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[Nightmares of the Second Age] Radiant Edge of the Whispering Storm


Seducing them all, one Celestial at a time
  • Name: Radiant Edge of the Whispering Storm, aliases Storm or the Radiant Edge

    Caste: Night

    Anima: A cyclone filled with swirling shards of glass, some violet, others bright gold

    Motivation: Purge Creation of the corrupt and those who would corrupt it

    Intimacies: Solar Deliberative (duty+), Unconquered Sun (loyalty+), denizens of Malpheas (disgust-), Infernal cults (hatred-), Corruption (abrogative-), Games of chance (enjoyment+), Tempest warriors (fraternity+)

    In the First Age, very few could connect the name Feyn to the Radiant Edge of the Whispering Storm. Of those who could, none could remember his origins and agree upon a common story from their vague, conflicting recollections. Some thought he was born to gutter trash in the slums of Chiaroscuro, exalting seemingly out of nowhere, a well of excellence springing from what many believed to be a void of such. Others still believed he was a darker thing, the cast-aside offspring of a Southern forsaken god and an exalt – terrestrial by some accounts, celestial by others. Any trace that would have offered further clarity in this mystery had seemingly vanished into the endless sands of the South– records expunged and purged, mortals deceased or gone without a trace, and those gods still in their stations disturbingly quiescent on the matter.

    The Radiant Edge, for all intents and purposes, was a spectre of the present, tied to the past by only a handful of namesake deeds both terrifying and glorious. By Storm’s hand, did evidence of the cult to She Who Lives In Her Name at the center of Gens Yoshiro come to light, and the heads of its akuma patrons come to rest on display in the Deliberative Chamber. By his hand, was the young Lunar akuma Inchoate the Unfettered brought in moonsilver chains to stand trial by the Deliberative for his consort with Yozis.

    It was the Radiant Edge who brought force evidence of slave trade in mortals between Terrestrial gods in the An-Teng and forsaken gods beneath Creation’s surface. The purge of three dozen corrupt magistrates and public embarrassment of a young Solar bureaucrat closely tied to the massive embezzlement scheme that occurred, though publicly unattributed, was rumored to have resulted from the efforts of the Radiant Edge and his spies. And during the controlled chaos of Operation Wyldhand, it was Storm and his Tempest warriors who assassinated the fey general Seven Hands Akimbo and her entire chain of command, a display of tactical brilliance that left Dawn generals familiar with the specifics dazzled for the better half of two decades.

    For a Solar of some assumed 300 years of post-exaltation age – give or take a decade or two – Storm was a bewildering figure to most of those living celestials, regardless of age or stature. A cordial, well-spoken individual who often shared a laugh with those around him, his reputation constantly seemed at odds with his personality. In cutthroat cloak-and-dagger theatre that was celestial politics, he was regarded as untouchable, acknowledged when present, ignored and unspoken of when not, and best left to his own devices.

    In the two decades after Operation Wyldhand, the Radiant Edge had brought down yet another handful of Yozi cults. Considering the rumors circulating that yet another major takedown was imminent, Storm’s rapid disappearance from the public eye was particularly off-putting for those Celestials who paid attention to his deeds – though non-the-least bit surprising. By official (though classified) accounts, the Radiant Edge of the Whispering Storm “volunteered” for an experiment in suspended animation. Sent to Rathess with full panoply, his Tempest warriors put on indefinite leave, Storm was put into stasis, escaping the ensuing chaos that would envelop Creation and begin the transition into the Age of Sorrows.



Seducing them all, one Celestial at a time
Okay, save for Combat Stats and Manse descriptions, my character is completely done. Sherwood, how does my custom artifact look to you? You can find it under the Artifacts tab.

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