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NieR: Automata || ReBirth ||



This role-play will take place after ending Type D/E "The [E]nd of YoRHa". 2B, 9S, and A2 awaken to find themselves alive with their memories intact, thanks to the pods. With the termination of project YoRHa, Earth is left under the influence of the remaining androids and machines. Ultimately, the the re-creation of humanity and its inhabitants will commence.

More info:
I would like for the plot to revolve solely around what it means to be human/what it means to live. Since the bunker is no longer accessible, personal data can not be uploaded. Therefore, second opportunities to live and exist will not be possible.

*Also, please note that there may be gore and referencing to dark topics.

1.) Please be Kind

Emotions are prohibited:3D:. Basically, leave real-life drama aside. If you guys want drama, go argue while PMing. Please.
2.) Keep it PG-13
Swearing and stuff is allowed, but please use "fade to black" if necessary.
3.) Species
Machine life-forms//YoRHa androids.
4.) Posts.
No one liners. At least two paragraphs.
5.) Activity.
It is appreciated that you are active in the RP. You don't have to be active every second but don't disappear for two days without notifying!
6.) Romance.
Not required, but it really adds some flair! Keep it PG-13, though.
7.) CS Requirements.
- Be creative! :D
- At least decently well-written. (Ex. No text language)
- Canon+OCs are allowed
- Use an anime or semi-realistic face claim.
8.) OOC
Pretty straight-forward. You can put any suggestions to the plot here.
9.) Character Limit
I would like for everyone to have at least 1 character so more people can join. Also, it makes keeping track of characters a lot easier. For people wanting to play as 2 characters, message me.
10.) Be Original
Please. Be. Original. Don't copy anyone else's character or copy canon characters.

Character Spots
1) @Soulless (I myself will play the role of 9S)

Summary of the game:

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