’s no shortage of material to be covered by Nightshade’s 386 faculty members! Outside of school hours there’s also a registered 160 clubs and extracurricular activities to be a part of as well, so every face has a place with us!

No matter the nature of their power or skill level, Nightshade welcomes all with open arms! Enroll for the fall semester today. We hope to welcome you to our family this year.

Nightshade Academy has long been renowned for its relative peace and safety among a magical world of turmoil and strife. A mishap hasn’t been reported within it’s weathered halls in one hundred years.

Until now.

It started with the disappearance of Hayleigh Ashfield, one of the school’s astronomy teachers. Nobody thought much of it, as much as they were saddened by the loss of one of their members. Stuff like this happened, and it would always be sad, but so was the way of life.

As time went by, another person disappeared, this time a freshman Shifter named Jason Reed. His body was found bloodless in the fountain just outside the school’s entrance days later.

Everyone was terrified, nobody had any clue just who—what—could be doing this. And as the bodies continued to pile up, they needed to find out. And fast.

The school was quick to blame it on a manticore—the woods surrounding the school were off limits due to an infestation of the species—that had made its way past the wards and onto campus.

Nonetheless, the school had an early closure last spring, to ensure the safety of its students and to give the community time to recover from the loss.

Now, the school is opening again finally, months later in the fall.

A student at Nightshade, it’s your life on the line too. Will you help search for the answer to what is killing your classmates and teachers, or try your best to pretend everything is normal. It’s up to you, but things are changing at Nightshade Academy. And fast.

Hello all! Thank you so much for clicking on this interest check and seeing if you’d be a fit for our family. We have already started our in character, with five beautiful active members, but me and my GM’s are looking to welcome a few new faces into our group.

We’re only a few posts in, so there’s really not much to catch up on! All of our OOC talk, planning and extra fun stuff is done in our Discord server, which has a ton of lore, plans and honestly the nicest group of writers I’ve been with on RPN.

We’d really love it if you’d give us a shot. If you’re interested please leave a comment below and I will PM you the Discord invite. Until then, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1). This is an advanced literacy, active group. This means posts are to be a minimum of two paragraphs, though we love seeing more! We’d also like to keep posts for each character to at least one per week.

2). Being a part of our Discord is required, only because the majority of our planning will be done through the app.

3). This roleplay touches on mature and dark themes, and so we’d like for our writers to be at least 18 years of age.

4). There is no character limit, though all characters must be accepted by me or my other GM’s before they can be written for.

5). This is a loving and accepting group who’s just here to have fun. We absolutely do not tolerate drama by any means. We’re looking to provide a safe and happy place for everyone involved.

the shades.


The Shades are fifth house residing at Nightshade, and founded in 1978 upon the induction of Principal Kareem Hearthstone, a Shade himself.

Masters of the dark arts and wielders of shadows, the Shades power is in that of mystery and darkness. Ruled by the night, the Shades are a powerful and notorious class.

The group as a whole tends to keep to themselves, and are very secretive about their studies and practices.

Their powers are hard to describe and different than any other class.

the elementals.


The Elementals. The second house added to Nightshade’s vast halls, the Elementals harvest the energy of the elements to do their work. With powers that present themselves in a variety of forms—fire, water, air, and earth being just a few—the group is a powerhouse of diverse and immense magical ability.

Recognized formally by Nightshade’s Board of Directors in 1901, the house has long been revered to produce only the finest of students.

the shifters.


The Shifters are Nightshade’s third house, the Shifters are the school’s wildest branch. Able to transform from flash and blood to fang and fur, or wings and scales, the Shifting ability has long been revered.

While not all shifters are able to complete a Full Bodied Shift, the power is still admired and can be quite useful. With a reputation for throwing the school’s wildest (unauthorized) parties, the house has gotten into its fair amount of trouble since it’s integration in the early 1920’s.

the psyches.


The Psyches are the fourth formally recognized house at Nightshade, the Psyches power comes from within their own mind.

The Seers, empaths and astral projectors of the group, the Psyches have their power rooted in the mind. A highly adaptable and underestimated group, users of the art are not to be discounted despite the less physical nature of their power.

Assimilated in 1933, just before World War II, the Psyches are the scholars of the school. With a deep understanding and respect of science and human psychology, the Psyches are making great strides in their research behind the connection between the brain and what gives certain people the ability to wield magic.

the Seculars.


The Seculars were the first house found at Nightshade, the founder Estrella Gloriana was a Secular herself. Members of the house use witchcraft, “traditionally, the exercise or invocation of alleged supernatural powers to control people or events, practices typically involving sorcery or magic.”, as defined in the school’s textbooks.

The branch was almost eradicated during the Witch Trials, but its surviving members (Estrella included) banded together to open the school shortly afterwards.

The Seculars rely heavily on the earth and it’s resources to draw their power forth, using spell work and runes to get their desired affect. Their magic does not simply come from within themselves, though some Seculars do have some inherent abilities. Their work is all learned from spell books and word of mouth, passed down through generations.

the Celestials.


The Celestials are the sixth and final house at Nightshade, introduced in 1995, the Celestials are a starry eyed bunch who have rapidly made a name for themselves in the school.

Ruled by the sun, moon and stars, the Celestials are the newest group to be added to the school once more research on the art had been conducted. With a vast pool of abilities, the sky is hardly the limit for this bunch.

The power of their abilities fluctuates with whatever celestial object it’s tied to, ebbing and flowing like a tide

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Hey! I’ve been eyeballing this for a few weeks now and I’m free from a lot of role plays so count me in!


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Very, very interested in this! I've been looking for a roleplay along the lines of this for so long

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i am always interested in your big brain ideas!

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